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Freedom is Earned, Not Given, You Enslave Yourself From Lack of Future Thinking

Freedom is earned not given.. You enslave yourself from lack of future thinking..

If you have to wait for someone to tell you to evacuate.. If you have to wait for someone to tell you that maybe it's time you should move out of this area because you might die from a natural disaster.. Regardless if you think it's man made..

You're not old enough or mature enough to be free..

If you haven't listened to indicators that Florida and the coast are going to be very devastating during this climate change. And you still stay and try to ride out the storms... You haven't earned your freedom and you still are In slavery and you won't survive your slavery.

Freedom was when you can take care of yourself without relying on someone to tell you when to leave when to move. When to sell your house.

Freedom is not like a child living in fantasy land.. Having to be told to look both ways before crossing the street.. Freedom is listening to indicators..

Freedom is getting out of harm's way as blatant as hurricanes.. Freedom is not gambling with your family's life and your life..

Freedom is the ability to adapt and change and evolve and start with nothing and still be ok with that Because your life is fucking valuable.. And all your toys can be replaced.

If you cant afford to leave your tropical spot.. You didn't deserve to be there.. Because you can't afford to get out. You can't afford to save yourself and your family from blatant destruction like a hurricane.. You're willing to risk it.. Despite all the indicators the last twenty years.. You're willing to risk it..

CAT 3/4/5/6 GET OUT TODAY This is not California.. You're in freaking Florida get the fuck out. Fly out.. RAPID INTENSIFICATION

Somebody told me one time..

Freedom is earned. It is not given..

Until you can prove that you are relatively self sufficient.. You don't need the medical holistic or law enforcement to manage your disease..

And you keep yourself alive without doing damage to yourself in the meantime..

You have earned the right to be free..

But if you still blame someone or depend upon somebody to give you a way out of responsibility...

You have not earned your freedom.. You haven't proven you can handle the responsibility.. You're not old enough.. You're not mature enough..

If you can't prove to the world you are responsible for yourself and your actions.. If you still have to depend upon law enforcement and the medical holistic system to manage your disease..

Please don't complain to me about your lack of freedom..

You haven't earned the right to be free..

You are still a child.. Depending upon somebody else to save you..

Or manage your disease.

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