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Gen X Was the Experimental Generation

Wow demons..

gen x is the experimental generation..Demons are the traumatized memories that people hold on to because they don't have access to develop new memories worthy to keep them alive indefinitely..They have demons inherited from their parents and what the system has given to them until they can't perform ..The medical and the holistic system and all the remedies therapies are people selling you new demons ..The J world is about releasing the demons and you figuring out how to navigate this world without taking on more demons..

Right now some people are run by the demons that were given to them by their parents and the system until they learn how to release.. And it's not pretty.. And yeah you won't look like someone stepping off the pages of a magazine..

Because that is a demon unto itself.❤️This will be a short video because I will cover the whole parent thing in depth later..But I want to show you the connection of me releasing demons and physical sickness and release..You saw me being triggered about a lot of stuff and that means that it needs to be addressed and I do address it ..

And the whole parental thing is pertinent because that's the issue with our society.. However today I won't go too much in depth because I don't really feel like it.. But I will later on..But you need to see how demons are related to sicknessWhat's the point of being a beautiful intellectual and athletic if you're just gonna pass at some point..That was bioengineered into you.

What if you didn't have to die from all that b*******..In this environment it is that much more aggressive.

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