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Fear Mongering = Effective Immune System

Fear mongering equals an effective immune system..

If you're in the south regardless.. reconsider your location.. Maybe move..

The indicators are screaming..

Fear mongering means you are willing to face your pain and everyone else's pain..

However.. Not everyone is a fit for everyone's solution..

When you are safe but you feel like you are in danger.. It means you've trapped danger and drama in your body.. And the body is dying to release it.. But when you're under the influence.. You induce more trauma and you trap it inside your body..

We are entering into A very aggressive lesson..

Please learn from what you see around this hurricane..

Fear mongering in of itself is not a bad thing.

What is your intention to fear monger.

To what extent do you intend to capitalize on the fear.

When inducing fear serves you more than everybody else..

Why do people have an issue with fear mongering?

1. Because it produces disease. 2. Realities and truth they are not ready to face.. 3. There's nothing they can do about the fear that is being mongered. 4. Purely selfish reasons..

Which is not bad again by itself..

If you don't want to be triggered by fear. Don't follow people who induce fear ... Just keep taking your drugs and alcohol.. So you don't have to face the fear.. And then you hope you pass away pain-free..

But people are strangely attracted to fear.. That's why it's called fear porn.. Now you must know how far to take it.. How far you take in believing it.. How far you take inducing it.. And you must dissect the arguments.. If you have that capacity..

If you don't have the capacity to dissect arguments.. You will become a paranoid basket case. Or you will walk right into danger and not see it for what it is.. Which is most of the population..

But why do people induce fear?

We know the conspiracy world has been accused of inducing fear for decades.

Regardless of who you blame or what you blame for whatever issues are going on.. The conspiracy world has been right time and time again.

They legitimately have an argument that is so credible.

And while some people will not benefit from facing their fears.. And facing other people's fears.. Other people will make a choice once they see the outcome of other people's choices..

Which is why you keep people who fear monger and induce fear on their Facebook, around.. You keep them close.. Don't chase them away. They're not on your Facebook crossing boundaries.. They are just speaking from their point of view..

They are like your immune system telling you something is not right..

They are the people that will clue you in on something unkosher in your world..

They are your immune system. ..

They are the indicators..

In my world.. I never shut off indicators.. I face my own fear and other people's fear all the time..

And I weigh out the pros and cons..

And I make choices for myself..

When people have shut off most of their immune system with herbs, drugs and alchohol, they imply to run from fear, not face their fears and walk right into the lion den or discount how dangerous situation could potentially be..

People who are run by fantasy don't know danger for what it is until it hits them in the solar plexus..

When people don't face their fear and face the pain of their immune system.. They are like the walking dead.. When they don't listen to indicators.. When the ignore warnings that had plenty of indicators to work from.. They have been under the influence for such a long time. The wake up when the devil is right at their door..

The jay world.. My world... I face your fears I face your pain.. Because your fear and your pain is my pain and my fear..

We are that connected..



Main take away.. If you don't think ahead and get out way before eleventh hour.. You won't get a chance to leave.. You will have to stay and face the music.. That's what's going on right now.

The system gave you plenty of warning.. That's essentially what they're saying.. They're holding everyone accountable for not heeding when warned..

If you filled up your tank this weekend you better listen to this.. I have a sneaking suspicion this was not an accident..

If you gassed up after ten am on Saturday.. You probably have bad gas..

The "mistake" was made as far north as Brookfield. And as far south as fort Myers..

A gas truck "accidentally" used diesel to fill up these gas stations.. When you put diesel gas in a gas tank that DOES NOT take diesel..

It will ruin your engine.. It will ruin your generator..

Are you fucking kidding me.. Desantis is aware of the situation.. And they are in the process of launching an investigation.. I'm sure right after the fact..

If you don't have the means to fly out right now today.. Good luck to you.

My advice. .. Be a dick on Facebook to everyone who resembles your comment..

And since your Facebook friends list is so huge... Most people will resemble every comment...

In person be nice...

It pays to know a lot of people... And have a huge friends list so you have the permission to speak freely. And you're not pointing anyone out or confronting anyone..

During these stressful times... People are going to be very sensitive.. And when people trigger sensitivity in each other.. It becomes a war..

Squelch that shit...

Give people room..

Try not to be a dick to each other.. in person..

I love Facebook because of my freedom of expression....

I seriously do respect everyone out there.. I might disagree with a lot of things out there.. But individually each person is amazing..

It's not the people's fault... It's the society they grew up in..

The people will change when they're ready..

Lahaina, HI preparing for the blame game..

It could have been China.. And people stepped aside and allowed it to happen..

Just like climate change is man made..

It's either the guy down the street who's out watering his garden..

Or it's the military.

Choose your own adventure.. Now when the weather changes and it's aggressive.. I just get hives everywhere.. Sometimes it's worse than others as itchy but it doesn't hurt.. But they pop up during peak frequency changes.. It is just growth..

My immune system takes care of them.

I don't treat them, I don't even worry about them.. I just feed them and I release them in all the proper ways.. And that plus a few minor symptoms are the only thing really that I deal with when it comes to climate change..

Not so much pain any more.

But more so fatigue, or needing to nap.. And needing to release my demons early in the morning.

That's why I'm up at the same time every morning. my immune system makes sure I take care of myself. The irony.. Many years ago in the 1960s, people were fighting for jobs, equality and freedom..

Today.. You're all being set free from your job, equally..

History has been thoroughly planned out.. We are in a time where we will be forced to face teachable moments.. And we will say we should have done this and should have done that.. And someone else will learn from our mistakes..

I will learn the mistakes others made in their life.. They will learn the mistakes I made in my life..

And we all are a mirror to each other learning everything..

Right now we are in a major teachable moment..

I hope you're teachable..

The only things I will learn from you.. Is what not to do... Or what to do.. Relative to my intention..

You can't force someone to learn something you want them to learn.

Because maybe what you have to teach them is not what they are intending as their outcome.

I will watch you and I will learn from you.. But you will not force your way down my throat and vice versa..

We are the examples and the representation of our belief systems..

And for every i told you so you told to somebody else.. There's an i told you so someone is saying to you..

I can handle the I told you so's.. Because I lived through them and I will not make the same mistake again..

I want everyone to tell me I told you so if it is appropriate..

And I will learn..

And when you say I told you so to some one who's dead.. Someone else who is alive sees that and will make better choices.. You hope.. They= the system

A body of people who have an intention.. And a body of people who resist the intention..

The system pulled out all the stops to self destruct.. With a few people surviving catastrophic outcomes..

Imagine if you stopped resisting.. And you developed a plan of action..

How far head you could have been.. Why do they call it the perfect storm?

Hurricane idelia to the south is cat three or four hurricane going up the eastern seaboard.. And hurricane franklin to the right giving it more power..

The perfect storm..3+4=7

Firstly, the number 7 represents the power of God.

Genesis 2:3 states, “Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it He had rested from all His work which He had created and made.” Secondly, the number 7 signifies the Seven Churches of Revelation.Jan 11, 2023

Hurricane category seven..

Franklin strengthens into Category 4 hurricane -U.S. NHC.3 hours ago › business

Franklin strengthens into Category 4 hurricane -U.S. NHC - Reuters

Forecast data shows Idalia will be a Category 3 hurricane or stronger as it strikes the west coast of Florida.34 mins ago

Now you see what's going on

And then you have people stranded because they have shitty gas..

A category 7 hurricane = google it

Even if you don't get storms and are not subject to inclement weather.. The temperature fluctuations and the rise in temperatures also caused instability in the environment of your immune system.

Which is why people are getting sick and even more so during the seasons changing..

Now you must learn how to balance out your biochemistry without using the medical and holistic system.. So you can monitor your own stability..

Or else attempt to allow somebody ELSE to monitor your stability.. And then it will be a hundred percent equilibrium.. DEAD. Flat line.

Wealth Weather

Stability is what makes you rich.. And it doesn't have to be monetary.. It's also biological stability.. And the kicker is, it's really your ATMOSPHERIC environment that will determine your in/stability..

high on the hog = living comfortably

When people become poor and bankrupt.. Because everything is unstable..

When weather becomes very unpredictable and catastrophic.. You will lose everything..

That's why people in the past moved to areas with stable weather.. More DRY hot than not.. But too much dry hot could also do damage too.

Which WAS why California was the place to be.. Back when people were migrating from new York to California.. TO CHASE AFTER building and developing biotechnology and computer technology and engineering the new biological, economical and intellectual infrastructure..

Because when you have stable weather everything is mostly predictable... And then you can do your job and not worry about losing the rug out from under you..

Sustaining stable biology also gives you the power and the chance to thrive and sustain wealth..

We are in a great reset.. Everything is unstable.. All bets are off..

And so now health is wealth or instability..

At this point, money is just a means to whatever end you intend..

Maybe it's time to be a smart person and strategize your survival..

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