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Food Politics and Survival and Those Who Play God

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Energy conversion is energy conversion regardless of how it is programmed to look. Do plants feel pain, well.. anytime you cut into a veggie, an animal, a plant, the life tries to survive the energy conversion to stay whole.

How we relate to energy conversions becomes our politics, religion and scientific dogmas.

It is HOW much energy you want to elicit to survive and how MUCH suffering at any one moment or several moments in time and what constitutes "suffering" to die or suffering to live and survive is more to the point.

Simply destroying people, places and things because you do not believe anything should "suffer" even a little bit are people playing God with other people's lives, not their own. Believe me, many people are suffering from the medical/holistic and societal constructs of what is "normal" and if someone told them they should not exist because they are suffering under the judgment of others, no one would exists because evolution and change has certain amounts of suffering attached.

Who are YOU to condemn someone to death because you do not like their politics, religion or scientific dogmas or physical aesthetics. But, as you know, people do and they cast spells of death and destruction online, and out in public when they cannot handle the diversity of their community.

This is why the law exists so those who are extremely intolerant are not the ones destroying animals and humans simply because they are different. Manmade Laws and Natural Laws are the only laws we live by, not YOUR politics, religion or scientific dogmas.

You should have a choice.. and YOU do!

Food comes in different forms, and if you want to survive the energy conversion of climate change, maybe it is time to change the way you look at food and your own energy conversion process.

It is those who are dying, who love to condemn others to death or starve out their friends and family.

We are living the Walking Dead right now.

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