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Fertility, Sexuality and the Remedies Encourage Entropy aka Thermodynamics

Main take away.. The system is speeding up entropy..

Fertility is thermodynamics. Every generation is weaker. Unless you understand how to balance out thermodynamics and food

Climate change is speeding up entropy.. Speeding up thermodynamics.. And fertility weakens everybody..

Which ends up in speeding up fertility sexuality and family. Which is why you see died suddenly and people maturing and age faster .. And the weakest person is not surviving.

Which is why those with large families have a weakened immune system. Every single time you reproduce a child you weaken your immune system. And that child is also weaker.

Heart attacks and strokes are from fertility. In a closed relatively closed immune system. And yes the remedy system contributes to fertility.

My world if you can handle it is balancing both entropy..and negentropy

And lessening your social interactions so fertility is not overtaking you. Which is also why I don't have pets. I'm not trying to fight that battle either.

The environment is so aggressive that everybody's microbes are on the attack and Inseminating everything.

Which is why I don't want to be in close quarters with a lot of people like airplanes and crowded restaurants and bars.

Good luck trying to change your lifestyle.

Btw The surgical system was developed to cut out the monsters people developed from their exposure to everyone. So much diversity so much fertility so much cancer and children. And people.

That was why imhotep became the first physician. He was in alchemy. And people were developing growths from the cures. The remedies..

They had to be cut out. Of course we all are experiments..

All of us are.


A baby who is at the end of that genetic line who could not handle the new world they were in. No different than adults who die suddenly today. They cant handle the current world..

Logical fallacies say because you took a therapy means that was the cause of your death. If you have to take a therapy you were already deficient. You couldn't handle the new world. It was just a matter of time.

So as I am looking back on my high school class and seeing who has so many kids. And those who don't have any Or they have just one..

Generation x was the experiment and it was anybody's guess how we all were going to come out. But looking at some of the movies we were exposed to, not me, like fast times at ridgemont high..

And then all the slasher movies.. Yeah you were programmed to self destruct.. After you carried out your duties.

In my town here, unless you were extraordinarily gifted and sent off to the best schools even moving away from this town.. You were a programmed to have a bunch of children. And then party and then die after doing your job of maintaining the people around you.

If you're born on the two coasts or in a metropolitan area in a higher sociol economic area.. You might get the luxury of receiving some kind of advanced training..

However.. The programming of self destruct was still implanted..

And it was done through the family.

And I will tell you religion has a lot to do with how many kids you have.. And it's not surprising to me that those who are very religious have a lot more kids than those who are not.

But that alone will not make a difference in longevity.. Just not having kids does not ensure you're going to carry on the human race with just you..

It's time to take it a step further..

Remember I was programmed not to have children.. To be somebody's wife or play thing. Like so many women before me and after me have been programmed to be if they don't have children.

 And if I hadn't discovered what I discovered.

I would have died from a domestic violence situation or cancer. And right now many women who have children will be facing that fate.. Maybe a few can redirect..

 I can only hope

So if you plan to have children.. Their fate is to either die from a domestic violence situation or cancer in the future.. Of course dropping a few babies a long way..

Ensuring short lifespans.. And that was the intention.. Aggressive sexuality leading to children and then..

 die suddenly..

Especially in this environment. Especially in this environment.

I think now is time to redirect our children into a very different course.. If they even survive their childhood.

Parents.. You have a chance.

Some of you parents have a chance to save yourself.

And many people will be in denial of this type of black and white very in your face projection.. The writing is on the wall.. People want to live in the fantasy of the old world..

Look around you..

To say it will never happen to you.. Is purposely sticking your head in the sand..

It happened to me.. I'm not special. I'm just like you and your children..

I fought off those demons.. And I even activated my immune system the last seven years and the system even activated my system last three years.

And I had to take a lot of time off and I will continue to take time off from the general population and social situations..

The environment is just too aggressive. Men can handle it on some level but not all men.. As you can see in the died suddenly groups the kind of men who are succumbing to the environment.. And they have children..

Burly women might have a chance.. skinny women who have had a bunch of children. Really need to step up their game in staying home.. Away from people and animals.. And children.. And eat so much food.. And feel the release..

Impossible.. Therein lies the problem.

It's very difficult to change a culture.. Until that culture is forced to change. Sometimes people are going to die when a culture is in the process of changing..

Again it's not my fault. You were born into that culture.. And you were giving plenty of warnings to change.

I even tried to help out.. But of course.. The road to hell is paved by good intentions..

So I observe and give you my observations and you make your choices.

It's not difficult to prophesize when you understand scientifically how the past became the future.. And faster in this environment.

I've seen combinations in family where one person didn't have kids.. And they were either the oldest sibling or the youngest sibling..

I've seen three female siblings and the eldest had two kids.. The middle sibling had one kid.. And the youngest sibling had no kids.

I've seen in another family.. 4 boys

The eldest had no kids. The 2 middle siblings has at least two kids. And the youngest had at least one or two children..

From that situation the next generation is weaker..

Generations today are generally weaker especially when they have a lot of Aunts and uncles.. And that was the intention..

Fine, if you want to have a bunch of children.. They will have to adapt tobclimate change..

That is the hunger games.. The weakest ones will succumb to climate change..

That's darwinism.. Survival of the fittest. The more generational offspring you produce the weaker the version of your genetic line is..

Which is why parents, who have some substance to them.. And an ounce of evolution.. You might stand a chance to survive this great reset

That's why the system discourages having families.. Because the children are going to suffer. They already are suffering.

It is time to save yourself. Minors do not have the capacity to save themselves.

Adults do.

Feed you or feed the beast

Feed both of you and release the beast.

This system developed the perception that pain was not something to be experienced and encouraged. The system encouraged you to suppress your immune system functions.. They encouraged you to take cough suppressants, mucus drying agents, pain killers, and even hormone replacement therapy through the remedies market.

Consequently, through the remedy system and prescription drug system, fertility is established.

First, it's developing antibodies (public exposure) that are not allowed to be released via immune system suppressing agents, and second, causing the person to react with remedies, suppressing immune system functions..

Moreover, the system of remedies developed the immune system to attack itself, and inevitably develop parasitic growths and entities to be trained in specific areas as well as used for science experiments

Sometimes it gets so bad, people develop growths which latch onto different parts of their body that must be surgically taken out.

When people hold an enemy inside, tearing down the infrastructure they hunt for the enemy out there.. Projection and transference..

And when they hold so many antibodies against itself.. They become so fertile sexual reproduction has been triggered.

The person is on the hunt.

The gender of the baby is determined by how much stress the mother is under.. A woman developing a boy means she was under a lot of stress during that time of gestation. The amount of antibodies she holds determines that situation..

The connection of the y antibodies and the y chromosome makes sense..

And so much fertility under a stressful genetic line also develops genetic diseases.. Remember the herbal and prescription medicine market develops the fertility and the stressful situations.

Organically, mother nature had to do that gender split to balance the human race, at the time.. Nation building. Carrying on the human race.. But at a cost of death destruction and monster behavior..

Stress to the immune system is what causes the fertility.. And so much stress causes the gender of boys..

Or else when you have only girls, where are the boys to hunt and inseminate.. And even "protect"..

The human population represents the immune system inside a person.. The distribution of boys, girls and diseases represents every single one of our immune system functions and traumas.

As far as sexual orientation.. That is determined by how much fertility and diversity is within the immune system of that person..

 The remedies market has developed so much sexual orientation that we have so much diversity in the population..

So the reason why the system projects mostly girls if not all girls in the future, it is because they figured out how to balance out the hormones within a person..

Which is why you have softer males and manlier females..

You see the extremes in both males and females.. Very manly men have so much testosterone. And they want to populate the world. And very female women have so much estrogen. She's looking to be populated..

And then it's war. Both are suffering.. I can assure you that.. Why are they suffering.. To keep up the image.. It takes a lot of money and even torture of the woman and man to keep up that image. Botox plastic surgery.. Shopping for the latest gadgets.

 Highly sexualized males and females are always looking for a release.. And when "needs" are not met, all hell breaks loose.. Women manipulate the situation.. And men go on the hunt if they're not regulated by morality.. Women also go on the hunt if they're not regulated by morality in a marriage.

However, when you're able to balance out the estrogen and the testosterone In one person, and we're not experimenting on people using the remedy system attacking the person's immune system, no more fertility.. And if the system develops babies in a lab.. It will be mostly female.. Or beautiful males.. Who aren't predatory..

And potentially no more "men" in the future..

Men were developed from the stress of fertility in utero.. The antibodies..

I have also researched and found that antibodies can switch and convert from being a defender to a predator.. Or a policeman to a gang member.. And that conversion process is solely determined by the host's reaction to immune system functions.

That's the missing link.. That's what determines gender and how predatory or peaceful that gender is.

And the system did enslave women many years ago.. Developed a controlled slavery of women the last hundred years.. And right now we are still in it. With aggressive sexuality in both genders determined to keep the stress in the world.. Determined to keep the wars and sexuality going on until all out annihilation..

The system was trying to tell you..

And so if one must have their pleasures and paradise.. You live by pleasure and paradise.. One must die by pleasure and paradise..

Remember you already expected to pass away anyways. The system will make it as fun and as pleasurable as possible. Until it can't..

All of us have been given a choice..

And it's really not anyone's fault..

It was a culture we were born into.

It's time to evolve.

infrastructure breakdown from frequency in the community could also mean your immune system..

people are falling apart and/or dying suddenly..

the downside of dying suddenly is the fallout around your friends and family, and the upside is NO suffering for the person..

choose your own adventure.

i purposely do NOT choose to end anyone's suffering, lest I bring them closer to death in this environment..

and hanging out with people keeping them company so they do not end up "suffering" alone develops died suddenly, or ending their suffering..

people are in catch 22 when they cannot handle life.. and so their friends and family are the re me dies causing NO suffering from a future died suddenly..

thoughts and prayers develop into future died suddenly as people continue to hang out with people comforting each other..


groups and family all go over the cliff together..

right now..even partners are taxing their partner's immune systems...

Luckily, I know how to eat all food and release the demons so my husband's immune system, even breathing, does NOT destroy me..

and when I feel my body needing the rest and release, my husband, when he is home, gives me the space and latitude to sleep, just like I would do for him..

and I am so thankful he is not one to drag me all over town.. and he could go out there but recovering from all the social stuff does tax the immune system aggressively..

conservation is necessary.. pick and choose your battles, meaning, pick and choose which social outing are worth suffering for..


When I am around "new" people, this is the war (tennis) in my immune system developing offspring to assimilate to and then I feed the offspring from this and release them the next morning.. through all my orifices..

this is the war outside of people who have trapped this same war inside their colon and immune system

and those tennis balls represent dog, cat, pets, human, pollutants, plants and insect microbes..

imagine what kinds of cancer/demon and disease is being held inside of a person AND replicating..

no pets for me..

the tennis players represent the people and animals and groups you surround yourself with, even your own partner trading microbes back and forth with one another.

which is why I am glad to see what happens when my husband comes home in the middle of the week and I have to cough, sneeze and blow my nose and poop out the antigen the next morning..

 which is also why back in my 30s and 40s I would get bad PMS and call in sick on a Monday after being around different people on the weekends..

It was not recovering from liquor and drugs, it was recovering from the microbes and the public I was exposed to on the weekends and some months of recovering from exposures were worse than others..

we surround ourselves with people and partners and sexual activity, experience diseases and then blame the food or the public health therapies..

but people fail to make the connection their starvation diets, all the remedies, drugs, sex and parties are what caused their diseases and inevitably died suddenly.

imagine when your body must work harder to release the demons.. the heart rate goes up, the blood pressure goes up, pain happens.. and then people take drugs to resist their own body's natural processes and resistance is futile, called blood vessels breaking and died suddenly or heart attacks and strokes when their immune system is that desperate to push the antigen through the vessels as the sluggish immune system develops CLOTS IN A HIGHLY DYNAMIC ENVIRONMENT WITH PEOPLE STOPPING THEIR BODY FROM RELEASING.

surgery is when the system must cut out the demon baby you developed called cancers and tumors.. even a baby..

Now, imagine you're in climate change. And the speed of which those two tennis players hitting the ball back and forth increases.. Both are using up so much energy.. Developing vast amounts of offspring..

Which then must be purposed and repurposed. And then the person tries to restrain AND stop the energy..

it can only happen temporarily.. that is called a cure remedy surgery

Because if someone wants to play tennis and you try to stop them from playing tennis.. They'll find a way to redouble the efforts.. When you try to stop life.. Life will find a way.. Even if it has to clot.. Developing blood clots in your blood vessels..

That's how the immune system works.. It will find a way even at the detriment of you..

Mother nature finds the way to survive.. She doesn't need you per se..

You have to need you..

Play the blame game all you want but is not helping your friends and family.. They're dying suddenly because you're not redirecting.. Some people don't have the capacity to redirect.

So they loop and say the same thing over and over and over and over again and their friends are still dying suddenly..

That's called a broken record..

Never once changing their perspective..

Once you save you by changing your own perspective.. Your realized there's no one else to save because they can't even save themselves..

Again I can only save myself.. Just like you can only save yourself..

Misery loves company..

And so I prefer to be alone or with my husband when he's around.. And then I have to release those demons..

Not everybody understands me or will..

fertility is the division.. pieces of you all over the place.

a litter... litter.

then died suddenly when you/genetic line have been divided so much through generational offspring, there is nothing left to divide any longer..

remember: i told you it was always your friends, family, politics, religion, science, lifestyle and even your sexual orientation was "weaponized" against you.. maybe not back then, but back then, before climate change, was a conditioning process..

now.. everyone and everything will be your own battle to fight in a war against everything you ever became used to or depended upon..

Which is why I pick and choose my battles and social occasions very carefully.. I feel and know exactly who and what i'm up against..

And then it's watching the domino's fall.. And calling it. And now there is no pleasure.. Feeling vindicated is a very shortlived experience..

The biochemical behavioral changes is the difference between changing an intention and outcome..

vs just willing something to be the end result..

Sorry but belief is just not enough..

Belief without actual behavioral change is like jumping into a pool of ACTUAL water and believing you are not wet..

Ok mcfly.

She's not wrong..

It's bright outside..

My armpits are open.. Oh yeah the frequencies are on the move..

Just check out all the died suddenly groups.. I know they blame it on the va x

Not everyone received the therapy.. All of us are affected..

I don't ever remember the sun being this bright coming through my window shades..

very blinding.

Even though it's thirty nine degrees it's pretty warm to me..

But i'm not adjusting my thermostat.. Like I did last year

I was experiencing so many hot flashes last year..

None this year, to the point of adjusting my thermostat..

That's pretty remarkable

I also sleep pretty well.. Even catch myself snoring sometimes

Regarding my world and the jillyjuice world.. And the great reset..

Which is why I say I understand what the system is doing. And I just speak my piece and tell you what i'm doing..

But I will never say everybody can do what I am doing.. I used to.. I understand some people out there choose to pass away and I can't make them live..

But I also want to present an opportunity for those who might have the choice.. And it's not for me to decide for anyone else..

And so I understand the merit and the downsides of both sides of my world and other people's world..

Now that is a position of power.. Because I can play both sides of the fence.. Speak freely about my situation.. And observe with the world without fear of retribution because someone is offended that I have a point of view.

When I don't cultivate so many people I must cater to

 I have the freedom to speak..

I have the freedom to make observations.. I give myself AND the world a choice to hear and see a different world.

And they have a choice to observe it.

As far as taking polarizing viewpoints..

It is not required to only take one side.. That's not a rule..

But you and ME were raised with those ideals..

Time to evolve

Time for women to evolve... But I know not all women will..

So I just represent..

Before I write my next book I must completely be unbiased about everything..

And when I do take one side or the other.. I will catch myself.. And I will correct..

That's why I am writing so much and speaking so much. So I can point out and observe and listen to my own biases if I hold them..

And when something completely triggers me. I will write about it and then observe my own language and the perspective i'm coming from.. And I will also speak about it so I can hear my explanation..

And I will even find a way to defend sexuality..

But right now I must point out all the downsides of sexuality.. Until I can figure out how to position it properly with maturity..

And so i'm still exploring how sexuality will fit in the future in my world.. I already know what the position of sexuality in my current world today is..

But i'm also considering what it will be like in the future if it even exists for me at all..

That's me thinking way ahead..

It's not my job to repropulate the world or encourage somebody else to repropulate the world.. It's the government's job to find a way to repopulate the world properly without turning our communities into a cesspool of depravity, lack of morality and war between what is the right type and the wrong type..

In my opinion, more emphasis on the brain VS the body will lead to a far more intellectually capable peaceful society..

And women deserve to be set free from being the sole person to repopulate the world.. She deserves to be set free from those constraints within a very rigid family social construct..

But that's just my opinion.

When I turn 50 next year..


I will buy a whip cream strawberry WHITE cake. And celebrate with my husband..

I plan to be very conservative in my travels and get togethers.. I will choose those social occasions very wisely.. I mean very wisely.. One or two people at a time if that..

I can't do the groups anymore.. That's why I like facebook.. It's a very safe social interaction that I don't have to cough out..

It's going to be more aggressive next year.. I don't feel like spitting out and coughing out a bunch of demons.. It's been nice lately..

I know, the longer I stay in a public diverse group situation, the more bloated I become.. And if you saw my videos last year.. This last year.. You saw how bloated I was from hanging out with people..

The current environment right now is making everything more accelerated, even the growth and transmission rate.. And yeah people are incubating a lot of disease within.. Even children..

That's why right now traveling to different places.. In my opinion is not a good idea..

If just took one night for my husband to come home after a few days of being on the road.. And I had to cough and sneeze and blow my nose..

I can only imagine being out in the public for more than eight hours would be like..

And so if we choose to travel in the future, But most likely not because I want to save money.. Or let him hang out with his guy friends, I know it will take me at least a week to release those demons..

And I can afford to do that once in a while..

But not all the time..

Again, if I have to condition myself to be out in the public.. Then, every morning I would be releasing those demons and sleeping a lot on the weekends..

I could not afford to burn the candle at both ends in this environment.. I would die faster. It would be too much.

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