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Frequencies will determine who lives and who does not..

Chasing bubbles.. I'm done with it.. I am basically 50 years old/rounded up (2023)

Remember academic scholars and criminal geniuses are both assets to the government..

Banking the f d I c is going to ensure no one makes more than a certain amount or it will be taken away by a nefarious person..

People say the rich are going to make out as far as the fifteen minute cities.. They will have more freedom.. They have a very insulated environment.. That's the kind of life people want.. They want safety.. They want security.. They want access to resources.. They want beauty and color.. People give up everything to have what the rich have..

If you have to be stuck somewhere during this great reset and let the system pull out the riff raff, If you have to be stuck somewhere while the system cleans up your streets so you can have the beauty the safety the security the access to resources.. F****** a let them do it.. Do not give the system a reason to destroy you.

When you are given a job that isn't beyond your capability.. And you are healthy.. And you are well and well balanced.. And you have access to resources.. F****** a.. What's the f****** problem..

Being on environmental lockdown is going to be hard on those who cannot seem to sit still..

When you're all about the physical.. And that could mean always be in social at the bars or traveling all over the place or consuming so many resources.. that style is going to change at some point.. We will have animal sanctuaries.. We're going to finally respect for animals and ourselves in the future..

Animals and humans will stop being somebody else's slave when you think about it.. We can enjoy them from afar but not use them for company or therapy or MONEY..

There will be places where you can enjoy them up close..

Again we have to pull out the riff raff the weak..

How do you do that surgically.. You do it by frequency.. No different than the rife machines targeting a specific algorithm.. You see what they do in the health and wellness world is what they'll do in the big picture..

If you are weak, you will be oncologically taken out by the global frequencies, aka climate change. You might think you are strong, and you might be, however, if you are aging, you are progressively becoming weaker.

Myself, in the Jworld, I face the demons... look them squarely in the face.. I take my licks if I allow them in and I survive and release the demons.

Frequencies will determine who lives in who does not..

Fifteen minute cities.. Twenty minute neighborhood.. tracking devices for your health and heart frequency

Then we are going into the five g six g seven g.. Frequency is what's going to determine how strong or weak you are and if you will survive or not..

As you can see climate change is about frequency and when the frequencies get turned up and down and then you see who is reacting.. Inflammation emotional.. Everything can send off signals.. But also even your area.. you can turn everything off in your house.. But if you are still tied into social media you are exposed to signals..

You can't get away from it.. Even if you move off grid.. Signals come from the geothermal positioning systems or global positioning systems.

The weather will get you.

Instead of running away from signals and running away from the changes and resisting.

Why don't you learn how to adapt and it will be painful.

You can't get away from it.. Even if you move off grid.. Signals come from the sky.

Geothermal positioning systems, global positioning systems.

See when you start getting all scared of chemicals.. The solution is the intention was the intention to begin with.. Which is why I get pissy on my Facebook when people start getting scared about chemicals.. You already have health issues.. You already have predisposed issues.. It won't matter what will trigger it.. If you already have issues it's not going to matter.. Then you give them a reason to track your ass..

btw, any metal implants or trapping detoxes using heavy metals will make you a conductor and in a high frequency environment, you may not be ready for the energy surge..

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