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Forced Fertility is the Enslavement to the Human Race

Forced fertility is the enslavement to the human race.

Now look at your girls and boys forced into relationships.. Into sex drugs rock and roll.. Only fans Instagram.. And look at the mother's and fathers promoting it..

All types of sexuality is a gateway drug to addiction predation and victim mentality..

People forget the trauma of Sexuality and the pain of family and children and enslavement..

Both men and women have suffered being farmed out to the system..

I want to make you remember the first time.. And it wasn't always good for many people.. But they cope..

That's why we're in a great reset.. What people do to cope with the suffering of being forced into fertility..

Let's flip the script.. It's not a (wo)man's responsibility to make sure their (wo)man is satisfied.. It's a (wo)man's responsibility to control their urges and emotions. So they can keep their life force..

Break the spell and programming.. It will be hard.. Literally and figuratively..

The lyrics are ironic.. That's what you're up against..

The lyrics from Whatta Man of Salt N Pepa So you think about the Kinsey institute studying sexual trauma and how it manifests..

There is no one in particular to blame for deviant sex as that is all relative to perception.. Because humans have been around for millions and millions and millions of years.. We were once very basic animals with basic instincts.. And caused trauma to each other.. Then you get the sexual orientation.. You get the identification.. Especially in a closed immune system..

And so there are acceptable forms of practicing your sexuality in the population through laws and you must be of the age of consent... There are universal unacceptable forms of sexuality against what people would be tolerant to. ie people's attraction to animals and children..

Now.. How far does one take their sexuality.. How do they justify it.. who is moral who is amoral..

You will find that even having a family and practicing a very moral religion does not absolve you from what you do behind closed doors.

Is humanity mature enough to handle sexuality we are exposed to today? Or are we acting out our trauma from 6, 7, 8 thousand years ago.. and normalizing trauma.. Is Biotechnology playing with people's hormones to bring up the trauma and specific phenotypical characteristics through programming social constructs developing perceivably desirable humans?

Moreover, the propagation of the never ending disfigurement of the person's body to fit within a certain paradigm, developing even more trauma and even more aggressive sexuality to the point of it turning predatory, is what's killing men and women alike..

Furthermore enslaving women to having endless amounts of children to please her inlaws and her own family is also killing men and women alike... The man now has to work 3 or 4 times as hard to support the children.. While the woman has three or four times the life force taken away from her.. To give life to those children..

Do the math.. Humans are exhausted.. They are tired of being farmed out to their friends and family and society..

Women who are stuck will never ever say they are stuck.. They will tell everyone they are so happy.. I mean what else are they going to say.. They will hide behind scripture.. They will talk about submitting to god and family.. And then their inlaws and everyone around them will like their comments.. thus keeping the woman enslaved..

Even though she's screaming inside.. But she can't because she has children or an image to maintain.. Her reality will traumatize everyone .

Men have disengaged because they're either outside the household feeding the family.. Or they drinking mass amounts of alcohol to cope with their situation. Or getting lost in religion of validation submitting to god and family.

Many women will never admit how unhappy they are.. They're under the influence.. Until they can't take it anymore..Because they are ashamed they have no power..

They will never admit they have no power.. Because that would require them to change and face who they are and what they're teaching her own children and daughters.. And so they keep that trauma going.. Because it's acceptable. And there are desperate for the validation from everyone around them.. Even their own mother.. That's why there's a fifty percent divorce rate especially with those who have children..

Children might bring people together developing a wedge.

Now you see why women are trapped.. And they will never admit it unless it is anonymous

The enslavement of both men and women through social constructs they did not even start or invent keeps them repeating the same trauma.. Generation after generation.. Until it's accepted and people are conditioned to accept it..

What is it.. Enslavement through their loins. a slave to their genitals..

Like a snake continuously eating its tail.. The ouroboros

Sexual slavery isn't just the sex trafficking you find in the underbelly of society...

It's found in so many marriages.. Relationships.. Even as occupations.. Some women and men do not allow women and men to say no in the bedroom at all.. Because there are many chauvinists and alpha females out there who wield their power of their position as a way to control their husbands wives and girlfriends..

I see it in all religions.. In all social constructs.. Alpha males.. Alpha females also do the same thing.. It happens in hetero relationships and same sex relationships.. You can see the masculine feminine dichotomy in all relationships on some level. You will see the dominant or the submissive in that relationship..

It is very pervasive to normalize sexual slavery for all types of people.. Because someone says a person is a sexual creature, doesn't mean that's who they have to be and must be.

It just means they were programmed to be at a very early age.. Circumcision is one.. The movies the tv shows the books the visual images and the schoolyard.. And friends and family..

But then it's the mother who sexualizes her daughter.. And pimps her out.. It's the mother who picks out the wife for her son.. Or else she freezes out his unacceptable girlfriends.. And then he has to go and choose another wife that is acceptable to mother..

It is the mother who follows what her community expects without questioning..

That's why all of humanity right now is under a huge sexual exploitation spell.. Legitimized through families.. and marriage.. and even through legalized prostitution.. Only fans Instagram.. Facebook..

But there is a suffering..

A major suffering that goes along with that.. But people hide behind fake smiles, social platitudes, their religion and drugs and alcohol to cope..

They don't know what's wrong because everything is wrong around them..

And they're stuck kowtowing to the "madam".. Or the queen bee in their world..

Let's see the Kinsey institute interview people now.. Anonymously.. I dare you.

I dare you to undo what you have done back then.. It's not that you couldn't redirect society.. The institute kept developing new ways to keep people under control through sexuality sexual orientation and gender roles until they figure out how to control it and temper it..

(I found a way. I found a way...) Releasing the nanotechnology controlling everything.. And i'm not talking about detoxing.. What is toxic to another person is not toxic to another pers. The 1960s was full of turbulent contradictions. While on one hand freeing women from the home only to serve another man called Hugh Hefner..

Imo, well-being is not predicated on getting your sexual needs met in order to fulfill your purpose in life, like the Kinsey Institute professes..

The Kinsey institute may be exploring the lack of well being is predicated on how enslaved you are to your hormones to the point of being predatory.. Now remember Charles Manson. Dahmer, Richard Ramirez ,John Wayne Gacy. They came out of the turbulent sixties and fifties.. All that human experimentation.. And then the war..

Well being could also be predicated on how you are in control of your hormones without doing damage to yourself or taking drugs to enhance or to lessen the desires..

To prescribe people drugs so they can go have sex is going against nature..

To cause a girl who's nineteen year olds to be fertile when she otherwise wasn't.. Is going against nature..

To say that menopause and infertility means you are less than a woman and should die some day.. That's the enslavement of women.. That's the fucking enslavement of women.. To miss characterize the symptoms of menopause and give her hormones and other operations to control the symptoms is a self fulfilling prophecy..

The fact she has symptoms means her body is trying to come back from being forced into fertility at a young age. And the system systematically takes her down with all the drugs and operations because they told her only one version of why her body has been changing the way it has been changing.

When women deal with her body coming back from fertility. The deadliness of fertility.. She deserves to be on some kind of stipend to deal with becoming whole again. She deserves rest. Early retirement..

She has served her country.

But right now. . She doesn't know it yet.. To her this is what life is.. And that she must die someday.. It's time to flip the script..

The contradictions developed in the 1960s caused so much chaos and confusion. Women are not taking seriously because of that..

It's very difficult to entertain the allegorical Madonna and a whore in the same body.. You send off mixed messages and predators get angry.. And women are constantly suffering forced into those roles.. And then men automatically become the predator because that's what they were taught.. And men have been taught to be a slave to their hormones.. To seek the lowest hanging fruit.. Until it becomes too low.. Then they try to have higher standards.. But they resent the women who have higher standards.. And so they knock her down several notches.. And then women are forced to play a role and justify.

And so both men and women knock each other down several notches in order to fit in..

It's not the man's fault it's not the woman's fault..

It's society not allowing anyone to evolve.. Forcing people into the social constructs of acceptability..

What does society do.. Develop a great reset..

You're in it right now..

May the odds be ever in your favor.. Wow!! He finally is going down. Never thought I would see the day.. I remember when all of this went down.. Teachers were protesting.. Quitting.. I was even protesring in the data accountability office. That's why they didn't bring me back the next year.. Can't say i blame them. I mean I wanted to stay in the job.. But when someone is a ceo and opens up a charter school.. You're not supposed to say anything. Of course i'm an idealist.. I want to work and learn stuff also don't agree with everything. You can't have it both ways jillian

You can have your job if you turn the cheek... As soon as you vocalize your feelings about a situation especially about sexual allegations, you are gone.. And this was a teenager, not some greedy person trying to make up a story because she was jilted.

And they made him mayor on top of that information..

And nobody was held accountable.. Until today..17 years later


This is why sex has gone too far.. This is why sexuality has gone too far in our society.. Predatory behaviors are all over the place.. Why do I say people are unhappy. Imagine if you didn't have the cures. The pursuit of endless pleasure to make up for the displeasure.. All the different hormone uptakes in people places and things.. Imagine if you didn't have all the distractions. All the entertainment.

Could people handle it..

In this society right now.. People are unhappy. They are in fear. They are under the influence. They rely so much on somebody else to keep them stable in body mind and spirit.

What's the pathway to happiness..Imo Not pursuing happiness.. I wouldn't even say satisfied.

What is the ultimate way to be.. We don't know

we are discovering..

Stunting people's evolution Stunting people's growth and development and maturity. Stunting people's ability to learn in all the five senses in body mind and spirit..

Has caused such an unhappiness..

People will do anything to cling onto whatever happiness they have. And also try to find it somewhere else. Because what they have is not enough.. It will never be enough.. Until they have exhausted every resource in their environment..

That's the human condition of ultimate consumerism.. Supersize it.. Always upgrading.

That was the 80s 90s 2ks.

The American dream is

life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.. at all costs by any means necessary..

How far have we taken the American dream..? At the expense of what and who..

maybe the promotion of female sexual empowerment was to take away the power from the males who took advantage of their power in their place of the household, etc.. however, focusing on any sexuality will backfire.. all parties get exploited and enslaved, equally.. and then cancer... and death after a billion children and diseases..

i understand their intention back then in the 1960s.. but like anything, sexuality gets abused, weaponized and become out of control..

And now look at your facebook full of traumatized children.. Who are traumatizing their own children. And sometimes it can't be helped because growing up is traumatizing.. And it's a suffering.. And the system is going to have to determine if that suffering is legal or illegal..

That's what you signed up for.. To traumatize your children into adulthood so they can survive..

Or take away their suffering and have them be destroyed prematurely..

And what's the right way going about doing it..

Now look at yourself mother and father.. Look at the trauma you have been through.. And why you're under the influence of religion drugs and alcohol.. And sex.

Suffering.. That's what I see in the future for everybody.. You're damned if you do you're damned if you dont

so save yourself..

Suffering a lot of suffering will be inevitable . Will you survive it.. Will your children survive it.

The system has all parents between a rock and a hard place..

No matter what happens.. You did your best.. Save yourself. You might not be able to save everybody else.. And you might not be able to save your kids.

save yourself.

Yes, nine eleven sucks, regardless of how you look at it

Now you have to pay attention to the weather today.. Natural disasters.. Fires floods fissures and fema.. Developing biological tests to justify the marketable solution is why you think everything out there is poison Or why you think you need to overdo one of many things..

Testing is all based on the intention and the solution they want you to buy into..

Who is they.. The system..

When you have antigen antibody programming causing deficiencies or over abundance.. You will buy a pill or a supplement or a surgery in order to manage the balance.. Or disease..

That's how they got you.. That's why you're suffering. Hello.. they are telling you Now you know get prepared.. Time to start planning your escape from the coast.. And around anything that could potentially destroy you.. Look at all the future maps of the world.

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