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Gen X Breakfast Cub/The Programming of Children

When the choices have been

sports sex or religion..

The above have a short life span because of the self destruct programming built into the lifestyle..

Below skies the limit.. Because once you tap into immortality.. Intellect is endless..

The only two things left is longevity and intellect..

Intellect can be beautiful without a person trying to hard.. And they are open to adapting to their environment..

They wont always look gorgeous or want to..

Your body will adjust to the environment if you allow it to adapt.. So as long as you're not taxing it more than your body can handle..

Breakfast club This was the model the programming...

How many people were programmed for these specific archetypes In silicon valley and NY and then the tv and Hollywood programmed the people in the flyover states.. With a few people probably programming kids in the flyover states.

And you know the mental health industry also told parents to do certain things.. Sexualizing people and then shaming them using religion was the intent...

That was the built into wars of the 1960s.. And carried forward to current times..

The Madonna/Whore syndrome..

And then women try to become chaste.. After having so many kids.. And then men are confused..

Now we have a lot of confused people in our society..

At this point there is a way out.. Longevity and intellect is a way out..

Without longevity your intellect is pointless especially if you plan to die some day.. Because you can get an advanced degree today and be passed away next week.. Due to predisposed issues..

What was it all for if you don't plan to live almost indefinitely and not die from natural cause..

The only way out of that dichotomy that you will surely lose.. is:

Understand facing demons.. And no you don't have to die someday..

Grooming children for sports in this climate is grooming them for not surviving a heart attack or a stroke.. When they have very little fat.. In a highly dynamic environment such as this.. And they have your predisposed issues..

How long do you think they can keep up their sports career??

Having WAY more muscle with hardly any body fat is a recipe for dying suddenly.. Not enough insulation not enough adipose tissue..

Which is why people in the sports industry are not surviving this climate.. Dying suddenly on the field.. Of course they blamed the vees..

But that was the scapegoat so you didn't suspect climate change will destroy athletes.. You know there was grooming going on here..

Stepford wife.. Nothing is proven because it's an open secret.. That's how they're able to get billions of dollars by grooming children to be talented and beautiful and highly sexualized.. for older white men..

The entertainment slave trade..

And then your children buy all the action figures.. And then want to be like them.. They are put under the spell.. And then over the cliff they go..

That's the music and entertainment Hollywood industry.. The system gets them when they're young which is why they want them to be in school and groomed at a young age before they have their own mind.. You just hope they survive being a slave for the system before they take their mind and body back.

Then when parents figure it out and think home school is the alternative method..

Nope the system still has the parents.. They just figured out how to incorporate the spells in a different way..

The kids are still deteriorating with permission from the parents..

All by design.. The illusion of choices when you are still blaming someone else for your choices..

And still believing that people should die some day.. And believe that food is poison and that you need to take away your symptoms with remedies even from the holistic world.. When you trade in a lab coat for hippie dress.. When the hippie dress is the same thing as the lab coat Trauma Based Mind Control/MK Ultra is in plain sight..and it starts off at the hospital for newborn males in America and it never stops and the males groom the females along with TV and movies..

Newborn Circumcision is Torture to Our Boys and they suffer for it.

No different than a girl r@ped by a pack of out of control males who cannot control their urges..

Then mix in alcohol drugs and other lifestyles.. Forget it.. Wow..A Star is born..

Watch P@mela @nderson expose and what she went through in Canada...which is why she was so hot in the 90s.. groomed by her environment of rabid males who underwent that type of suffering:

In the middle of the last century, most Canadian boys were circumcised. However, the rate of neonatal circumcision has declined over time to the current Canadian average of 32%, with significant regional variability.

America, the last greatest experiment of trauma based programming starting at birth to our boys making them hot to trot right out of the gate and then the sexualization of our girls..

then the gender wars...

broken families, broken home, domestic violence and sexual predators and then the single mom/dad syndrome..

North America and the First World has much growing up to do..

Europe does not do this because they know the official narrative of why Americans do, is bullshit and they are right,

Circumcision is an unnecessary procedure with lasting trauma hence the increase of costs..

Medical benefits= the medical system taking your body mind and spirit throughout your whole life with your permission and of course, giving up your kids to the system of medicine/holistic, as well..

European countries consider newborn circumcision an unnecessary surgical procedure which increases the costs of operating nationalised health systems, whereas in the US, circumcision is generally considered a simple, rapid operation with medical benefits which accrue throughout life.

when people say circumcision is s@tanic, well.. if you have ever been under the knife/surgery and or taking anti life protocols like herbs/extracts and antibiotics.. those too may also be construed as SATANIC by the definition of disfigurement and self harm taking potions...

really, what is your intention??

BETTER to stay away from the word satanic..

politics, religion, and science has groomed all of us to cellf/self destruct by casting spells on us and our offspring and using potions against our life..

it is time to eat and take your life back, if you have the moxy/energy and desire.

Circumcision is usually performed for religious, cultural and personal reasons. I know I use the word demon in reference to trauma coming out the body..

But that is known everywhere..

And the word demon is the same for everybody because it's something that is torturous to everybody on some level..

The word satanic

it is specific based upon bible allegory..

And some religions have been painted as satanic.. And satanic is about worshiping dead things and or also acknowledging the elements in nature.. And so if you call somebody satanic it's all relative.. And it would be appropriate.. So that's why I don't use the word satanic.. Nobody wants to be referenced as satanic..

Demons is a better reference when it comes to releasing trauma from the body.. Because you're not a demon..

And you're not calling people demons though offspring can be known as a demon. But they can also turn that s*** around. It's all relative to how you want to characterize offspring.. Offspring don't have to be demons..

But you must release a trauma...

Hollywood is not satanic..

Just people who have been programmed and some have been programmed very aggressively than others.. And yes they've allowed nefarious people to run a mock.. But again it's about pragmatism..

And if parents give up their children to the industry.. That's unfortunate to the children..

We hope they survive their career..

Again it is about context..

Release demons release trauma all the same thing..

We don't want to insult religions people or industries..

Understand why you use the words you use.. if it is very easy to call someone satanic

imagine what they're calling you..

We need to give everyone a way out once they have been programmed and if there is something to recoup..

For many people out there in the industry it's too late for them..

But hopefully some people can release those demons..

And so.. Pay attention to what you're advertising..

That's all i'm saying..

You're either advertising intellect and moving society forward or you are advertising your child as an object.. As well as advertising yourself as an object to be sold on the open market sold to the highest bidder.. Sugar daddy syndrome..

And then the objects grow up to be parents who advertised their children to be objects..

That's generational curses.. Instilling into boys and girls that their worth is based predominantly by what they look like on the outside not what was developed in the brain..

The suffering to keep it up and then disfiguring themselves to keep up..

That was all by design..

Once you realize this you can totally turn this around.. And kids won't have to be subject to the same programming..

We see that in the sports industry especially around football all sports and cheerleaders..

Why do you think miss griner is suffering having to use marijuana..

Because sports is hard on the body..

Yes we might have Intellectually gifted children out there but will their brain be able to withstand their body and the predisposed Issues they hold..?

You're seeing the take down of america through the climate change and reinforcing the same programming in a different environment.. And the suffering of not getting the guy or getting the guy who's messed up and/or girl who is messed up becomes generational suffering as they are developing children in the process grooming kids for intellect might give a better return than grooming children to be married off to someone.. and in this day and age, people are unpredictable..

some kids have inherited a sexualized predominant programming overshadowing their intellectual potential and out comes a kid, a relationship bound for doom... oh boy.

that is the Disney programming of prince charming..

You know you raised your kids on Disney, even when you are aware of the programming, people still fall into the prince charming and princessifyiing their daughters

umm.. prince charming has issues nowadays, MOMS.. and many of the princesses out there groomed for relationships have issues, as well..

why do you see so mannnnny single moms out there..

IT is not just the men/boys who are falling apart, but it is the women who are also grooming deterioration in their genetic line and cannot handle stress....

the programming of our society is changing and people are falling apart...

we will see everything get worse before it gets better... HOLLYWOOD is the indicator.. you followed the stars right up to your own doorstep and curses are realizing themselves..

i hope you all find a way to redirect the curses cast upon you since the Great Generation of the 1920s...

No matter, you are doing the best you can.. but prepare for shizz not to end up like you expect.. and it is NOT your fault, when you think about it.. some people will be strong enough to change stuff around, others will not be..

but we need the mirror to give options for others to redirect, if they can..

again.. if my info is offensive, please block me.. I do not care what you do or do not do.. but I want to point it out for those ready to see it.. If you're not keeping fat on your body you're setting yourself up and your children up for disaster..

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