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Gaia Love Mothers and Fathers Sell Sex and Medi Sin

And that's the allopathic holistic energy healing world..

If I was influential enough for everyone or most people to get my thought process.. I would be legitimately beautiful and gorgeous and sexual.

Because you would listen to me.. You would hang onto my every word..

And do what i'm doing.. And you would even tell your friends.. I would go viral as the new savior..

Given i'm not influential in most people's world..

It means i'm neither beautiful or gorgeous.. You are implying that i'm ugly In today's standards of beauty

Stop lying to me..

People "harm" themselves in the name of listening to someone who is beautiful.. Plastic surgery and botox to be exact.. Staying away from food to be skinny taking antibiotics and all the remedies and supplements..

And since you were told my information is "harmful" . AND i'm not beautiful according to today's standards..

You're avoiding the fuck out of me..

You're ONLY listening to the "beautiful" people and the "ugly" saviors trying to save you..

Or you're listening to ex cancer patients who said they beat cancer using whatever protocol that is out there and they just so happen to look aesthetically appealing...

If you are not aesthetically appealing EX CANCER PATIENT, PEOPLE have no incentive to listen to YOU, because "ugliness" implies cancer..

I know how the game is played..

The system will use the "beautiful" and "ugly" people to sell death, destruction and depression and then knock them off their pedestal if they stray too far from the socially acceptable "truth"..

In the meantime, you're so focused on looks and aesthetics that you barely even understand the words..

But, even if you are a wordsmith , you'll spin the words relative to the filter you have applied ever since day one.. Like a broken record on a loop..

Even wordsmiths can spin words based upon their intention and background, and they have no incentive to do anything different, but what they have been doing, ..

And of course the system will use beauty and ugliness to sell whatever the fuck it is they have to sell so you jump off the cliff with the rest of the "beautiful ugly" people....

And so that's why you only listen to old sages and hot sexual gorgeous people with some kind of politics , religion or science concept they want you to promote

Which is why i'm not influential.

1.No kids,

2. not very sexualized,

3. not an old sage..

4. And I didn't beat cancer.

5. And no i'm not beautiful or sexual..

6. No animals/pets

Of course I will be overlooked..

No one can feel sorry for me or worship my beauty Or cleverly disguise denying my ugliness calling me beautiful.

Laughing my butt off .

Nope.. I am not influential at all..

I guess that's kind of a good thing given the systems intentions..

I am pretty much safe..


And it's a good thing i'm not beautiful or completely ugly.. Because you would try to do what i'm doing.. And maybe you don't know what you're in for..

That was a safety mechanism the system implemented to make sure what you have goes through vetting processes

Yup, i was fighting SOMETHING in my immune system the last month, and finally was able to sleep really well, but my snoring drove jason to the couch

I noticed how fatigued i was yesterday after being up since 3am, then napping at 10am, then doing 3 loads of laundry, cooked mashed taters and cabbage onions and venison, folding all laundry, cleaning bathroom lol then waking up REFRESHED!!


Calling people beautiful and ugly or sexy are fighting words..

Please stop calling me beautiful or sexy or ugly..!!!!

Please avoid complimenting my looks.. Especially when I am trying to tell you something..

If you cannot appreciate my brain Or what i've written you'll be so focused on my body and face.. because you have failed to use your own brain..

Only superficial people will focus on the body and the looks regardless if it's an insult or a compliment.. Because they have not been taught to use their brain..

Yes that's my challenge I drop for the day.. If that's insulting.. imagine calling a man or a woman or CHILD beautiful or ugly..

Children are neither beautiful or ugly..

They only rise up to the level of the incompetence of their family.. As you know parents are all about trying to look hot sexy beautiful or gorgeous.. What are we setting people up for?

Some people might get the gift of academics.. But once your " looks" goes , will anyone listen to you if you go against this system introducing change?

And, you have now also just put them in a box.. You jailed them into IMPOSSIBLE expectations..

selling LOVE beauty and sex and men/women living off of compliments, is a deadly game for women and men..

Calling women and men ugly or beautiful regardless of intention is ensuring her/his premature exit from this earth.. endless shopping, plastic botox and food mitigation diets

Raising your boys and girls in this manner ensures a shorter lifespan..

Because even marriage is based upon that.. Regardless of religion..

But when you have groomed people to only listen to old sages, "ugly/sexy" saviours and hot sexy LOVING beautiful people.. They will sell you death. And you will follow them right over the cliff.. alchemists..

And so if you still choose to call me beautiful or ugly, it's still an insult.. You're trying to keep me in a box..

And it's a back handed insult and backhanded compliment.. you are not ONLY mocking me, but also trying to convince yourself to stay stuck in deadly paradigms.

I'm not fishing for insults or compliments..

I'm telling you biophysically what's going on in my world and and how deadly it is to live in that type of situation of living off of compliments and insults..

Me trolling myself:

So is my husband still hot rocking my world.. Did I just put him in a box.. If he was insulted by that, I would stop. I ALWAYS TELL HIM I LOVE AND RESPECT HIS BRAIN!!

If someone is insulted by compliments, I would stop.. it is not my place or your place to publicly massage anyone's ego.. i dont want "strangers" making me feel "good","bad", or sexual!!

Why would you want your children to fall under those types of spells.. That IS prematurely SEXUALIZING people..

treat people how they want to be treated.

Not how you want to be treated..

However, seeing what people want and desire speaks to what they were groomed for as children AND ADULTS!!

Which is why I stay on my facebook..

Because I don't want to keep playing two different games..

It's exhausting.

Once you see what people are groomed for.. You cannot unsee it.. Then maybe you might have the luxury to feel disgusted by society.. And why we have so many predators in our society..

Because we give them the bait.. We groom our children to be bait for the predators..

Chew on that!!

Alchemist will not admit they are also contributory factors to died suddenly..

Lay alchemists say their concoctions are much better than professional alchemists..

Because what is your intention with alchemy and why? The system needed many people to procreate in a very specific way.

And when procreation became a detriment to society and the people, the system had to reverse the intentions..

What was once relatively safe, will be deadly..

Because the poles have flipped and the climate has changed..


The four stages of competence are:

Unconscious incompetence: When you don't know what you don't know

Conscious incompetence: When you're aware of what you don't know but haven't yet learned it

Conscious competence: When you're gaining knowledge

Unconscious competence: When you've mastered something

1 month to prepare..

"If you feel faint..?" Why is that part of this protocol..


Here are some things you can prepare for during a blackout:

Emergency kit

Include a flashlight, batteries, cash, first aid supplies, and an emergency radio. You can also include a corded telephone.

Charging methods

Have alternative charging methods for your phone or any device that requires power. Many emergency radios, cell phone chargers, and flashlights are solar-powered or use a hand crank.


If the power outage lasts more than a day, have non-perishable food in your kit. This can include granola bars, protein bars, canned pasta or chili, applesauce, dried fruit, snacks, and water bottles. You should also have a way to heat the food, such as a pot or pan that you could position over a candle.

Other supplies

Include candles and matches in a water-resistant package away from flammables. You can also include a mobile phone, medication, and blankets.

Here are some tips for surviving a blackout:

Turn off electrical appliances you were using when the power went out.

Avoid opening the refrigerator and freezer so they will stay cold.

Listen to your battery-powered radio for updated information.

If you feel faint, “go-to-ground”. This means you should get as close to the ground as possible, to avoid injury when you blackout.

Don't take a shower during a power outage because there is a legitimate risk of electric shock.

The National Safety Council suggests that when preparing for a power outage, you must stockpile enough water for at least three days. You'll need one gallon of water per person per day to function. If you're preparing for a three-day emergency, you'll need 12 gallons of water for a family of four.Nov 7, 2022

I've been trying to say this for so long and I couldn't find the words and I found the words..

What if we erase the words beautiful and ugly out of our vocabulary..

Calling woman beautiful or ugly is an insult to women and men all over the world..

Because you're setting impossible standards even with your compliments.

Calling women hot and sexy means you want to screw them if you could. You're telling them they should have children.. Go find a husband or someone to give you sperm.

If we are not going to procreate children in the future.. Then it's time we dispense with living up to these standards of beauty and ugly.. Because then what are you trying to sell..death destruction baubles?

What if you stopped complimenting women.. What if you stopped insulting them.

Then we can talk honestly about actual health and wellness contributing to longevity that doesn't cater to standards of beauty that are impossible. Symmetry and "beauty" is a byproduct not something as target or an intention.. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

But I find people calling me beautiful when I'm not focusing on that as an insult to discount my thought around this subject matter..

You're still beautiful.. I never said i wasn't.

I know you don't come from malintent

I just need to explain myself better.

Yeah I used to be a hot chick, too.. Once you go through the change.. And sometimes it's earlier for other people.. Now you have to stay alive.. Fight that beast within.. Or that beast will destroy you


What i'm trying to say is.. When that hotness disappears.. And maybe you're pretty beautiful or whatever.. You gotta have something up there in the brain.. Because if if it's just about being beautiful.. People will harm themselves to stay beautiful..

Could our society be a society that doesn't have to mention looks.. that you could have something amazing through the brain to offer to your society.. That your society could respect thought and difference of thought..

Because in some circles.. If you don't look a certain way.. Because of what you looked like in the past, your thoughts are not worth considering..

What i'm saying is.. could people respect change without trying to keep people in a box of beautiful.. Almost turning it into an insult versus a compliment..

When someone says you're still beautiful.. It's like you're trying to convince them you or them are not ugly going through the change.

You know I could admit when I look ugly.. And sometimes I do.. Because change isnt always beautiful and symmetrical.. Change is rashes. Fatigue. Anger.. Outbursts.. Itchiness..

And women are held to a certain standard that if you change then you're not worth listening to.

You're not worth being alive. You're told you're mentally ill or unhealthy or ugly..

But just because you are ugly doesn't mean you have to be beautiful..

Why does beautiful and ugly have to exist..

Why even have those words..

Because as soon as you imply someone is beautiful.. Then there is a standard of ugly that is not acceptable..

And women destroy themselves and so do to men to live up to a standard of beauty , so as not to be ugly.

Yeah.. deadly

What if we erased the words beautiful and ugly out of our vocabulary..

What if we stopped feeding off of people complimenting us..

What if we stopped fishing for compliments..

And I wasn't fishing for compliments.. I was forced to respond to them because what else am I going to do..

I was telling you that I used to be hot.. And now I see the curse of beauty and hotness..

It's deadly for men and women.. Because they can't even fathom being alive and being what they would think is ugly..

Since i was "the standard of beauty and hotness" many moons ago, I CAN SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE

Today. Im finally human. Not a sex piece, or a beauty standard or a death angel..

Last word for now:

Medi Sin

Little sins over time turn into huge sins..

no fb live today..


read my last few posts.. it is happening.. landmines are detonating in people's bodies all over the world.. that is died suddenly or recent/past diagnoses.. it does not matter if those land mines were recently acquired or waiting for an energy trigger.. If you avoid dealing with land mine energy explosions via symptoms, that land mine will be UNAVOIDABLE, UNTREATABLE and then boom.. gone.

which is also why the anti everything groups recommending remedies and holistic stuff/supplements are just laying more landmine in their own body, mind and spirit to be the future next died suddenlies for their survivors to blame one industry of their choice.

land mine


noun: landmine

an explosive mine laid on or just under the surface of the ground.

Landmines are colonies of microbial offspring from all the remedies and surgeries and prescription drugs and slow you down drugs.. Like cannabis.

And when they get activated they are formidable..

Mutually assured destruction is when you either cause so much energy that your body supernovas using up so many resources that you can't afford to lose that fast relative to your retention....

Or you plant landmines in your body.. Like time release capsules.. It just takes aggressive energy to set them off.. Because those time release capsules were meant for a very specific algorithm in that environment.. Not just your internal environment but also your external environment.. When the environment changes so does that time release.

Most people who are terrified of feeling energy, plant landmines in their body .

So when they can't avoid the energy, those land mines detonate..

That's called died suddenly after many many years in the holistic allopathic surgical field of counter attacks..

The system would rather you plant landmines than cause so much energy all at once..

Which is why you're not supposed to be doing cocaine.. But they don't care if you do pot..

When people plant landmines in their body.. It's very hard to make correlation equals causation..

And if you don't know any better.. You'll plant so many landmines in your body that it just takes another energy conversion to detonate them all at once..

I allowed the system to detonate all the landmines in my body the last three years.. I did not develop any more than I had to based upon my exposure to other people.. And when you're at war within your body.. You have to feed the enemy and release them.. You never attack the enemy.. Because the enemy will attack right back..

Which is why I see no healer or medical person.. They are the mercenaries of the system attacking your body mind and spirit.. And then your body attacks you.. Because you allowed it to go through harm..

But again , if you're not conditioned to deal with detonating the landmines in your body and supporting that war correctly and diplomatically, you will need the mercenaries to make the detonation as palatable as possible if it's even possible.. People who have more substance to them can handle the system managing the detonation process.

But you can only get treated for so long until the system cannot treat you anymore.. That's called hospice..

So if you think you have what it takes to redirect without destroying yourself and torturing yourself too much. Talk to your doctor and the people you respect the most.. Because they will make you or break you.. They helped you get into this mess.. They will have to be the ones to help you out of it.. Because you were not conditioned to be on your own.. Maybe you might surprise yourself but I don't count on it.

Have you ever thought about anyone you loved or hated it in the past present in the future was meant to happen that way because you were told to love and hate a person from the past present or future.. And even those persons actions were developed or characterized in such ways so you had a feeling about them..

Whether it was an organic situation because you had no idea the background or it was synthetic because you knew the background.. Any feelings about a person place or thing or country was meant for you to have..

It's when you can separate yourself from the story and the reactions to the story you might set yourself free..

Because then.. You'll save your reactions to save yourself..

I don't love or hate any person place or thing or country or leader.. And I also don't buy into the helpless programming.. I understand why it exists because it develops order..

Once you understand why the world must be the way it is right now today, not only will you stop resisting, but you'll develop an order that will be good for you and it will still be acceptable to your environment and economy and your government..

None of us are inherently bad.. but remember how antibodies work in the system.. The antigen are programmed to take over.. The antibodies defend.. And you can program antigen and antibodies to do whatever you want..

Now look at yourself as either antigen or antibodies to someone else and yourself. It is all programmed by biotechnology religion politics and science..

That's when you step out of the game and the war.. Or else you will fall into a mutually assured destruction..

Because the system already implanted the chaos within.. The system implanted stories in you and they also implanted microbes that you took in freely through the remedies and prescription drugs and elicit drugs.. And even though you did get benefit at the time relative to expectation and intention , you didn't realize it would work against you later on if you couldn't release those demons..

The system already implanted the chaos within.. Which is why you're seeing chaos in your community body mind and spirit relative to the situation.. Which is why all of us resemble some kind of archetype acting out the programming..

Do you have what it takes to bring in order to your own immune system and household.? Can you listen to indicators and discern whether or not you should be listening to a government or not..

Can you bring order into your own body mind and spirit and household and finances?

Do you understand symptoms is the war within that you have to step out of that war and release those demons without destroying yourself..?

And if you can't, you will strike back so hard on yourself with remedies and surgeries it will be a mutually assured destruction.. That's called died suddenly..

The system is trying to tell you if you can read between the lines when to stay home and when to stay safe and what to prepare for..

If you are one of those who is just scoffing in the face of authority.. You'll be out there putting yourself in harm's way.. How many of you are gonna go travel someplace for the eclipse..?

Even if nothing happens.. The system sees who falls for shiny objects.. It's not that difficult to put people in situations they can't get out of.. Either they're so oblivious or scoffing in the face of authority..

Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a military strategy and national security policy doctrine. It's a principle of deterrence that assumes that a nuclear attack by one superpower would be met with an overwhelming nuclear counterattack.

The whole medical holistic energy healing world.. Is a counter attack that people cannot resist.. Over time , they don't survive that many counter attacks against their own body mind and spirit..

Sixty one million people died in twenty twenty three. If that doesn't even phase you.. If that doesn't even resonate given all the information that's out there.. That was part of the self destruct programming..

Sixty one million people..

That's a staggering number when you finally look at why people die..

Starvation is just as rampant in the first world as it is in the third world. It's just socially acceptable and glamorized.. Starvation leads to heart attack strokes and accidents..

When you have too many mouths to feed in your body , mind and spirit and household , and even on your facebook.. You will destroy yourself in the name of feeding everyone but yourself..

The nice house and the beautiful car and the huge following is a deception , causing starvation.. People would rather starve themselves so they can put money in their cars and vacations.. I mean I get it.. People need to escape their own enslavement that was self inflicted.. Because no one is holding a gun to their head , telling them to support such an extravagant lifestyle and expectation.

Look at people advocating starvation.. Organic.. And they have nice cars and houses that they can't eat.. That was the deception of wealth.

You can be so beautiful and and smart and starving. And if you believe you should die some day. You will starve yourself to prove it to everyone.

People are proving they should die someday because they're glamorizing diet starvation and beauty.. And of course big families.. Worshipping their offspring..

And when the beast moves within.. They do a counter attack that causes mutually assured destruction. While catering to the latest archetypes out there.. playing their part very well.. We thank you for your service..

Who needs the incas and the aztecs, throwing virgins in volcanoes when you have people on facebook willing to do it in their own extraordinary way taking everyone down with him while they're at it..

Thank you for being the human sacrifice.. Because I don't want to be one.. I choose not.


Be aware.

Dont let the politics distract you. March will be brutal with weather and distractions.

Scale down.

April 8, 2024

Eclipse Warning!!!

If you can stay home, STAY HOME!!

How do you think the giants were destroyed.. The humans changed the climate and the terrain.. Even the giant trees were cut down..So it became unfavorable for the giants to sustain themselves.. And i'm sure a type of nuclear war happened.. And then the ones that got away were hunted down and destroyed..

History always repeats but remember there's a reason why.. Make sure you understand the reason. So you don't destroy yourself through resistance.

Immune suppression and fertility is part of the health and wellness world..

Immune system activation is brutal..

The body will attempt to purge out the offspring.. Especially aggressive ones working against the system..

When you're on a strict diet because you're trying to suppress your immune system, You have to eat the foods NOT on your list very slowly and take In that food a little bit at a time and let your doctor know because you will have symptoms..

Would you be able to just cough sneeze and blow your nose, potentially conditioning your lower immune system to release? Again you would have to have a doctor oversee that situation..

Are doctors equipped to transition people back onto all the food supply..? You would have to pay a doctor very well to be with you and on call 24/7. Because you would have to be sick and have someone help you through that sickness if it becomes more than you can manage..

Even though all food is necessary, the reason why you are intolerant to different types of foods, was because you conditioned your body not to accept the release process unless the system came in and forced your system to release or carved out the offending microbes..

Which is why blood types a and b have a different food category to eat because their body has a hard time processing food because they cannot handle their release and retention necessary for long term survival.

Even some blood type o's.. Because they were conditioned not to feel the body do what it needs to do during immune system activation..

And again you would have to know and so would a doctor have to know what was done to you as a child as far as medication as well as what you have been conditioned to feel as an adult..

Only you and your doctor can save yourself..

But your doctor can't save you.. And so if you can't save yourself nobody can.. Not even a doctor..

Anytime you suppress your immune system with remedies foid mitigation diets and herbs and medicines, that can't last forever..

Sin. Misdemeanor sin.

I have dealt with immune system activation since the great pandemic of twenty nineteen..

And it was fucking brutal.

I don't think it's body shaming unless you are ashamed of your body. Please don't project shame.

Clinical perspectives on body mass index to the naked eye, does not have to be characterized as body shaming. Because when you are developing a thesis for survivability in a very aggressive environment , Body mass index is very relevant and has nothing to do with shaming any one's body.

Because skinny and fat are all relative to perception..

But we know there's such thing as morbidly obese.. And we also know there's such thing as extremely underweight or clinically underweight..

And the supporting factors would have to do with diagnosable conditions along with food intolerances..

You can mention in general clinical obesity and clinical emaciation, implying there are conditions that are known to the actual patient supporting why people have a thesis of the cause of why premature died suddenly happens or why people suffer from those conditions..

As soon as you mention that you have a condition that you say you can't help.. And it's not for anyone to say you can help it, you've already implied that there is room for discussion why that condition exists to begin with.. And then you offer your perspective.. It doesn't mean you have to embrace somebody else's perspective.. But you don't need to take anyone else's perspective personally..

And the first thing is IDENTIFYING THE factors OF nutrition and malnutrition that person IS dealing with.

Because starvation is the number one reason why people are dying.. And aggressive extreme body mass index on each end is a huge indicator.. And starvation leads to heart attacks and strokes. You are missing the vital nutrients to release demons and eat food to sustain vital organ infrastructure.

Instead of feeling sensitive about discussions like this.. Maybe listen to what somebody is explaining before you becomes so defensive that your situation becomes a self fulfilling prophecy..

Everything is up for discussion.. And if you feel offended, then maybe you should not be listening to diverse thought processes and stay in your homogenized world and block everyone out who thinks differently..

That will ensure what you expect will happen.. And nobody will get in the way of you destroying yourself..

And then you get to be self righteous. Because you know better than everybody else.

But in my world.. Everything is up for discussion.. Because when you are in Homogenized groups.. You have zero freedom to discuss anything because you might offend someone..

And while that's great in specific contexts.. I couldn't live in a world where I could not speak what I needed to speak at the time that I needed to speak it.. Which is why I work for myself and my husband.. I don't need to be muzzled by my community..

Evolution cannot function with a muzzle..

Just like confidence does not come from silence.. Confidence It's something that must be expressed or else it is just silence.

You can say someone is standing with confidence, but you have no idea if they're confident or not.. You're making an assumption unless they express what they're confident in..

And when people have feelings they must express them or else someone will make assumptions.

So confidence does not come from silence just like evolution does not wear a muzzle

In this environment I would rather have more weight on me that is relatively healthy for my body mass index and survivability and adaptation, than to try to please others by looking hot and sexual and aesthetically appealing.. At the end of the day i'm the one that either lives or dies.. Which means I can't destroy myself to please all of you or anyone else..

All of us will be making choices who it is we're catering to.. Are we catering to others and being their sacrificial lamb..

or are we going to save ourselves and completely block out those who don't understand and be self righteous and still stay alive.. Because you can be self righteous and block out people and still die anyways..

The choice is yours... The choice is mine..

Nothing like the latitude to be "sick" with no one forcing MEDI SIN/medicine down your throat!

If you can't afford to be sick don't watch my stuff.. i am not trying to make anyone feel bad..

Medi Sin


A Latin root word that means "middle". It is the origin of many English words, including "medieval", "mediocre", and "media".



Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more



an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law.

"a sin in the eyes of God"


immoral act

There were 61 million people who died in 2023.

Regardless of what and who you blame the death on .

climate change was always the catalyst to death.. Even if it was never coined as climate change or covid nineteen..

Dying from natural causes or accidents come from climate change..

People couldn't adapt to the changes..

Auto immune disorders is when the opposing forces in the body attacks the body trying to stop you from trying to release that demon, itself, the opposing forces..

Which is why some people do not get sick at all. Because the opposing forces in the body does not allow the body to release unless it is really forced to..

Some people do not survive that situation..

The indicators of an autoimmune disorder is the lack of sickness that person experiences despite their exposure to diversity.. It is when they have a diagnosis when the body tries to purge out that demon. And the person stops the body from doing that..

Which is why they are on medications all the time keeping that demon within.. Until the body cannot host that demon any more and then it is a mutually assured destruction within the body..

If you are concerned about the vaccines using remedies or not concerned about the vaccines, taking them..

you should be staying home, staying safe, wearing masks and staying away from EVERYONE IN A ROOM WITH A FILTER ONLY ALLOWING A SMALL AMOUNT OF MICROBES IN YOUR ENVIRONMENT..

the train left the station.. too late.. that scenario above is not even a reality.

blood type compatibilities and incompatibilities have to do with FAST MOVING GROWTH, or ANTIBODY PRODUCTION CONVERTING INTO ANTIGEN ATTACKING THE PERSON.


Similarly, in marriages and groups gatherings, compatibility and incompatibility might be true around the rules of blood transfusion in a lower frequency environment. YOU might want to have an "incompatible" blood type married to you because you have the antibody protection and they motivate you with that chemical reaction of plus/minus or antigen/antibody programming.

In a high frequency environment, the "motivation" of chemical reactions from opposite blood types and even equilibrium of compatible blood types will cause deterioration FASTER regardless of blood type compatibility relative to how the people support their energy conversion.

Incompatible and Compatible blood types can destroy each other if one or both do not understand how food and release must be aligned to support longevity and life working for you, NOT against you.

That is competing on a level playing field #KlausSchwab #BillGates

The system wanted you to hate Mr. Schwab and gates. So that way you never understood how to save yourself..

When you're so full of hate and intolerance you'll never see the bigger picture .

That was all by design.

The speed of deterioration is based upon your environment... And then how you support the energy conversions.. And of course , all those story lines that you were told about symptoms and supplements and remedies supported their intention, not yours..

People want to live. But they were told what life was and what to do about life when life doesn't always feel good..

When you get addicted to pleasure and paradise , you will never understand the power of pain.

And so that's why you can't get through to people when they are addicted to pleasure and paradise under the influence 24/7.

That's why I respect pain.. And I will not get lost in pleasure.. And pain means self induced pain that I kept in my body.. No one will ever lay their hands on me.. That's not the pain i'm talking about.

The pain of releasing the excessive life is what people are against.. But they have no problem entering into sado masochistic relationships with other people..

And when you're addicted to abuse from other people.. You will get lost in pleasure and paradise..

When you are addicted to abusing yourself.. You have to get lost in pleasure and paradise..

Because you were never conditioned for the pain you must endure to save yourself from self inflicted situations..

Which is why i'm a minority.. Even my own peers will not get me.. You were never meant to understand me . A small handful of you might get where i'm coming from. But even understanding does not mean you can apply the necessary behaviors and endure the pain.

So we'll see fifty years from now.

If I can release overexpressed antibodies turning into antigen via sickness and food and release, then why couldn't a person who is full of antigen take on substance to convert the antigen into antibodies??

taking on infection/releasing infection is the process of blood type management and also potentially a blood type conversion process that probably should be managed by a doctor, if you are unfamiliar..

It's hard to resist gaia love mothe/fatherr spells. It is also hard to resist hot chicks and chucks..

Just remember the system programmed you to bow down to those types..

queen bees/king bees need minions to be their sacrificial lambs.. and destroy anyone who challenges their position..

which is why i am king/queen to myself... no family, only a marriage to an equal and i have room to change..

no king bee or queen bee shoving me to the ground telling me via passive aggressive means or comments, to quit evolving and changing or love bombing me..

i have the freedom to evolve without asking the king or queen for permission.

millennials and boomers develop queen/king bee situations and many gen x fall under their spells ..

which is why some gen x who have not been tainted by the spells might be able to rise above, and other gen x will play the game of the millennials and boomers playing god..

i see it.. and boomers and millenials are hard to resist.. shaking their asses or using their gaia love mother spells on people are hard to resist..

so i just stay on my own.. I still appreciate diversity but i know the drill..

I know what boomers and millenials were programmed to do..

which is why some gen x raised by silent gens might have a chance.. but gen x raised by boomers turn into millenials.. bowing down to sex and "wisdom"..

just watch your facebook.. it is in all politics, all religions, all science activism...

If I had a lot of friends and groups of people , I hung out with all the time..

I could never say this..

I would be too afraid to offend them..

That's the jail of friends and family and a group of people you must bow down to..

So you think being silent is confidence..

No you're just in jail you can't speak and you have no freedom of speech . Because you might offend somebody in your circle of people who will ice you out and take away the resources you depend upon.

That's why those who are not very self sufficient or in jail.. They can't afford the freedom offered to them..

Which is why people like me are hated because of jealousy.. Or people using passive aggressive behaviors mocking you behind your back..

Yeah.. Freedom is not free.. You pay dearly to be free

I would rather be king or queen of nobody, than bowing down to some queen/king bee who says they are "somebody"..

which is why i do not run in packs or groups or cater to a following of people..

i will challenge everyone, diplomatically, on my facebook..

which is also why i have NO children or pets.. I do NOT need to be king/queen to some "lesser" being.. If you choose to, ok. more power to you..

At least you know why I do not.. and I married my equal.. and I adapted to my environment, my marriage and my govt.

my govt will always change.. and I will adapt to all changes, large and small.

Natural/Holistic/Allopathic Medi Sin

is a sin against life.

everything is in plain sight.

all from the middles ages/middle of life

medi sin is a sin against life.. period.

now you know why people are dying suddenly or aging/fighting cancers, etc.

the system told you, are telling you in the words..

don't get mad at me.. i have been trying to tell you, forever.. geezus.

the catholic church already told you..

which is why drugs/alcohol are bad heheh. but hey.. everyone will make their own choices..

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