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Evolution has always been change..

You have two choices in this world.. You can evolve yourself out of existence and help the collective.. Or you can adapt to this evolution and help the collective..

It's your choice no matter what.. Whatever you do is going to help the collective.. And so now you have a choice to save yourself.. Or release yourself and save the world..

What's the government's responsibility.. To make sure the collective humanity stays intact.. You take care of yourself individually.. The government oversees and takes care of the collective..

A died suddenly is a gift to those who refuse to evolve.. some of you are great candidates for died suddenlies.. and you are saving your friends and family from the suffering of watching you deteriorate.

so maybe.. look at died suddenly as a gift.. not a curse..

You have a chance to redirect.. but if you do not want to change.. I hope your life is great and you never suffer and you have the luxury to die suddenly.. Evolution has always been change.. Advancement or reduction is all relative. What could be advancement for somebody else could be a reduction to somebody else..

If you were to look at the collective evolution is advancing all of mankind.. But some people would not evolve individually.. So there reduction is actual evolution for the collective..

Individually you can advance or decline.. And that's all relative..

But the government looks at the collective.. When they see more people in the collective regressing.. Then they realize those that are causing the regression. Need to be weeded out in a humane way. But we can't leave that up to mankind to determine who needs to be weeded out..

Now the environment must dictate who must advance and who cannot..

I've been seen on my Facebook people going to the hospitals.. They are in so much pain..

Oh yes I know what they're going through.. I had hand pain left hand pain last night.. And I have been sneezing

The Constitution is a living document, hence the Amendments. just because you make a lot of money, it does not mean it will convert into longevity...

time for yourself converts to longevity when you feed/release responsibly..

obviously, making so much money does not = longevity..

you see the rich, they are AGING OUT..

SO BEING rich does not mean the money is converting into immortality..

In this society today..

being rich means you have taken your life and turned it into gold and you cannot eat gold.. people turn into not only salt pillars but also gold statues to be torn down later or melted down into something else.. when the world has changed.. When you use JJ against your evolution/symptoms is no different than worshipping the Golden Calf/or money/gold/wealth/status/staying cured

Who was the pillar of salt in Sodom and Gomorrah? She was deemed unworthy to be saved and thus was turned to a pillar of salt. Another view in the Jewish exegesis of Genesis 19:26, is that when Lot's wife looked back, she turned to a pillar of salt upon the "sight of God" descending to rain destruction upon Sodom and Gomorrah.

Cured = salt pillars= no evolution

you see, two can play that game.. but only very occasionally will I throw scripture at people.. however, people have been throwing scriptures at me for years..

here is a little taste of your own medicine..

this is why I am not religious.. because most people cannot play both sides..


Another Jewish legend says that because Lot's wife sinned with salt, she was punished with salt. On the night the two angels visited Lot, he requested that his wife prepare a feast for them. Not having any salt, Lot's wife asked her neighbors for some, which alerted them to the presence of their guests, resulting in the mob action that endangered Lot's family.[1]: 467

In the Midrash, Lot's wife's name is given as Ado[10] or Edith.[11]

sinning with salt means you use it against evolution and change.. you did so much of it that you could NOT evolve or release the demons.. you became constipated... which was why milk and my internal manipulation method was born.. but if you had a milk allergy, you had to transition onto milk slowly and learn my internal manipulation method to release yourself from the bondage of damaged cells..

this is why I say the cream/milk and my way of release outlined in my book will keep you whole among your "god".. and eventually staying away from the medical/holistic/energy healing world

Immortality by 2030 some articles says J world.. you are up next You have six and a half years to prove yourself.. I hope you can handle the major frequency shifts.. Because they will be aggressive.. Once people discover immortality is possible.. Many will be pissed off.. So if you can handle the next seven years or six and a half years.. You got it made..

They might mention artificial intelligence in the article.. Immortality is more than just electronic.. It's also biology... It's also the food supply.. It's also your practices for or against evolution..

You hold all the cards..

Immortality is not looking like the cryptkeeper.. And it's not looking like you stepped off the pages of a magazine all the time.

Immortality means you will fluctuate with the atmosphere.. Every single time the atmosphere changes aggressively you will deal with the aggressive changes. And you won't be using medicine or remedies to stop it.

Immortality is a way of life.. And it's not for everyone..

Because even when the environment does slow down and you happen to be caught in an environmental situation, even using a less aggressive remedies will inevitably cause you to use more aggressive remedies because you haven't conditioned yourself to change with the environment.

If you can handle the environment today without turning to the medical or holistic system.. You have it fucking made..

If you can make it twenty thirty without being diagnosed.. You have it made. Even if you never use the medical system.. If you're able to reverse the aging process and or stay relatively stable fluctuating..

You have it made..

You will never know with people what's going on..

And so I will say this.. You're supposed to live indefinitely if you have access to food, shelter and a strong immune system..

There should be no reason why i would die suddenly.. I have no heart condition.. I have no brain conditions.. My liver and my vital organs are working extraordinarily well..

And i'm able to learn.. And I eat ir drink milk cream cheese eggs fruit vegetables and Meat

nothing is off the table.. Nothing is poison.. Sugar and salt I use based upon the environment..

And no food is poison.. Nothing fda approved is poison..

And cancer will not happen because I can release the demons.. Without using remedies surgeries or anything else.. I don't hold a lot of damage within me, so cancer will never be the spirit to possess me.. I released the damage the last seven years.. Even more so the last three years.. COVID nineteen was the evolution.. It was the frequencies..

every pandemic or sickness comes from a frequency..

It's in my book.. If you can handle the process..

Not everybody can..

I'm not NAIVE to think I have THE answer for everybody .

And just because you can't do what i'm doing doesn't mean it can't be done..

It just means you still project what you think is right based upon your WORLD..

Some people can.. Some people can beat the fucking ODDS After being sick for a few weeks and then it coming to ahead july fourth..

Just so you know the sickness I experience is vastly different than what most of you experience..

Why is that the case?

Because I released my demons the last seven years.. Now it's just recalibrating to the new environment.. Every single time the season changes even if it's just getting hotter.. All I do is eat.. Poop.. I only experience a few pains here and there.. very short lived if at all. I feel the heat.. I sleep.. And I keep feeding my brain information. Everything I watch is a classroom to me. Every movie is something to learn from.. Everything I read is connected to everything that's going on.

I maintain pretty well.. I will be 50 in February

I use no remedies.. And all I did was eat food and sleep and released the demons. Safely and effectively.

Sometimes in the morning I will look disheveled... And then everything evens out throughout the day..

That's called fluctuating and evolving with the environment..

And I have collagen in my face.. Lack of collagen makes the face and skin look and feel saggy.. And so when women lose weight so they don't look saggy.. Their face is drawn in.. Or they have so much fat in the face but no connectivity. Or collagen

Why is collagen necessary for longevity.. It helps us form connective tissue — a vital component of our skin, bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage. If our body doesn't make enough collagen, these body parts lose the elasticity and strength they need to function.,muscles%2C%20tendons%2C%20and%20cartilage. There is no best human connection.. There is no one way to connect with people.. Connecting with people in person isn't always the best or the best way.. And staying only on Facebook isn't the only way to connect with people..

There are many ways to connect with people.. If you think there is one way to connect with people..

You might have an issue with connecting with people virtually.. Or In person.. And there are many reasons for that.. Safety issues are one of the biggest issues..

What would happen if you can connect with people in different ways safely..

Maybe we need to start out connecting with people virtually to get our differences out.. People can realize they don't have to hate you for your differences..

And then once everyone gets their differences out, they can hang out together. And those differences aren't a wedge...

But at this point.. We're so used to being homogenized we're not used to hanging out in diverse company..

That's the infancy of humanity..

Until humans can handle diversity..

They can really only circulate on the internet or in person.. Relative to the homogenization they must feel safe in..

That's the birth of the new world..

The new world is when it's safe to be who you are in person and online. And no one wants to destroy you in body-mind or spirit.

So you see we are still cavemen..

We haven't grown up that much..

Humans have a long way to go and Africa has to catch up to us.. The third world has to catch up to us.. We have to catch up to ourselves..

Real lives.. are what you make it..

Fake lives when you have to say your life is more real than someone else's life..

Everyone's life is real.. And safety is a major issue with most of the world..

At this point some people are safer offline or online..

Your way is not the only way.. But your way for you is the safest way right now until people mature..

And right now humans are not mature..

If anything they are so immature you have to mention this..

This post must exist because most humans are immature..

People can die from evolution if they don't keep up the substance to support it..

People can die from lack of evolution.. Because they don't have what it takes to support it..

Evolution can go backwards and forwards..

That's why you always must balance out the substance in your body mind and spirit to handle the evolution in your environment.

That's why you must understand thermodynamics will always work against you..

So you have to fucking feed it.. Keep up with the evolution.. And make sure you have adequate release so it's not taxing your vital organs..

Devolution is when you can't do the things you used to do..

Evolution is not only are you releasing the old world. But you're taking on substance to program yourself for the new world, the new environment.

It could happen in twenty years as far as major evolution.. Or you could be evolving every day or every weekend.. Relative to your environment..

That's why you must change when the environment changes..

But you know people.. They fucking hate to change.. So they're sitting ducks.. People are afraid of you and you would never hurt them, but they are afraid of what you represent..

You might be too evolutionary for them.. Because you know you certainly would never hurt them..

But people see you as an evolution. And that is hurtful to them when they want to remain the same...

Which is why when you finally want to change.. Like really want to change.. People won't like you.. Or they will tolerate you..

Growing up and being mature is living past a hundred.. And realizing.. Evolution doesn't have to kill. Evolution doesn't have to hurt.. Diversity is not dangerous..

Your lack of tolerance is dangerous to diversity..

Remember footloose..

Remember how conservative that town was until kevin bacon danced it to evolution..

Be the kevin bacon in your world of homogenized clones..

You know how hard evolution is..

I have people arguing with me about evolution on a Science page..

Every single argument around evolution is credible.. Just back it up with physics and chemistry.

So I don't deal with people who have to argue with you around science..

Because they don't have the maturity to understand every single argument is credible..

Understand the laws don't believe all the fucked up stories.. And believe me, politics, religion, and science will give you so many stories to distract you from the laws.. You learn so many Stories and activism but you don't understand the laws.. You learn so many stories in religion. But you don't understand physics law or chemistry law. That's the blind spot with religious activists and political science activists.. They don't understand the laws but they believe every single fucking story out there.

Understand the laws of physics chemistry and biology..

Maybe you need to shut up about arguing with somebody about what evolution is..

Evolution can go backwards and forward's

People think death is evolution.. Maybe percentages of you while you are filling the holes in at the same time..

But death of a person is not evolution to the person.. It might be evolution to the collective. Because that's one less person. The collective has to feed and deal with taking resources.

So yes evolution can go forwards and backwards..

I think I made my point..

Evolution -1[de]evolution It's still evolution minus potential

Evolution +1 is more change

They say devolution does not exist from a scientific perspective..

But you can move backwards.. You can take on characteristics of something that was prior to your evolutionary leap..

And so while science takes in thermodynamics and death of a culture.. People can disintegrate down to a prototype.. That could be reminiscent of somebody in the cave man status..

Evolution is all based on the intention and outcome..

You could be constantly trading so as long as you stay whole.. But what are you trading up and what are you trading down..

How far do you want to take advancement? Before becoming too advanced and become dumb... Remember.. Too much innovation can destroy a population in the brain.. And the body..

Everything must be carefully balanced..

And so yes you can add and subtract proteins and evolution can go backwards and fowards..

Thermodynamically speaking.. Is loss the only way to evolve.. Only if you have so much more to gain..

How do you measure loss to say you evolved when you gain at the same time..

Humans were advanced at one point.. But someone had to do a reset..

So yes evolution can go backwards. And forwards..

Because advancement and diversity is all relative to where you came from..

And so evolution can go backwards and forwards relative to what perspective you come from.

And when people die they do turn into a single celled organism over millions of years.. Called oil..

Even their spirit isn't just one single cell.. It's an energy.. Captured in a particle... Riding the electronic jet stream..

Watch the orbs when you do your own Facebook live to yourself.. I bet you some of you have a lot of orbs in your environment. The dead are surrounding you..

All evolution is is just change.. The characteristics that explain evolution comes from physics.. Every argument is correct.

Change into what.. What kind of adjectives do you want to apply to the change..

Technically that's what evolution is. It is change. Plus or Minus

And it is plus or minus relative to your perspective.. it is what is being added and what is being subtracted. And then of course your story around it..

The story around it isn't evolution.. The story around it is to have you buy into whatever they are selling you.. Politics religion AND science are selling you death.. In a story..

Evolution merely is changed to a more advanced complex organism that may not be fully understood..

So even dying.. Is evolution minus one.. And some people could describe that as more advanced.. And some people would argue that dying is not more advanced..

Who's right in the matter.. It doesn't matter

it's all and how you want to end up someday..

But change is always inevitable.. An evolution is necessary.. If you want to live.. In this terrestrial life..

google the definition of evolution Bar Evolution Bar Evolution

Evolution can go backwards or forwards

Everything is relative..

Raising the bar or lower in the bar is every human right now.. Some people are lowering the bar.. Other people are raising the bar..

You don't want to raise the bar too high to be unattainable.. And you don't want to lower the bar solo that people become goop..

Balance I also blow my nose.. And I make a point to do that..

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