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Globalism will be swallowing up disposable un-evolving people..

The food isn't poisoned and NEITHER are the therapies. It's all the remedies that people use using food as medicine is what's causing the cancer disease chronic conditions as well as cancer..

It's also causing starvation in family genetic lines. Because kids can't handle the food supply not because it's poisonous because of parents weaponized the food against their immune system using food as medicine antibiotics natural remedies .

You're doing it to yourself.. The government ain't doing s*** to you.. They just don't tell you everything and why should they. They are a f****** business and they regulate corporations not work against them or for them, unless they have a legal interest in the companies.

Two sides to this world and people: just look at your social media accounts and your family and friends.

1. Disposable people (politics religion science) how long can you really play one side against the other or take a side in any physics argument and survive? Not very long. If you do not know all sides of an issue, chances are you will ignore the argument of NOT dying from natural causes.

2. Sustainable people ( EVER LEARNING DAILY) and they understand all sides of arguments, words, formulas, chemistry, physics and words.

Globalism will be swallowing up disposable un-evolving people..

What would I say to the graduates out there in high school and even college..

I would say learn how to be evolutionary and deal with change. I've even seen one company get acquired twice and every time they get acquired they trimmed off more of the fat.

Guess who's left? Old white men and young white men.. They even let go of the women in that company..

It's still a rich man white m@n's world but.. But that's working for a corporation or a conglomerate global corporation with very specific programming that is necessary and we thank them for their service.

It is NOT a bad thing!! Just find your place in this world and release your traumatic demons.

When there's so much redundancy.. How will you set yourself apart and compete against the northern European countries.. And dynastic families.. When you think about it, your story doesn't really matter when you can release those demons.. You just hope that your kids don't make the wrong choices in men/women and their sexual urges especially around finances and keeping up with their friends..

Find a way to release the demons without going bankrupt and destroying people around you..

People have made other people rich by using other people to release their demons..

And when they think they put their childhood behind them, they did not. They did not. they went into a career field that reminds them of her childhood every single day, reliving the trauma daily.. It is a deadly loop for all..

What would happen if you saved yourself. Not only in money, time, blood, sweat and tears but then also found a way to release your own demons and you didn't have to pay anyone to do it. That would be amazing imagine what kind of awareness you could develop without a therapist guiding your thoughts.

You might have to measure the amount of trauma in your life as well as in your family genetic line and what you could possibly face during that process.

Obviously not everyone could do it on their own.. But some can..

You will have to determine if you are appropriate to release your own demon..

I think the first step is never consider yourself a victim of anyone or anything..

And you stop blaming.. You stop blaming ex boyfriend ex girlfriend family members bosses friends and family and whatever.

You even stop playing and blaming the medical system.. You realize the medical/holistic system contributes to lot of trauma because of the intention of stopping the body's natural process of release and growth.

But you don't have to blame them because now you have control. You can come back from the medical/holistic trauma and realize you chose them to begin with because that was the information you had at the time. Now you aim to redirect yourself but potentially even your children, if possible.

Acknowledging what contribute to trauma is not blaming.. It's like saying I will not drink bleach because it's not FDA approved. That is matter of fact and straight to point.

Another matter of fact approach to life is stating:

I want to live so there's no reason for me to use the medical holistic system when all they're doing is stopping the body from releasing and developing and assimilating. If your intent is to live.. You're just acknowledging what will stop you from living cumulatively, overtime..

Everyone has a story but don't let your story control the f*** out of you and destroy you..

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