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Microsoft Excel allows you to perform IF-THEN equations strategically developed scripts for specific algorithms.

That's also another brain washing.. That's programming documents people proteins and machines

When you're using positive and Negative reinforcement.. That's programming people.

That's behavior modification... That's protein behavior modification..

That's all f****** religions all science and definitely all politics

And then parents brainwash their children And animals into destruction.

Yeah once you give your time to the system you could potentially release the programming if you survive..

But if you're a h*** of skinny or extremely obese it will be a process.. If you are resisting change for f****** get it.. If you resist change at all

forget it.. You won't have what it takes.

I hope you survive

True and false is all relative to perception. Intention and out come

The syntax of IF-THEN is =IF(logic test,value if true,value if false). The first argument tells the function what to do if the comparison is true. The second argument tells the function what to do if the comparison is false.Mar 27, 2022

everything can be simplified down to computer codes/characters/ and strategically developed syntax..

if you choose ignorance, the easier it will be to control you..

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