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Been nice hanging with hubby..

I forgot what it was like not to worry about something going to the bathroom or being alone..

I forgot what it was like to go to breakfast w/out worrying about pee/poo schedules.

I forgot what it was like to be only accountable to myself/hubby.

8 years of potty breaks, walking, worrying, thinking about, wondering..

I forgot what it was like not to wonder if i was doing enough.. it was never enough.. It will never be enough because when an animal dies or gets put down, we were missing some vital information that could have saved them.

Was it intentional? Yes because the system knew how much people were or were not wiling to invest in keeping something alive which are why all the remedies and shortcuts and surgeries are a billion dollar industry; violating the laws of life with mother nature.

49/50 The Second Part of My Life.. and thankfully, the last two years, COVID forced me to deal with my predisposed issues.. my natural immunity is STRONG..NO VAX NEEDED..

i sat with EVERYTHING, took the time.. i had to

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