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Gambling Requires a License and I Mean All Licenses Medical/Holistic/Financial/Religions

If you can't trust yourself.. Ain't no one you can trust.. Everyone that holds a license or tells you what to do or not to do.. If you trust them you're gambling..

Only you know what you can handle or cannot handle.. If you trust everyone else but not yourself you are already f*****.

Gambling gambling gambling gambling..

Gambling is in politics religion and scientific dogmas..

Gambling requires a license.. I mean a license in everything to do business.. If you need a license you are a licensed gambler gambling with people's lives and their money and their risk..

I didn't realize this but over the last thirty years and up till yesterday it all f****** makes sense..

I don't give medical advice, health advice, or financial advice..

I've been through too much of the upturns Of the economy and the down turns.. I wasn't insulated in a career field.. I was exposed and I rode the waves up and down..

When mommy and daddy don't save you from yourself And from experiences... You learn to experience the patterns because the pain is the learning experience..

F****** a..

I knew it I knew it about facebook and mark zuckerberg moving to texas at some point.. I'm thinking at what point is he going to find a way to get the f*** out.. Alex jones already knew..

Laugh out loud..

I told you.. The conspiracy world everything is all contrived..

The rosicrucians they gave you everything to believe in

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