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Evolution Happens From Within_Change Happens From Within_The System Will Always Correct Itself

Major take away. There are different degrees of self destruction.. But the premise remains the same.. People are actively choosing to destroy themselves and you can't stop them.. You can't convert death into life unless you change the course of your own direction..

Remember you've been trained to always expect someone else to change or blame them or people actually do things atrocious to other people.

You want any idea or just one idea to pass away or disappear.. Their programming will do it and you can program them to do it.. But you cannot be the one to silence ANYONE physically or bully them.

Your binary arguments in politics religion and science is the self destruct programming.. If you don't get it by now you will never f****** get it.. And we thank you for helping the population diminish and control it.. That's all the licensed professionals and certifications in the health and wellness field.. That's all the mlm people..

So while that is a service on one end it could be destructive on another but again that is for the government to decide..

It's the government's job to keep the balance..

They know what you're doing.. And well yes you might be making money today.. Eventually that money train will stop because there will be no more customers.. You did your job just too well.

Given my position I don't love it.. I can't stop it.. But I recognize those who are opposite of me are also providing a service of indirect euthanasia.. So I don't have to pass away..

Because they're choosing to and they are gathering followers..

But. Remember they don't represent the J world even though they're in the j world and they are talking to me they are completely opposite.. But I can honor the opposite without misdirecting anyone. I don't promote religion cures or scientific dogmas and I don't take away people's pain or food.. I know "maggots" exist.. I just don't entertain them all the time.. It seems like a horrible analogy but not really..

Flies and maggots have a purpose.. Everything has a purpose and recognize what your purpose in life is..

We thank you for your service..

Active euthanasia is illegal in Switzerland (administration by a third-party), but supplying the means for dying is legal (assisted suicide), as long as the action which directly causes death is performed by the one wishing to die. Assisted suicide in the country has been legal since 1941.,has%20been%20legal%20since%201941

You change the system from within.. You don't resist what goes on in the system because then you're just staying stuck.. Everyone is entrenched

Evolution happens from within.. Even the jay world understands that if you understand the jay world.. Not many do but claim they do but not many understand they have to change from within if they want to see change out there..

If you haven't really changed.. like changed your arguments changed your outlook, then you're always asking someone else to change and they will flip you off..

Again resistance is futile..

Iron deficiency from rigorous exercise and food mitigation = heart failure

What does it mean to be anti government now.. And there is a way promote change without destroying somebody else intentionally.. You give them the tools to destroy themselves.. Essentially.

What does it mean to be anti government.. The "parent" govt of the 1960s knew how to program their children because they did it too.. But they did it smarter.. They developed change within..

Originally called the Weatherman or the Weathermen, a name taken from a line in a Bob Dylan song, the Weather Underground was a small, violent offshoot of Students for a Democratic Society, or SDS, a group created in the turbulent '60s to promote social change.

Bob Dylan “You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows,” sang Bob Dylan in his classic 1965 song “Subterranean Homesick Blues.” He was right. Knowing which way the wind will blow in the future, on the other hand, is a whole different matter. You Don't Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows ...,60s%20to%20promote%20social%20change

An abstract thinker is good at imagining complex ideas, theoretical ideas, and reading non-verbal body language clues to assess a situation. People with good abstract reasoning skills are able to make more informed decisions based on the possibilities that exist beyond concrete details.

When you are anti government you will always be seen as the victim..

Because that's how you will identify yourself.. And you will develop a victim signal attracting other victim people because they too, identify as victims..

The system was always the way it was..

People always relied on other people to tell them what the outcome was and is in all elections.. They always trusted other people to tell them what they needed to hear even when they didn't want to hear it..

The binary arguments were a great way to control people's perceptions and develop order.

The voting system was necessary so people felt like they had a choice so it didn't come off as a dictatorship..

You didn't know who was working behind the scenes because that was never in question.

nobody was behind the scenes, as far as we knew.

It wasn't until someone told us another story... That was also true.. But it caused a huge rift in the trust of the system... The other story was intended to be leaked so people lost trust.. All media planted the seeds.

And the system could break down slowly self destructing, but a controlled demolition..

It was never meant to be this way forever.. That's why all the amendments.. In the constitution.. The amendments gave the constitution evolution and life.

We were also given people to worship and get absolution for our belief systems..

We allowed people to be satans and saviors so we always felt like somebody had our back..

And we could also point the finger at somebody or something when we weren't happy with the outcome.. always going into another election at some point after somebody implemented something we didn't agree with..

That was the system's absolution of recycling presidents after each one "botched" up their time in office, used as a tool.. Or used as a martyr.. Or needed to leave to satisfy the other side protesting the executive orders implemented during his time in office..

That's why binary arguments are and were necessary so people have a place to go no matter which side of the coin they stand on..

It was such innocent time in the sixties seventies and eighties and even the nineties..

Things were really heating up in the two thousands.. 911.. When the intent of the system went into turbo charge.. Introduction to climate change and sustainability..

We had twenty years to prepare for this..ever since 911..

That's when the system needed to slowly expose the system for what it really is.. For what it really was.. The system will always fix itself because the system must keep itself alive or else extinction and absolute chaos..

The system will control the chaos because it developed the chaos.. There are rules there are laws there are checks and balances and people have taken their position and will defend it..

No matter what you must have a working government regardless of your perception of it..

If not it would be all the way back to the dark ages.. It would be chaos it would be genocide..

We would have people doing atrocious things to each other in the name of their religion of their politics and their science..

You already see it on facebook.. If people had the power to do what they really wanted to do.. You would see groups of people disappear..

The system can't have that..

Understand the need for change and order.. And being anti government, nothing will be enough because you were already compromised as soon as you questioned everything..

Because there's even a way to question things without going up against the system but helping it evolve..

There are rules to the game of evolution and change.. The rules were developed and set up way before your parents were born..

Learn all the rules.. Learn the laws.. Find a way to implement change within the rules and the laws given to you.. So you don't give somebody a reason in government to silence you with the law.

I can't speak to anything else.. I can't speak to people being purposely silenced outside the law, because there's no proof.. Only speculation..

Find a way to evolve population to the benefit of the population so there is order and slow transition in evolution.

If you're not developing something beneficial to the system then all you're trying to do is cause chaos..

It will bite you i* t** a**..

Learn how to play the game and play it well..

Who are you to dub yourself dictator of the world..

The lay population even the professionals don't have enough experience to take over the world.. There has been a collective conscious that's been around for centuries and understands history..

You as an activist have absolute no idea the big picture.. Because again, you've only been given so much information that barely scratches the surface of centuries and centuries of information..

You only have your belief system because someone gave it to you and you capitalized on it.. Just like a good capitalist communist does..

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