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Fat=Intelligence_Not Too Much and Not Too Little

How do you know when you have gained intelligence.. Not just fat.. When you have something different to say to the world.. And you're not so emotional..

People gain fat all the time but they don't have anything different to say to anyone except for the same thing over and over..

Correction... Twenty seven years to twenty fifty.. Not seventeen.. I had twenty forty in my head..


You need to question the system selling you sex death babies and sports.. Your kids have your predisposed issues in a highly accelerated environment. How do you think they're going to survive this if they don't change if you don't change.. Mom and dad..

In this environment it is a recipe for disaster..

Please understand the world you live in.. If not that's okay we thank you for your service.. I just hope your kids are not weaponized against society.. I just hope you are not weaponized against society..

Groomed for intellect or groomed for sex/mommy to babies

I am straddling both the old world and the new world.. And it's not easy.. The old world does not want to die off.. And so playing both sides of the fence is an art.. But it is possible if you strategize your way through it..

And so watch bill gates and all of his intellectual findings.. And the people he hangs out with.. Scientists strategist philanthropist..

Then watch Hollywood and selling sunset on Netflix..

You see the dichotomy, The breakfast club programming.. The teacher of the breakfast club was like the handler of all of those archetypes that were programmed to be very specific things in our society..

The jock the socialite The rebel The intellectual or nerd The disaffected.

The breakfast club is Babylon..

The teacher was the abusive handler keeping them in line

It is an advanced society with very specific people who are/were programmed until they became aware of their programming and then reprogram themselves based upon what they want versus what the system wanted them to do..

You can still work within the system but you can NOW choose your way.. But you must strategize your way..

And it does not mean doing the same thing over again expecting a different result.

But of course when you have an advanced society who must reproduce and be sexual.

You also have to have the religious types to shame you so that way there is some kind of method of control..

And then you also have religious types who are also sexual predatory as well.. We've seen that in the news ever so often..

This is our society.. However it's gone way out of control..

We are in a great reset..

You will also see why v a c c I n es were needed

When you have been groomed to be quick reaction and programmed with very little fat.. Which means you don't have a complete immune system working for you.. That's why the therapies..

Hardly any fat on the body is a compromised immune system.. Too much fat on the body is a compromised immune system..

Find a way to have a happy medium between the two..

Fat = immune system

Adipose depots adjacent to skeletal structures function to absorb mechanical shock. Adipose tissue near the surface of skin and intestine senses and responds to bacterial invasion, contributing to the body's innate immune barrier. Anatomical, physiological and functional diversity of adipose tissue

Why Fat is necessary... But not too much and not too little.. When you have more substance you increase intelligence and energy conversion and evolution and of course new ideas..

Because you have old worlds and new worlds converging together causing chemical reactions and sparking creativity..

However you also must release substance so that way you don't have too much diversity and then have too much chaos..

When you have less substance.. Yes you have quick reaction times.. You rattle off stuff based upon your training and programming.. You might even be visually appealing and sexual based upon your industry and occupation..

However, diversity and tolerance may not your forte because you're geared to something very specific..

There is a happy medium between being extremely good at what you're doing and picking up new skills. That means that you take the time to gain the intelligence and release the demons..

You will also won't be so emotional or reactive and you'll be more articulate and intellectual about how you go about explaining things and pursuing things..

And you could also be a very tunneled but be in an absolutely rewarding situation.

But that will be your last hurrah unless you're willing to take on diversity substance and evolution...

And nothing last forever.. So learn how to change and diversify..

But you don't have to die..

The economy and the environment may change but if you have the substance you can adapt..

So you see how a Babylonian society is extremely advanced because everyone has their specific job and training and programming.. They are actually good at it..

And those who are extremely adept at their job should be rewarded..

Because you know it won't last forever and so they have to get as many cookies in the jar as possible to enjoy the part where they have to give it up to somebody else.. Unless they choose to die in their job.. In that case they will hang on for as long as possible..

In the j world.. know when to quit while you're ahead so you can take the time to recoup the resources lost giving so much to the old world..

It's okay to reinvent yourself.. Especially women because you are evolutionary.. Some men are evolutionary as well..

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