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Full Circle

Donating.. full circle End of an era.. it was a valuable experience

I toured the kennels.. since my husband brought Sugar home to me back in February 5th 2015 I never got to see what it was like in the back.. And so now Sugar's belongings will be given to the next person or whoever can use all of her toys and needs that she had during the time of her life then deterioration.

Her dog tags were permanent, forever tags, which tells you I put my money where my mouth was and is. The Animal Shelter has everything she ever owned so they can see what we invested and they also saw how she lived and what kind of care she experienced. Sugar never ran away from our home, or got out wandering the streets. She was the most well cared for animal on my block. She was never left outside to bark or wander or runaway.

She was a community dog and so the community will appreciate what she contributed to the world..

Feeling the need to rescue something does not drive my purpose anymore.. it is a trap All of these babies are so precious and definitely tractor beam you into wanting to save them and rescue them..

It's great but towards the end it's heartache.. It's so difficult.. What helped me through was I had hope that I could save her from death.. I might have had a chance if she had not had those surgeries..

When society is programmed to live longer, and they also programmed the animals to live longer, if not indefinitely, maybe I will get an animal in the future..

Too many capital hydra arms attached to one life. Foods, Vet, Medicines, Toys, Therapies, and Socialization.

I think animals can be amazing.. They can live a long time if they have great genetics with not too much trauma... But you must pick and choose how you want to live your life.. Raising animals and kids is a community effort.. If society is going through a major transition it's very difficult to depend upon many people.. People have a lot to deal with In their own world much less trying to help somebody out..

I think animals have been programmed to take at least 1/4 of your life, relative to how long you/they live..

All the conditions must be right for animal to have a long, if not, forever great life..

I will wait and see how this new world is going to pan out before taking on any more responsibilities.. I will leave the rescue to people who need to rescue themselves and will be at home to raise these animals and deal with their deterioration at some point.. In climate change it's hard to say when anything will trigger..

In a perfect world in the future Future: food toys socializing will be the only necessary categories because medicine and remedies will not be necessary.. Maybe that world will never exist or maybe it will in some colonies..

But first humanity has to figure out how they want to conduct their community and economy.. Right now sickness and death are a hot commodity and so.. Life will reflect that..

I'll just watch... It only takes once for me.. Maybe in the way distant future if I have a different house and different environment, maybe I will try this again.

But NOT for awhile.

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