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Flesh Salesman are all over the Internet and it starts in the Family

The family are the first flesh PEDDLING salesman and honoring prostitution through state sanctioned means as well as animal trafficking

Now look at your Facebook and cringe..

And those who are stuck in enslaving themselves their animals and their children will say everything is okay because they can't bear to face the misery they have contributed to in our society

They will justify because everyone around them is doing it. That makes you a sheep a literal sheep.

Flesh Salesman are all over the internet and it starts in the family.

What flesh are you marketing today contributing to the misery of humans and animals?

People post photos, images, fears and addictions what they promote and want to market and sell to the masses.

Why do people post the things they do and why do some people have nothing on their accounts?

When people have nothing on their accounts except for anime and ridiculous cartoons in avatar, they are either in hiding, or they are a child who has not developed enough to adopt a belief and regurgitate to give them a path to self reflect and evolve.

What do people sell when they post pictures and their art or someone else's art? Pride, which is a sin, and then selling hormone manipulations by proxy using images such as themselves, their children, their food, their fears and their addictions and their friends/family.

The beauty of the English language is using so many different types of words using different contexts to clue wordsmiths and behavioral scientists what "evil" lurks in the hearts of mankind. People might think they are promoting one thing, but in all reality, they are promoting something else quite "sinister" if one were to examine the situation deeper.

Scientists can observe humans in their "natural habitat" through their comfort levels of what they deem is appropriate and righteous based upon their lifestyles and beliefs.

And flesh has always been something people gravitate towards to either


grow, or

sell on the open market.

Even if it is their own.

The selling of flesh is the oldest profession, and our society has normalized selling our own flesh to the highest bidder without blinking an eye or questioning if it is morally right in the scheme of things. And, what is even worse and more confusing is we also sell other people's flesh if it is sanctioned by the government.

What happens when we sell our own flesh to be abused or other people's flesh to be abused?

Misery. Suffering. Death. Destruction. Addiction. Not to mention human and animal trafficking dressed up as rescue or outright selling cute dogs, etc to titillate families with kids who just use and then throw away the animals when they are not useful after treating them to death..

So, before you get indignant, check out your own profile and take a deeper look at what you are hiding from the world and what flesh and flesh manipulation are you peddling to the masses in the name of pride and sales and group acceptance.

Yep stay Comfortably Numb so you don't have to feel yourself going out with a bang

This has always been the American way and it will never change until people figure it out but if you don't want to figure it out go have a party

There are plenty of people who will be comfortably numb with you selling flesh to everyone and their mother

And you can be the local celebrity and have a following and sell people hormone manipulation and flesh manipulation and be worshiped like a god or goddess. Got to love celebrity worship even a local celebrity worship.

What did Aleister Crowley say

if it feels good do it

or do as thou wilt

oh yeah go for it just do it Nike says

Party in the U.S.A.

Song by Miley Cyrus

As far as my book I talked about my own flesh manipulation based upon survivability and activating my own immune system but I will never tell you to manipulate your own flesh the way I do because you will figure it out. But I will never again advocate anyone manipulate somebody else's flesh for anything because that's not for you to do.

That's for State sanctioned professionals to manipulate your flesh out of existence with your permission

So if I have ever recommended someone manipulate their flesh on my Facebook well I'll stop doing that too..

I just say in my book what I do. I don't care what you do you'll either do what you need to do or you wont and that's pretty much it.

Even I modify what I do today based upon my own self reflection and that to me is evolution. I don't care if you cough and sneeze and blow your nose I don't really care about anything at this point because if you can't manipulate your own flesh somebody will have to do it for you..

and basically you've been sold into slavery

The system is cleaning itself up because of what we have adopted as normal.

And I will say most people will never ever examine their own lifestyle and question it because of deficiencies. And that's really sad that you can't even question your own lifestyle and beliefs to advance yourself and humanity

People would rather make other people suffer and animals suffer and themselves suffer than find ways to make the world a better place.. and people would rather make their family suffer instead of making the world a better place.

So that's why we have these f***** up storms because people will not f****** change and they will call you the enemy because they can't even examine their own lifestyle and beliefs and what they've contributed to of the suffering of humanity and all the animals they reproduce and rescued to justify owning things.

The painting of King Charles is letting you know those days are over. The suffering of animals and humans are over.

I don't love what's going on but I understand why it's going on which is why I'm questioning everything that I have done and been doing because somebody has to

How do you get an advanced Society

well you had to go through hell in the past, just like beautiful women who can survive all the diseases she has to release.

She could be beautiful in the future with a brutal past

A brutal past could be having children and surviving cancer

just like Humanity

Beauty comes from high pressure. Intellectual capacity comes from high pressure. Put those two together I hope you survive the pressure

Future Advanced humans will be beautiful and intellectual because of all the pressure of the past and the person survived it.

You can black out celebrities all you want

they already cast the spells on you and your kids

it's not going to matter.

What you resist persist anyways

The Folly of being trendy is that not being trendy is f****** trendy

If all women woke up to the dangers of celebrity mind control if they wouldn't be so skinny out there promoting diets and looking hot and sexual for everyone. They would be more intellectual.

Not so aesthetic oriented..

It's one thing to be aware of celebrity mind control it's another to actually exemplify someone who is not controlled by Aesthetics and celebrity..

You can be aesthetically appealing and balanced and have an actual unique and original thought in your head.. and you don't have to sell your body to do that.

Because your mind would be the first thing people saw not your flat stomach..

Break the mold don't be like your parents and don't be like celebrity mind control addicts..

We have enough clones in our society

We need somebody original

Why I would probably invest more in the jjuice world women than the men or their children

Because men are pretty much set in their ways and they can't handle evolution or pain and suffering so they'll stay in their specific paradigms until they're forced to change if they can even handle the change..

The children will be very difficult to advance because once they hit puberty especially the girls the hormones are like a poison and they become a different person and very difficult to control and most likely will become pregnant or suffer a debilitating condition and have to be married off or take out her body parts

Menstruation, also known as a period, is the monthly shedding of the lining of the uterus and the release of blood and tissue from the vagina. It's a sign that pregnancy hasn't occurred and is triggered by a drop in progesterone levels.

It's the women my age in the jjworld who might have a chance because they've suffered paid their debt to society as far as their contribution and they know the ways of the world and can protect themselves. On some level.. I've kind of lost hope for the men.

Not having a period except for potentially twice a year when the climate changes leaves a lot of room for intellectual capacity.. of course not taking care of animals and children is a plus and having a man or partner who is relatively self-sufficient is exponentially amazing..

Immortal women who don't have to deal with menstruation except for when the climate changes can INTELLECTUALLY compete evenly with a man if she's allowed to. But our society is still extremely in the Dark Ages even when we claim we're not..

We still have family selling their children on the open market through marriage and body parts and yeah until that goes to the wayside we're going to have a lot of misery.

America and the west has become a nation of breeders of sex slaves

I don't care how much education you throw at her because you can put lipstick on a pig

But it's still a pig.

And when you're buying people and you're selling yourself to people to survive you've forced people to live in these paradigms. The world's changing but it's f***** up watching it change..

Yeah the emperor has no clothes

The advancement of women must be through potential immortality and not being forced to become a breeder or a sex slave so she can finally work her mind the way it's supposed to work and compete with the men who have been bred to throw steel or been bred to be intellectuals

I think women deserve a place in an intellectual Society without taking a break and having a child and a family and then breaking down. Because the men don't have the curse of menstruation and becoming an arm candy to somebody else in society

And men are smart enough to walk away from families.. because they know what kind of b******* our society has perpetrated on both the men and women and he won't be saddled but yes financially but he will not be dealing with the b******* we have forced our men and women to deal with..

I understand human advancement goes through many stages and this is probably one of the first stages of human trafficking and developing beautiful women but at the cost of her and her children

Only Pictures


Are American Women representation of prostitutes for the world?

Look at Hollywood and the daughters and sons of Hollywood

I see in Facebook reels third world countries of women who want to look like American women in bikinis with the big boobs all hair, the flat stomach and the bubble butts.

Our aggressive sexuality has infected the world

We have become a nation of caricatures in the old MTV rap music videos.. and our daughters want to be like those girls in the old videos.. which is why you see House Husbands try to order young girls online trying to relive their youth

And then we wonder why the world doesn't take us seriously anymore because what we have trained our girls and boys to do and then we become predatory. We become extremely predatory when we're working from very baser level instincts

How will your children and you break free from the mold that America was molded into and turned into as somebody's arm candy or pitbull

It stands to reason why we have a nation full of top scientists and all of their human experiments in every single neighborhood..

This is the truth I don't even think people want to face because they're in it. Prostitution is very lucrative ..

has the West become the prostitutes for the world and then we sell our daughters into sexual slavery to people across the world.

Just ask Princess Grace of Monaco

she was the first one and then you have other American women becoming that "arm candy" to European Millionaires and American oligarchs

Not every woman is lucky enough to live in a "castle"

some women or mothers are lucky enough to have a kid and live off their parents and family and off the kindness of strangers for the rest of their life..

What chance do her children have

I think Facebook is extremely highbrow and could develop thinking people if if they used it in such a manner.

In my opinion picture applications are fun for a minute but there's got to be something else going on in that person's head besides color schemes and endless pictures of things that most people have anyways

that's not too remarkable

Oh I want to see what goes on in your head write write

Having opinions about all the articles out there is no different than posting pictures..

What if we could write about things that mean something that wasn't always about resistance

but what could we write that would help develop the advancement of humans without writing from fear of what you think people are doing to humans.

What if we could write about what we as adults want to see in the world and not cultivating our children because what are you cultivating if you haven't developed your own thought process or are you regurgitating your parents..

Adults have an amazing opportunity to develop themselves if they weren't too distracted with developing children who become just like them only going so far and then having a kid to start over again and then you stop maturing the time that you have a child

then you start aging and then you're starting over again with a child who will only go as far as you've reached whatever that is..if you're lucky enough..

Even children in intellectual circles go as far as their parents allow them to go as far but have you seen any child surpass their own parents in Upper echelons of society.

They're trying to keep up with their parents.. they are given companies and things to do and be as influencers to those in mainstream America

Very few of them break free from the clutches of their parents

And so they stay in their shadows .. the shadows of their parents.. Some might break free but usually they just step in the shoes of their parents

maybe a handful surpass their parents

But that's not very many

In mainstream society people try to keep up with each other but they only always so as far as the smartest or strongest kid in their neighborhood..

or until they have a child and then they start over again but at a deficit because that child took what they could have developed for themselves and now their parents are starting over again..

And for all intents and purposes parents are stuck at the intellectual capacity of where they started having children..

if you're lucky enough to already be a little bit smarter than most then you'll fulfill that position and your kid may or may not surpass you or even reach your level.

What about kids across from the railroad tracks who don't have a capacity to reach to a certain level.

People have so many children they take away their children's intellectual capacity and their own because the body can't support what the brain could potentially do especially during climate change

Right now I think adults need to invest into themselves not their children because you are already have life experience and are probably strong enough to handle evolution and many kids out there don't have the capacity or the life experience.

But I guess if an adult doesn't see too much future for themselves they will invest in their children at the detriment to themselves and the kids will only go as their body will allow them to go..

But you have to see when you have children you take away a lot of intellectual capacity for yourself and then you are left selling your body to the world because that's the only thing you have left going for yourself at this point.

Unless you're highly motivated to cultivate something more than just your body..

And we sell our body in sickness and in health and during all phases of our life and so we become a nation of human trafficking even ourselves.

What if what if we could prove that how we change our body could change our intellectual capacity and break through an advance ourselves and Humanity so we don't have to prostitute ourselves to the world

Women and mothers will make or break our society..

That's what everything has been reduced down to

We've all been reduced down to the sum of our choices..

You will pay more when you cant handle the food supply..

You will pay more in every way

People post babies and kids like they post a loaf of freshly baked bread

Artificial intelligence is so we don't gravitate towards human trafficking by selling everything we have to everybody through influential images causing hormonal manipulation and predatory behaviors

If you choose to sell yourself fine but do your kids and animals and even your family have a choice in the matter to be hormonally used for somebody else's pleasure or hatred?

We've learned in the past that images are so powerful that they cause people to behave in ways that are extremely questionable and potentially even violent.

Images and movies are used to hormonally manipulate people and what are we advocating in our society by doing that and being a party to somebody else's hormonal manipulation through the powerful images

Yes some things look extremely realistic but I think it's better than using your family

In the beginning of Facebook people were very reticent in posting pictures of their family and now people have become so relaxed because their friends and family do it and so now they do it.. throwing all types of caution into the wind..

If you take umbrage against what I'm saying then everything you think you stand for around human trafficking has been negated

Everything around sexual trafficking and human trafficking starts off with the family and then it becomes part of society and accepted and rejected but no one seems to break the cycle or wants to

Freshly baked bread is desirable for a number of reasons, including its flavor, smell, and freshness:


When baked, bread undergoes a chemical reaction between proteins, carbohydrates, and fatty acids that gives it a delicious flavor and color.


The smell of freshly baked bread triggers a Pavlovian response, which is an instinctive behavioral response to a neutral stimulus. This response associates the smell with feelings of safety, happiness, family, and fullness, which can automatically make people feel good.


Freshly baked bread is fresher than store-bought bread, which can be a week or more old by the time it's purchased.

I will just sell my ideas using dead adults in the media and my own art and my pictures of myself

Selling and advertising NOUNS

A noun is a person place or thing

And it could be alive or dead

What are you selling and why

Every Facebook profile becomes Facebook Marketplace it's just a matter of what are you selling to the masses and why

I sell myself and I rarely sell my husband except for in small circumstances..

I sell my own ideas and my own pictures. And then I will also share articles from the media who also advocate selling children animals and dead things

I might even stop sharing articles selling children and animals and dead kids..

I will stop

And then this is where we have to point out exploiting dead children are no different than exploiting alive children

What are you trying to leverage using children? That includes all of the Planned Parenthood campaigns. And it doesn't matter if you support it or promote it

That even I have to stop posting anything about died suddenly kids because at this point it doesn't even matter..

People are stuck in the death loop and they can't get out of it and exploiting children won't make it better

Alive or dead

What a grim awakening I just uncovered within myself..

All children alive or dead have been exploited and are being exploited

It's up to the adults to break the cycle or keep inflicting misery onto their own offspring

After reading my posts today and then you're looking at your Facebook

you will cringe..

And if you don't cringe then you are highly under the influence and lack empathy for Humanity because once you see things for what they are holy s***

I guess the system will regulate you

Because you can't feel a damn thing

But now I look at my Facebook and I cringe at every single promotion of human trafficking through the family and it's f****** brutal

the mothers also turn her sons into "sexual predators" until he learns how to pull back..

remember that..

mothers sell their daughters to be sex slaves or sic their sons onto the most innocent lamb... "the wide-eyed innocent Lamb with no life experience".

Mothers love corrupting innocent lambs with her sons.. because if she finds out her son is dating a stripper wow you know she doesn't approve even if she does.. she's just happy her son has someone that makes him happy until he's not..

But those in the higher Echelon Society want those with innocent girls straight out of high school which is why men like 18-year-olds..

they love corrupting the innocent and so do the mothers.. she becomes the proxy of her own genders destruction and misery..

the women destroy their own gender and her own daughters and contribute to the misery of her sons

And he doesn't know any better because he's driven by his hormones that were snipped when he was a baby through circumcision and everything else

Society tells him it's okay to sow your wild oats use all the women you can until you're ready to settle down with some innocent lamb and brutalize her..

and then saddle her with a gaggle of children until she's used up and decides to leave this world under the influence or be screwed to death by strangers because she bought into the feminist movement because her husband was off chasing tail because he was tired of the monotony of family and children

and then the babies/children become leverage and commodities

it is a brutal cycle to witness

When you're clean and sober you'll see things for what they are and let me tell you it's a brutal awakening which is why people are always under the influence because the reality is just too much

Yes everything began with the mother

Women will make or break our society.

Yep we have exploited Lilith and Eve and turned her into a commodity

Everything operates in plain sight. I don't care how much denial you're in or how you dress it up as something sacred and spiritual.

You're told not to get into cars with strangers but yet we have Uber and then you're told not to spread your legs to strangers and we have gynecology

You are a slave and you can't even see your own hypocrisy. Take care good luck

lol raising your girls to be god fearing Disney princesses will turn them to be extremely predatory.. or become a victim of some man who uses her for sex..and then pregnancy..

Why DO Disney Princesses become predatory because she was brutalized because she had no idea how to protect herself.. and some man brutalized her and used her and now she hates men and she hates life. And then she's under the influence

the single mother syndrome of mothers who were trafficked by her own family liberal/conservative alike.

parading your grand/babies like a prize..

Because the system allows it doesn't mean it's correct or right or humane

Human trafficking never ended it just became regulated and accepted through the family

If you can't see this or take indignation of this you are part of it and just look at your Facebook of how many babies you've posted on your wall

And I'm guilty of posting other people's babies on my wall so I'm Not Innocent.

But I don't sell my own children and I don't sell other people's children .

So I'm pretty aware of my contribution to human trafficking..

Believe me I'm very self aware. I won't be posting anymore pictures of other people's children on my wall anymore. Just because they're family doesn't mean I have the right to do that to anyone..

Mothers and fathers sell their children into sexual slavery called marriage and family

When the left picture of kids for sale has every intention to go to the right picture huge wedding and then you get the single mothers with so many babies with issues

That's the beginning of the suffering that never ends and then people harm to heal and then they become drug addicts because they're so miserable and then they project their misery and they become predatory and then destroy

Again I'm not targeting anyone because society practices this and accepts this and somebody has to say whoa

is this correct and

is this what contributes to the downfall Society when people dress up slavery through the family

I think we need to ask the question if this is appropriate for the future..

Just because our parents did it doesn't mean it was correct. Maybe for the time but times have changed for a reason

Remember Predators like an easy menu and people make it very easy for predators

And when your mother and father expect you to get married and have a child or they will psychologically freeze you out or hurt you in some way or withhold affection then you've essentially been psychologically exploited by your own family

Grandmothers commit psychological warfare on their family.

When grandmothers psychologically manipulate their daughters-in-law to get pregnant and be destroyed through pregnancy she has committed human trafficking through psychological means and religion and of course all the different cultures

And so there are psychological situations the people use to keep people in jail and so when you exploit the ignorant you have trafficked Humans.

No you didn't hold her hostage but you made sure she thought she couldn't live without you

Human trafficking is the trade of humans for the purpose of forced labour, sexual slavery, or commercial sexual exploitation.[1]

Human trafficking can occur within a country or trans-nationally. It is distinct from people smuggling, which is characterized by the consent of the person being smuggled.

Human trafficking is condemned as a violation of human rights by international conventions, but legal protection varies globally. The practice has millions of victims around the world.

Which is why my world is about Freedom or else you will always enslave somebody in some way. You must learn responsibility but if you don't learn accountability you will not only traffic yourself but you'll traffic other humans as well as animals

The mother is the first person who commits sexual slavery onto her daughters.. that was the sexual Revolution with sexual slavery through the family

to all the men indignant about their exes, well.. did you not use her for your sexual pleasure then tried to make a "family" with your conquest?

it takes two

To all the women indignant about their exes what did you do to make him feel like he was just an ATM bank account or a sausage

I think anyone who is indignant about their exes disrespected themselves and the people around them

To claim you're a victim of anyone speaks to what you lack as far as accountability. I don't care how much of a wide-eyed lamb you claim to be.

God's not going to save you. That's pretty much what's going on is we're watching the Bible Belt go underwater right now

Take accountability and save yourself

And figure out where you messed up in that relationship and what are you passing on to your sons and daughters..

But Jillian that's victim blaming..

It takes two.. you had to walk towards something for it to reach you..

And if you were held hostage you need to go to the police

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