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Female Enslavement in the Family.. and I Won an Aggressive Battle Last Night

Female enslavement in the family.. Women are literally screwed over by their children and their husbands. Until she finally sets herself free... Sometimes she has to die in order to be free.. That's why women have been human sacrifices for centuries.. They had been exploited by the world.. And these poor girls are exploited by their family.. And these boys are made to be predatory.. And consume the women out there

And everybody in both politics religion and science support it.. With a very small allowance for a different voice.. But you will be attacked by those who are predatory for having that voice..

And so lilith represented.. A woman taking her freedom back by destroying the man.. And she is also destroyed in the process.. As the men hunt her

I respect my husband.. I countered that spell my mother cast upon me as far as lilith.. But I will not destroy him.. I will not contribute to his death.. I won't be his party partner.. I will be the one to keep myself going as well as him.. I will let him make his own choices..

I will not destroy any man.. Because they have been fucked over by the system too.. I'm not an aggressive feminist at all whatsoever.. I'm a humanist.

Women.. Walk away from that war.. It's a NO WIN situation.

If you are in a very aggressively abusive domestic violent situation, please leave and get help..

If there is room to negotiate.. And your partner respects you enough to negotiate.. Learn how to negotiate a life where you don't end up resenting your husband or wife down the road. And both of you stay alive.. If that is your intention.. If you both believe you should die some day.. The war is brewing under the surface.. It's just a matter of time before someone dies from that war.. That's called the funeral..

If one person believes they should die some day And the other person does not.. Do everything you can NOT to contribute To their destruction..

You don't want to be Blamed for anyone's death. And so you let them destroy themselves at their own hand..

And you save yourself.. I'm speaking to those in the j world.. With the husband or wife who is not on board.. That's how you will absolve yourself from any responsibility of your husband or wife dying..

They made their choices.. And mother nature will hold them accountable..

The men are not the enemy.. Women are not the enemy.. Mothers and fathers are not the enemy..

It's the ability to evolve is what will be a pathway to a different world..

Learn the art of negotiation and words and developing stories..

That is what will save you..

If not.. Mutually assured destruction...

I won another short term battle last night in the middle of the night and i'm Exhausted..

Sexuality and the family is the depopulation agenda..

Deamination.. People are not surviving hellfire and deamination..

You could survive it but it would require understanding different concepts..

Middle of the night last night..

Yup.. I felt it all in succession..

Yeah it's bad.. I can handle it.. Many are suffering

But you saw how quick the growth is.. It is that quick..

Update to this: Oh my god.. So after those hives appeared and disappeared.. And when it shifted to the right side of my head.. Some of them were actually pretty hard.. As if I had a little bit of a growth or tumor or a beginning of a boil.. It was pretty interesting because it appeared almost out of thin air.. It was that quick.. That was before I tried to go to sleep..

Then in the middle of the night.. 12am, Oh my god. Oh my god.. Both my legs, Both my arms.. And my shoulders were so sore.. I could barely even walk to go to the restroom..

I was like oh my god.. What the hell is going on.. If I had weaknesses or narrow blood vessels.. I would have been paralyzed.. I would have had to have been because there would have been some kind of blockage.. And yeah stroke aneurism heart attack and paralysis..

The fact I was still able to walk even despite being in so much pain.. Is a testament to the benefits of suffering the last seven years, releasing my own demons.. Because that was pain out of nowhere.. It was out of nowhere and it was intense.. It was like having I guess some kind of arthritis throughout my whole body.. Like all the prostaglandins in my body were pushing everything together all at once..

Yesterday I released the demons later on in the day. Because I couldn't in the morning. My immune system did not deaminate.. It still wanted to keep things inside except for pee..

As soon as that demon was released.. That's when the hives came.. That's when arm pain started happening.. I felt my lymph nodes moving and pushing things throughout my immune system..

Yeah I was bloated this whole weekend.. Like seriously.. No i'm not pregnant.. I haven't even dropped an egg for menstruation since maybe august september.. Probably early september or late august.

Very intense weather changes going on.. And portals are opening and closing.. But very aggressively.. And growth happens that quick.. I mean that quick within like five minutes..

Feeling those hard, little nodules on the side of my neck under my hairline when the hive switched from one side of the body to the other. Yeah cancer can happen overnight.. tumors and growths and diagnosable conditions can happen overnight.. That's insane.. Literally insane..

That is why I am saying you have to open up your immune system.. But when that happens.. Pandora's box will be opened..

Will you be prepared.. To release those demons?

I blew my nose this morning so much.. And I was even coughing last night a little bit.. And of course I release the demons the way I have in my book.. Using my immune system..

Things are much better now.. But during that process.. That was hell.. That was hell and deamination..

de·am·i·na·tion: google that word People also ask What are prostaglandins and what is their functions and what do they feel like? google it Yup.. I felt it all in succession.. hives, etc

Yeah it's bad.. I can handle it.. Many are suffering

But you saw how quick the growth is.. It is that quick.. Frequencies changed again.. I was feeling very bloated.. Released a few demons.. Now the hives travelled over here.. And I had some great ideas.. Really excellent ideas.. Made some major connections..

I could feel energy throughout my immune system. Pushing the growth through all the different filtration processes.

A little itchy but that's about it..

These will disappear overnight as well..

Increased intellectual capability comes from growth NOT cured and NOT EXCESSIVELY deaminated..

The geniuses of the world.. They feel pain. And not from somebody else.. The geniuses of the world.. Eat all the food. With no fear. The geniuses of the world. Understand physics chemistry and social constructs. And of course they know biology.. Because they intend to study it. Because they are biology.

Anyone can be a genius.. They just have to WANT TO BE ONE

I itched and then I felt the pain of the body pushing it through.. I'll release the growth tomorrow..

But you see the welts are pretty much gone.. I was bloated. Then my immune system distributed the growth throughout the body..

And then my immune system will carry the growth throughout the body switching sides.. And then eventually out the body tomorrow morning..

It's a process.. And you feed the process.. You don't starve it.. And if you want to live if you don't cure it

No future cancer or even excessive obesity.. And I don't see the aging process .. I'll never be too skinny.. Because I can't afford to be.. Not right now not in this world right now.. Maybe when the world changes again.. And the atmosphere slows down..

Maybe a change in hair color.. Potentially I don't even know..

And when i'm in pain sometimes I yell the f word.. No one's home no one can hear.. Eventually it goes away.. It's just a dull ache..

But i've had seven years of conditioning.. I can handle it.. its not as bad as it could have been.. Uracil


Lone pair Lewis Structures - Chemistry LibreTexts

I bet you they had the same type of aggressive frequency changes back in the 1960s during the Vietnam war.. Yeah they had crazy weather events, Skinny hot chicks.. A lot of drug overdoses and drug usage.. obviously vast amounts of crazy sex. Serial killers and cult leaders.. Organic commune promotion..

The split between the squares and the hippies..

Lots of death, but it was justified through the war and the sexual cultural civil rights revolution..

History is repeating..

Now people blame the deaths on the public health therapies.. Of course now we know about the grid.. We didn't know too much about HAARP OR CERN But now we do..

What's going on right now with these chicks all overFacebookk looking like cher and twiggy completely deteriorating, because how can you possibly survive a highly aggressive environment such as this for a long time... And yes, we have now war in the Middle East, not in Vietnam.

Girls.. It might be like the nineteen sixties and the war in vietnam.. Replaced with the middle east..

But it's even worse because they don't have conscription.. no one is forcing anyone to go to war.. The drugs are a lot more potent.. And deadlier in a highly electrified atmosphere.. And people have been weakened the last fifty years from all the rampant reproduction developing cancer and babies..

The system has to make up for lack of conscription like the Vietnam war..

But you have a chance if you are discerning..

Now it's time to be questioning the sexual revolution.. The drug revolution.. Maybe it's time to be questioning the family.. That's the kicker.. The family was the war against humanity..

Maybe it's time not to hang out with all your friends all the time..

Maybe it's time for self care..

Maybe it's time to face the pain. And eat all food..

Maybe it's time to eventually.. Realize.. Your daughters don't deserve to be indentured servants.. Your sons don't have to work themselves to death..

And you parent.. Deserve to live.. If not, indefinitely.. hey, parents you deserve not to be a sacrificial lamb to your children..

You deserve to live more than your children.. Why is that so.. Because you have a lot more life experience and wisdom than they do.. They are still wet behind the ears.. They don't have enough life experience..

But you are more of an asset because you do have so much wisdom and life experience..

Very rare do I see kids smarter than their parents.. But they do exist.. I am flabbergasted that that parent survived this long.. And their kid is smarter but not that much smarter.. Everything is relative..

Remember.. Parents.. Your life is precious too..

parents lives matter..

If I was king Solomon forced to make a choice between saving 1 person out of 2 drowning between a child or an adult who is relatively intellectually capable and intelligent..

I would choose the adult.. Because no matter what.. That adult has enough life experience And if i could speak to them in a specific way i could compound their intellectual capability and make them smarter..

And I wouldn't have to work too hard.. But with a child.. You have to start from scratch.. And you don't know what you're getting.. They couldd be in major deficit.. And you don't know where that kid came from.

Today I could probably reach people with more life experience than a young person just starting out..

Because the young person would think i'm just some idiot boomer (im a gen xer), who doesn't know any better because they know better..

When they are young dumb and full of CUM.. Literally. Those are the demons that drive young people.. Sometimes over the cliff..

That's why family court is so brutal.. Because the family is brutal to each other..

That's a wall I can't penetrate.. And I mean that literally.. It's very difficult to penetrate young people as far as ideas.. Their sexual hormones. are what's driving them.. You can even see it in the wedding pictures the poses the bride takes..

It's right in your face.. You know what she is in that relationship.. And she will not be allowed to change.. Because when she does.. She will either be dead.. Or divorced..

I hope they survive their lessons.. I hope I can get to someone my age or a little bit older or younger.. Not too old and not too young..

If someone's too old or too far gone they are too crochety and mean Or they love you to death.. Neither is desirable for me....

If someone's too young they're still driven by their hormones and their friends... and is still partying..

The jay world has a specific niche

I figured that out..

A very narrow niche..

I mean a very narrow niche.. If he's mature he wants a partner .. And she respects herself as she respects him..

And not everything is theoretically equal relative to economics and finances and even brute strength..

It's the respect that's the foundation of a mature relationship..

If he's immature.. He wants a blow up doll Who does his laundry and cleans his house and cooks And takes care of his kids.. And then replaces her when she is used up.. Look at the first wives club..

If he's a pseudo modern man.. He wants her to have a good job.. Take care of the kids.. Clean the house.. Or hire a cleaning lady.. Get him off..

And as soon as she can't get him off..

That's when the whole relationship goes to shit..

Because that was the whole foundation.. The relationship had nothing more than a sexual contingency of self worth

I am all for redefining relationships that actually promote literal life.. Not baby life.. Not torturing someone through the deterioration process and then burying them later on.

Women need to do better and figure out they're more than just their holes..

Women.. You need to do better. You set the tone in that family..

If you value your life like you say you do.. You will figure out how to stay alive and still keep that relationship relatively maintained. Men and women do not have to be the human sacrifice in any relationship..

But they would have to think of themselves as a whole lot more than just a piece of ass.. Or some object to cuddle to death..

Because that sexual energy.. Can be converted into life.. Not a child or semen or an egg.. But your own life and innovation.. And longevity.. And you can enjoy h8m/her and the world in such a different way.. And you can still relate to other men/women without destroying women/men and anything else..

It's when the hens get together with other hens and the roosters get together with other roosters.. And the hens and roosters have absolutely no idea how to relate to each other.. Because they always have their crew to fall back on..

Which is why.. Men and women have a hard time relating to each other in a really authentic way..

They end up destroying each other at some point. That's called the funeral.. Or divorce or separation..

It's right in your face.. And since people can't really hang out by themselves because they're too lonely without their crew.. They end up declaring war on everybody.. And they destroy. Mutually assured destruction..

When I add food to my husband's world.. When I feed him.. I'm adding to his life.. I'm not taking anything away..

That's my goal as a wife.. Someone who has every intention to keep HIM alive..

But I will never take away the pain. That's for him to do.. I will not be the one to destroy my husband. He has to be the ONE TO make the call..

But I will call 911 if there is an emergency at his request..

But I will make sure he is fed.. Clean bed.. Relatively clean house.. curb any addictions or crazy spending habits.. Unless i'm working full time. And find the way to see how useful I could be keeping this house going..

I'm not perfect.. This house needs a lot of work As far as minor fixes and maintenance and a few upgrades.. Nothing horrific, and I have to figure out a strategy..

I'm kind of glad fishing season is over with.. Lots to do next year

But I aim to be always improving the process..

And I also practice self care and still expanding my intellectual capability.. Because I deserve to be more knowledgeable.. And that could also be an asset in the relationship..

I study all the time.. And I don't get lost in pleasure.. And there's enough beauty in the world and i've seen a lot of it.. I don't focus on beauty..

What I focus on.. Making sure I survive all these evolutionary changes in the world..

Regardless of past sexual relationships.. Regardless if they were good or bad.. To what degree does someone have to endure being cannibalized by the other person..

A scale from 1 to one hundred..

If your need is over fifty.. You could be codependent.. And probably more focused on the body, working out, sports drugs, alchohol And part of the health and wellness world.

Because it's all about endorphins hormones and pleasure... And then annihilation.. Complete all out annihilation..

If your need is under fifty and lower.. You might be using your brain a lot more.. You're not so focused on bodily images and bodily functions.. As far as pleasure.. Or NOT purposely inducing pain from the pleasure..

And you will probably live longer..

If you're all about personal masturbation.. That's the ouroboros.. The snake eating its tail..

Self explanatory.. A person consuming themselves..

You want to add more years to your life.. Curb your sexual habit meaning, release the demons..

And that doesn't mean through your penis or vagina.. Or anything else..

It means you literally have to release those demons through your immune system not your reproductive system..

In my opinion.. The lesser amount of times you have sex.. the better the release for whatever interested party wants to get off.. And you don't have to die in the process.. You literally do not have to be a human sacrifice to the other person's sexual gratifications..

If the other person is not on board.. Then negotiate what is comfortable for everybody.. So that way no one is cannibalizing the other person against their will.. And there are ways to do that.. And everybody is happy. Or happy enough..

Women.. And men.. You need to save yourself.. If the staff must babysit your kid or your child is torturing other customers making their experience unpleasant, why not do good by society and pay the establishment for their pain and suffering..

Win win

I have a sneaking suspicion the mother also sends her food back when it's not done to her liking and it isnt the obvious situations like charred or allergens. And I bet she's also a difficult customer as well.. She tortures the staff.. I knew many women like that, the last 20 years, who think they are above waiters and waitresses.. And then everyone must to be tortured by her children, especially at a restaurant..

I'm not friends with them anymore. It's embarrassing.. Western privilege.. People have something to say overseas, but they don't look at the war they waged on themselves and in their own body and at home..

People thought I was a demon when I was defending myself.. They called me satan.. A killer..

Israel is defending themselves.. People forgot how the war started recently.. And they forgot what happened six thousand years ago.. But wasn't it recently somebody attacked them with hostages?? And if you're okay with that.. Then you really need to be quiet..

It's ironic it's all the holistic activists who say they're all bout peace and nibiru are waging war on their bodies with holistic remedies.. Genociding their own cells.. Ironic isn't it.. I can't make this up.. I have a bird's eye view on everybody..

I've met most people out there who have waged war on themselves.. Or i met people like them who have everything to say about what goes on overseas and are actively destroying their own body.. But they call it defending.. Surprise surprise.. Your defense is just as good as theirs..

Oh but you don't like their defense.. You only like yours..

But I digress... Those who promote voluntary surgeries doing damage to their own body and families bodies. have an issue with somebody else defending themselves..

Your voluntary self destruction is just as relevant as someone else defending themselves..

I'm sorry but your politics do not JIVE in this case..

People who defend themselves often get mistaken as the aggressor.. People forget who the aggressors are.. They get lost in translation.

No matter what..

Save yourself..

Because you'll never understand the hard choices people have to make to balance humanity out..

I used to be an idealist as well.. Then I grew up.. I survived maturity..

Idealism is for the children.. Reality is for the actual adults..

Adults have to face the demons..

Children bitch about them..

I live in america.. I have wonderful opportunities here.. Been given so much access to resources.. Knowledge.. Everything a person could want.. And I am a product of the vietnam war..

what a conundrum

What a paradox

I could be mad at america.. But you can only imagine how I would have ended up.. A prostitute.. Sold into slavery by my parents in vietnam because of poverty.. Destroyed by the north vietnamese.. Or living a short life in the rice patties.

Check your privilege..

If you are here.. And your homeland is going through another growing pain.. Be thankful you're still alive.. Be thankful you have access to opportunity..

Be thankful.. Im a mongoloid

But it's not just mongoloids who can eat this type of way.. Anyone who has the stomach for strength and intelligence can eat this way.. And it can be developed in a lab..

And the meat is not just plant based proteins.. I won't eat just plant base protein substitute meat.. Families traffic their own children and wives IN ALL CULTURES He had a nice home.. but what is the point in having nice things if you do not stay alive long enough to appreciate the nice things..

Moral to the story.. do not take your life for granted.. downsize if you are a slave to wealth and excess..

The addiction to wealth, baubles, social capital and influence lasts for only so long until it literally consumes you..

The Ouroboros.. Like domestic violence.. The most dangerous time for a woman is when she leaves the slavery of tradition..

Not only did she set her body free but she sets her mind free..

Thx alex!! You're very well thought out comment spurred this post. And I want to give credit where credit is due.. I appreciate your articulate thought process. It's nice to know there are others that think like I do. Now you see why barbie is pink.. Somebody else I know had the color programming pink..

Even paris hilton

Color psychology suggests that different colors can have an impact on our moods, feelings, and even behaviors. The color pink, for example, is thought to be a calming color associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Many people immediately associate the color pink with all things feminine and girly.

My childhood color programming was yellow.

The color yellow can be bright and intense, which is perhaps why it can often invoke such strong feelings. Yellow can quickly grab attention, but it can also be abrasive when overused. It can appear warm and bright, yet it can also lead to visual fatigue.

Yellow Can Be Aggressive Even this article doesn't allow critical thinking because there's always a mixture.. You have to even see through this article.. Discernment is key..

Don't throw out the baby with the bath water.. Even if your gut tells you something is funny.. Something doesn't seem to be right.. It doesn't matter if you can prove it or not.. What matters is will you survive the world you live in..

How will you characterize the choices you make.

Never get too comfortable..

Everything is open for speculation.. And allow others to have a thought process.. But before you make accusations.. It better stand up in a court of law.. not the court of public opinion It's not that eating meat that made us inhumane.. It was how we came upon the meat to begin with.. It was how we acquired it.. We tortured sentient beings to get it

Thank god for the lab. Sexual Slavery was built into the family..

Animal breeding is sexual slavery for those animals. Being forced to have sex and have babies to sell on the open market.. And then people become saints because they think they're saving animals they have bred to enslave.

The veterinary system causes the animals to breed.. And then more destruction by the spay and neuter.. And then your forced to put the animal down when it tries to evolve because the animals are too damaged or there wasn't a support system for that Evolution..

Humans aren't any different in this day and age

Who needs enemies when you have friends and family like this.. Friends and family will save themselves by ending your life because they can't handle your suffering because they're suffering.

That's the danger of surrounding yourself by people who think they should die someday and who can't handle the suffering.. EUREKA MOMENT!!

I figured out that women get screwed twice by society..

She gets screwed once by the father and twice by her children.

And then the third time is the medical system.. Holistic system.. Third times a charm..

Set the women free.. Don't force her into marriage.. And don't force her to have a baby..

Everything is hidden in plane site..plain sight..

I ALSO weep for the mother's out there.. And I weep for her children.. The mother gets screwed out of existence by the father and by her children.

The children are the ones who enslave their parents.. The children are the ones who destroy their own parents..

That's why mothers are basically slaves to the family.. That's why she is destroyed.. That's why they have mother's day to make up for what society has done to the mother out there.

It pains me to watch mothers and enslave their OWN children and force them into that servitude.. And so when the system gets away from the family, then they turn the girls into a sex demon.. She's on only fans wanting no family.. Selling her body for money. There are so many predators out there..

The mother is only repeating the trauma in her children.. As she sells her daughter's and sons on the internet making her children a target..

That's what it all comes down to..!!!! And the parents allow it.. Because they both destroy each other.. Eventually..

Until somebody walks away..

i figured it out... finally.. whew..


herbal DRUGS/DETOXES AND PAINKILLERS ENSLAVE THE PARENTS..or any body under the influence of the drug/herbal detox


slavery is in the medical/holistic energy healing world..

once you are set free... will you survive your own freedom?

your children are your overseers... ironic isn't it..

your microbial offspring programmed by that particular drug were developed to do a job... disable your immune system or force your body's hormones to produce what it was not allowed to produce via malnutrition..

your children aim to destroy you in the microbial/macrobial human world until the parent is strong enough to stay alive despite their children's intentions to destroy..

chew on that..

that is why chucky, children of the corn, and all these movies based on child killers exists..

will parents survive their own offspring??????

that is what it all comes down to!!!!

i figured it out...

the children of the Nephilim are destroying society.. and so society is now trying to regulate itself..

your own starvation game is leverage for the microbial children eating you both the males and females.. Breaking down of the old world.. Soooo you can develop a strong better world..

It starts with uracil

It ends in food and release ALL damage..

Read this whole post.. This is the j world..

Uracil=EVOLUTION=ADAPTATION All humans have URACIL=THEIR IMMORTALITY GENE (only if supported effectively)

Uracil (U) is one of the four nucleotide bases in RNA, with the other three being adenine (A), cytosine (C) and guanine (G). In RNA, uracil pairs with adenine. In a DNA molecule, the nucleotide thymine (T) is used in place of uracil.

Uracil. The fact that uracil is present in RNA and not DNA contributes to the ability of RNA to be degraded easily. This allows the cell to change which genes are being expressed, as the older RNAs do not stick around for very long.

Uracil is composed of four hydrogen, four carbon, two nitrogen, and two oxygen atoms that are bonded together.

In RNA, uracil binds to adenine via two hydrogen bonds. In DNA, the uracil nucleobase is replaced by thymine (T). Uracil is a demethylated form of thymine.

Uracil in DNA may result from incorporation of dUMP during replication and from spontaneous or enzymatic deamination of cytosine, resulting in U:A pairs or U:G mismatches, respectively. Uracil generated by activation-induced cytosine deaminase (AID) in B cells is a normal intermediate in adaptive immunity.Nov 13, 2008

Why do amino acids need to be deaminated? Amino acids should be deaminated because the body can not store amino acids or proteins, therefore it breaks amino acids and either used them as energy or stores them as carbohydrates or fats, after eliminating the amino group.

Too much Uracil equals apoptosis It originates from two independent processes: cytosine deamination and dUTP misincorporation. Uracil is naturally identified and removed by DNA-repair enzymes. However, excessive accumulation of uracil in DNA and repair can result in DNA strand breaks and lead to p53 or PARP-1 mediated apoptosis.,or%20PARP%2D1%20mediated%20apoptosis

What foods are high in uracil? Outside of the human body, Uracil is found, on average, in the highest concentration within beers. Uracil has also been detected, but not quantified in, several different foods, such as radish (var.), green beans, cauliflowers, prickly pears, and citrus.Oct 9, 2015,%2C%20prickly%20pears%2C%20and%20citrus

Which is why I recommend all of the following foods to develop a potential path to IMMORTALITY.. Along with other factors..

Still, meat, fish and dairy are high in DNA-protective nutrients like carnitine, creatine, NADH and coenzyme Q10. If you do eat meat, focus on fish, especially fatty fish like salmon and sardines; some research suggests their omega-3s can ward off DNA damage in vascular cells.Jun 9, 2021 You can also eat beef.. Chicken..

Overview. L-carnitine is a chemical that is made in the human brain, liver, and kidneys. It helps the body turn fat into energy. L-carnitine is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes. L-CARNITINE - Uses, Side Effects, and More - WebMD

Meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products are the richest sources of L-carnitine, while fruit, vegetables, and grains contain relatively little L-carnitine.

you just have to do things differently..

Climate change= deamination= damnation


dam·na·tion /damˈnāSHən/ noun (in Christian belief) condemnation to eternal punishment in hell. "sins that risk eternal damnation"

Climate change From the United Nations Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. These shifts may be natural, but since the 1800s, human activities have been the main driver of climate change, primarily due to the burning of fossil fuels (like coal, oil, and gas) which produces heat-trapping gases.

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