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Game Over_JN1 is Formidable

Game Over_JN1 is Formidable

Watch this..

In an amplified environment EVERYONE is affected aggressively, except for most blood type O negs.. soo..

these doctors are remorseful for their part in the vxx campaign and all the issues..

But remember..

In a highly amplified environment.. Everyone and everything is working against you unless you have a strategy to survive.. You have to have a strategy..

You can't do the same things you did before climate change or the pandemic..

That's the reality..

Which is why I only entertain my husband really.. I can pretty much handle him.

 Because everything out there is amplified.. And I will get affected because I am O positive. All the RH negatives would attack me..

These doctors were set up to fail.. The system knew the environment would be amplified. Thus any therapy would be rendered really ineffective anyways.

And so if you already hold the problems inside no matter what, the environment would have triggered the event that was set to happen regardless..

And you would have a perfect scapegoat..

Climate change is immune system activation just like my jj wayy before the pandemic.. just ask the ladies on dr phil across from me.

People did not know how many landmines they held inside.. once imune systems get activated, the demons within are on the move and the body is trying to fight to get them OUT.

But you couldn't even use my juice because it would cure you and constipate you.. That's the proof salt can have a curative effect. But you don't want to be cured IN THIS ENVIRONMENT.

Yeah the system started a war that was going to happen anyways, and it was a slow boil before 2019, but now the pot is boiling..

My world before climate change..

when you pre empt a war with a strategy you might be able to win it.. That's my world..

But right now people are reacting to the war with no strategy..

So they're dying from it..

Just look at all the died suddenly groups.

It was not going to matter what anyone did.. Climate change was going to fuck everybody up regardless..

But most people don't understand that.. And it's not like we can go back to the other cycles of climate change and see what happened to people, if you want to blame it on the cycles of the universe..

And so.. Here we are..

Very strategic..

But here's your vindication if you need one.. Again the medical system was set up to fail in this instance. But they were always set up to fail.

It was just a matter of time before the poles flipped.

You couldn't stay one sided in the medical system..

You even had to question your own methodologies in everything.. Like surgeries.. But slaves don't have time to release those demons and be sick.. So they let the demon become so huge it has to be cut out.

That's called cancer..

So again the medical system was set up to fail during climate change

But they always were.. They were fine in different frequencies..

But we're in a very different one.. The medical system did help people hold the line for a certain matter time.. In a more stable frequency..

However, during climate change.. All bets are off..

Read the comments if you want to see the premise of this video.. Read the comments in this youtube video..

I will just say if you need any therapies regardless you're kind of screwed..

Because you already believed you should die anyways..

That belief system must change if you want to survive all types of environments..

Good luck everyone.

Remember the house always wins.. Somebody else set up the house and built it. You were just invited to live in it..

You had to strategize your survival in house somebody else built..

I strategized my survival..

But just because you get vindication if you think this is vindication.. It doesn't matter, if you die anyways.. It doesn't matter if you don't change how you do things.

Vindication was only temporary.. Vindication is only temporary..

How are you going to survive this..

If you don't have a strategy to deal with climate change.. You'll do the same thing over again like they did ten thousand years ago..You will turn to alchemy develop offspring and become so fertile you dont survive.. Thus passing around a NEW VARIANT.. CHILD/VIRUS/OFFSPRING

Or develop children who aren't strong enough for this environment.

That was the playbook.. It was always the playbook..

By the way they don't even mention the RH factors..

I don't know if that's intentional, or it's not in their purview that the r h factors are a factor in transmission ...

They don't even mention blood types..

Is that intentional.. Or phd ignorance..?

The system warned us, we will be in a fight to the death or a hunger games between microbes and people.

Blood wars..

There's a reason why people don't focus on blood types too much around the vaccine campaigns..

They just say vulnerable groups whatever that means..


He did say surface marker virus..

 He mentioned antigen.

In two separate sentences..

Surface marker antigen is blood group.. But they don't say it specifically.. He's not mentioning blood group a and b.

Blood type O has no surface marker antigen.. and they have antibodies for both blood type a and b..

the rh factors are what is ALSO the issue.. in this highly amplified environment..

EVERYONE needs to pull back their lifestyle regardless of rh factor ...

welcome to the hunger games...

game over.. even doctors are saying this.. watch the latest video i posted from those doctors..

game over.

jn1 is out of control..(high frequency environment)

the ones who had to get vaccinated because of recommendations due to their blood types, etc, will be AFFECTED AGGRESSIVELY...

and even if you did not take the vaccines, if you have blood type a and b, you are not out of the woods even blood type o and rh negs and positives..

what is tangible and documented are the vaccinated who might have varying blood types, but everyone will get affected, as I have been affected and I am NOT vaccinated.. so that ought to clue you in on how aggressive the environment is..

WATCH the last 1/2 hour, he is letting EVERYONE KNOW..

I suggest everyone get tested for their blood type in the house that you live in..

So you know what you're in for with your own family and friends..

You're in a very different world now..

And there are probably people in your family or friends that are working against you at the micro level.. Their microbes might be attacking you..

 Kids and family are fun until they work against you and destroy you..

The vaccines are supposed to fill in the gaps the blood types a and b have given they have surface marker antigen a or b or ab but none of their own antibodies,

so the system developed vaccines to develop mrna antibody producing protection for the blood type a and b given their lack of antibodies for their own self developed antigen against themselves..

the concept is sound, in a lower frequency environment, but a higher frequency environment, offspring from microbe mixing will develop new variant/offspring/children extremely fast.. immunity has failed..

the environment is the factor everyone is missing.. and all remedies and drugs and mixing of spit etc is what is making these variants a bit more aggressive.. Extremely aggressive..

antibiotics develop offspring as well as hanging out in mixed company..

blood type a b and even rh positives are constantly under attack and rh negs are amped up spinning their wheels faster and faster, aging aggressively, as well..

welcome to the hunger games...

Blood Type How Many Have It Frequency

A + 1 person in 3 35.7%

A – 1 person in 16 6.3%

B + 1 person in 12 8.5%

B – 1 person in 67 1.5%

so.. those who used to hang out in the j world, now splintered off into your different factions,

do you even know your blood type?

before you harangue the vaccinated, maybe you should check your blood type and see how many antibody protection your are missing and my juice cannot "save" you...

only temporarily suspend what will happen anyway...

are you still traveling and galivanting in mixed company???

before you make fun of the vaccinated, you better check your blood type antivaxxers..

your time is coming too..

so you better think twice..before you claim you are a winner..

I am o positive.. And it was pretty difficult for me..

Boy did I have to eat ALOT

But I survived every single frequency change.. And I had to be sick..

If you're not sick in this environment.. You're either an o negative, or you are so cured with my juice you're starving and will die anyways..

And if you are o negative.. Remember.. Your hamster wheel is going a million miles an hour when the frequency changes.

Aging aggressively..

Everyone needs to pull the fuck back if they want to survive this..

The environment is becoming more aggressive and the particles are causing the Beast to destroy and attack immunocompromised people..

Everyone is either losing so much weight in this environment or gaining so much weight..

It is that intense!!!!

So before you make fun of someone who is gaining weight, or aging aggressively, because you think the vaccine did it..

Think again.

You better check your own backyard.

It is too early to claim you are a winner..


and you could never say any blood type was inferior.. esp in response to the antiv axxers who say they have an immune system, therefore, no need for vacc ines..

how do you respond to those who are blood type a/b or ab?

Tell them talk to your doctor, if they do not have a doctor, game over, they will remedy themselves to death... and people are.. esp the right wing conspiracy community.. tell me that is not a coincidence..

again, you cannot tell any blood types they are inferior.. just give them the info, and they will make their choices...


at the end of the day, ALL OF US ARE AFFECTED, BUT THE WEAKEST ones are going first..

in my house:

1. my dog succumbed to climate change and I was not going to remedy her to death.. she was done either way.. suffering is not allowed in the world of animals..

2. I came down with some real aggressive demons waking up in my body the last 3 years.. if I had not done what I did as far as food and release/the way I have in my book, NOT using JJ, I would be done, too..

3. My husband is the last one in my house to be really affected.. he is affected, but not to the extent that I was..

you see how the dominoes are falling, right...

the weakest ones in the house will fall first.. sometimes they are kids, elderly, or the sick or the animals..

wake up..


Your immune system..

Three strikes YOU are out..

Is this a coincidence..

I think not..

Baseball is an american sport based on your immune system..

You think i'm kidding.. Just ask those who are suffering enormously . Or died suddenly.. Find out their blood type.

If you are blood type

a + or a -

a+ <no antibodies for your own blood type a antigen> and <no antibody protection from rh negs>= <2 strikes>

a- <no antibodies> for your own blood type a antigen and <high energy/working against yourself> with anti-rh pos antibody protection =<2 strikes>

b+ <no antibodies for your own blood type b antigen> and <no antibody protection from rh negs>= <2 strikes>

b- <no antibodies for your own blood type b antigen> and <high energy/working against yourself> with anti-rh pos antibody protection =<2 strikes>

ab+ <no antibodies for any blood type and rh factor> =<3 strikes>

ab- <no antibodies for any blood type> and with anti-rh pos antibody protection and <highly energetic from rh neg> = < 3 strikes>

O pos = antibodies for both ab and a and b but <no protection from rh negs> = <1 strike>

O neg = antibodies from both ab and a and b and anti rh pos antibody protection but <highly energized working against itself>= <1 strike>

3 strikes you are out.. if you do NOT change..

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