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Right now all of humanity is experiencing Groundhog Day..

My dog is experiencing her last Groundhog Day because she finally must deal with the demon within her without taking the shortcuts (surgeries/remedies) literally and figuratively and she must face what people have done to her in the past and it wasn't her fault but she must deal with the demons within and release them when the time is appropriate.

She has to deal with all the anomalies in her genetic line that was passed down to her or the trauma experienced in her lifetime..

In other words:

Family units out there are dealing with Groundhog Day because both the parents have genetic anomalies that the kids will inherit and will inevitably experience what the parents are experiencing, plus more stuff because we're in climate change and there's more exotic diseases out there.

And so yes the children will pay for the sins of the father and sooner in this environment


Exorcisms are the body releasing damaged cells and they are intelligent.

Some are extremely malevolent and cause the person to act in ways that are uncharacteristic.

And you will throw up you will diarrhea and you will have interesting behaviors.

The reason why the Catholic Church specializes in exorcisms because they developed a closed immune system and then the spirits are trying to escape or the body is desperate to push them out, but they get trapped into the host and the host has to fight the battle within, until the host learns how to release the demons.

And it's not f****** pretty..

Evil is when you cut out your own life and then allowed someone else to force you to deal with the damaged spirits in your body.. Essentially, you stop your own body from releasing the demons. The Medical/Holistic System has done this over and over and over again to generations of humans and animals.

And so when you give your kids anti inflamatories and surgeries you are essentially torturing your children and your loved ones.

Because in this environment the demons are going to become stronger and more aggressive.

I can't be mad at the old culture, the old way, when we have a chance to develop new cultures, new ways in the New World during climate change.

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