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Free Energy? Really? Haahahah

The house and neighborhood I live in is the energy I want to manage. I do NOT need anymore energy than that... I have a balanced view on the kind of energy I am exposed to and want to manage.. My life is not about any image of how much energy I hoard, manage and take on.. I live within my means and I have just enough..

I do not need to manage a staff of oompa Loompas to prove my worth..

the aging process is having more energy you know what to do with.. medical holistic system are for people who do not know how to manage the energy they have, yet, yet, they want more...



Humans want free energy.. but they have NO idea how to manage the energy they have.. People are getting the energy surgically taken out of their body and yet they want more energy to destroy themselves when you think about it..

People are getting good energy taken out and having high high energy put in their body..

titanium steel implants..

Be careful what you wish for as far as "free".. HAARP CERN is free.. as you can see.. people are having issues..

Free comes with a price

Climate change and vaccines are free energy.. As you can see people can't handle either of them..

Chemical exposure is free energy.. And you see people b******* about that..

All the electricity five g six g seven g eight g.. All energy.. If you can't handle the energy now you will not be able to handle the energy in the future.. Because you haven't managed to figure out how to insulate and conserve..

The new world order knows exactly what they're doing.. Remember they gave you the arguments for you to be in fear of as well as promote.. They gave you the people to promote and to denigrate..

They gave you your lifestyle and belief system..

They gave you your politics your religion and all of your science dogmas.. They told you to be afraid of salt and of jj..

They wanted you to be afraid of food.. Peace out

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