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Fecal Programming is Your CPU Software

You were born with a fecal plug/hundreds of hydra of which then biotech uses the vaccines to innovate/protect you from what they deem is the "enemy" rogue programming hydra aka herd immunity. Which is also why "fecal transplants are a thing".

Herd immunity is when each human exposed to patient zero upgrades/evolves to the new entity in their vicinity.

As you grew up in society, the fecal plug and all the biotechnical programming from all the different alchemical therapies offered in the medical/holistic system developed conflict.

The more therapies the person underwent, the more the therapies compounded the conflict until aggressive invasive therapy became needed and then it became a race against time.

If you had enough substance, you could have survived the therapies.

If you did not have enough substance, the therapies and the microbial babies both did you in.

How long do you have before the microbial babies eat away at your soul?

Patient zero or /mr./mrs/ms. innovation is everywhere.

Humans must evolve and assimilate because people are dropping macro level/micro level babies left and right and you must assimilate to the new programming in your society.

How will you acclimate to the environment all around you? You try to resist it, the microbial babies will destroy you.

You grow, mature and assimilate to the environment, worlds open up.

it is an energetic process.. not to be taken lightly.

The JJ world.. we are not unlike NEO, removing the microbial hydra from our central processing unit and we are not using aggressive elements by mouth or nose.

"Leave room for nature, leave room for nature".. The Georgia Guidestones say, be not a cancer on this earth, leave room for nature, leave room for nature", meaning,

mature your balanced babies, let go of the damaged microbial babies, leave room for evolution.

Avoid being over capacity.

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