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Giving Birth to Yourself Takes Time and Patience

Do "pregnant" dogs walk funny?

My dog's legs become stiff after sleeping, walking with a stilted gait and can become wobbly until the growing pains of development are not so energetic during climate change.

Carrying a benign tumor is like being pregnant only you are the baby and the tumor is the womb.

Carrying a diagnosable cancerous tumor means you are already in starvation mode.. And the system has to save you from the system because you refuse to eat and feel pain and release, and all the diets and food allergies caused your body to go into premature evolution.. But then you die anyway (end up in the morgue) so it doesn't even matter what they do..

And since you can't control the frequencies out there you have no idea when your time is up because you're allowing the system to starve you out..

Benign tumors and Cancers were your chances to redirect.. But when you add more trauma to the body it will make it harder for you to come back from it..

Tumors were an indicator you had to eat differently which means break your food down so you can feed that tumor the blended version of your dinner and let it mature

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