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Gods and Gurus of Redundant Destruction

Main take away.. what is optimizing your body mind and spirit business processes.. Maximizing all nutritional benefits so you have clean burning fuel.

You could be the ultimate human. The ultimate survivor.

When you age and you degrade.. Always on the remedy train.. Then you act like a useless eater or garbage disposal. Because that food is doing nothing for you. And it still needs to be redistributed back to the population. Causing more fraud waste and abuse.

► Fraud—an attempt to obtain something valuable through intentional misinterpretation. ► Waste—misuse of funds or resources through excessive or nonessential expenditures. ► Abuse—occurs when there is an intentional and unacceptable use of grant funds or misuse of one's position.

When you are so afraid of the flu and you are recommending iodine to people.. You are developing fraud waste and abuse. And you are self proclaimed guru.. God.. And you can't guarantee relief.. Or even protection.. And you're not even supposed to. That's for a doctor.

All of you have been given the gift to destroy.. Through love and hate and remedies..

Now is the time to realize this.. And potentially redirect..

Some of you will.. Some of you will not..

Yep the right side of my jaw and ear is inflamed. Sore.. Very warm to the touch.. But i'm okay.

Yep it hurts to open my mouth on the right side. But I can eat just fine and talk.

When I was a kid I was fighting ear infections.. So I would only imagine it's coming back and must deal with it..

Probably why I had those blood vessels break in my eye but not too bad the other day..

Build back better

I'm blowing my nose blowing my nose..

It's basically a virus.. worth running its course..

Antibiotics will only make it worse.. And I can handle a little bit of pain.. If you start swelling so much, which it won't. That's when you go to the doctor. Because you don't have a release process. A proper one.

This is why you must have an open immune system.. Because frequency changes climate changes can cause infection out of nowhere. And it could be damage from years ago that finally woke up. Whenever you get infection and you treat it.. You develop monsters inside..

Colony forming units.. Overtime they me·tas·ta·size and start taking over.. And sometimes it gets so bad people have to get surgery to get the growth taken out because their immune system is closed. And they might be in remission after all the different oncology. But when you let your parent cells deteriorate. And they're not guiding the juvenile cells correctly.

That's the aging process.

An undiagnosed ear infection can cause people to experience pain in their teeth and jaw due to the proximity of your mouth to your ears.

When I talk on facebook live. I also talk to my juvenile cells. So they can hear what i'm doing and why. That's how I teach my children in my body, my juvenile cells.

You learn.. Your juvenile cells learn through the five senses. No different than your children, in your house.

Which is why the type of music and so many other phonetic mediums are so important.

What kind of pressure are you building in that child.. In your body.. What kind of rage are you developing in your body and your children.

Obesity is swelling.. It may have a lot of intelligence and intellectual capability if you program the swelling correctly.. But that swelling can work against you.. You want to make sure your parent cells have the memory. And release the excessive memories.. Which is why when you finally get to a proportional size.. You'll go through hell.. Because the body has to expand and contract to go through that process.. And swelling is part of it.

That's why you must release those demons the way I have in my book.. To give yourself half a chance.. And also relieved pain without treating it when you get to that point.. Some people will have to go through their process of treating pain until they don't have to. But you also have to release the demons out of your colon in The proper way.. And through your nose coughing and sneezing.

That is why getting your life back is a systematic process. No different than taking down your life ..

It's done overtime..

And again if you've been treated through many doctors.. You need to get the help of your doctor.. Let them know what you're doing. Because sometimes some people lose mobility during the process of release.. And then the food all food is what gives your life back. If you're not eating meat milk cheese eggs fruits and vegetables . Especially meat and cream then there is nothing your body can convert into. You want to be strong.. You need a lot of meat and fat and cream..

YOU can't get away with vegan and vegetarian.. you can't get away with just eating eggs.. You need this substantial meat. And lots of cream.. You also need the gluten .

And if you have food allergies.. You need to ask a doctor to help you get over all of them.. Because again YOU can't live without all food. Your fucking can't.

That's why people die.. They are literally starving.

And by the way.. You could be eating everything i'm saying and still be starving.. Because you're feeding all the juvenile cells and your parental cells are breaking down.. And so when the parents break down.. The children don't learn anything from them.. They only learned just enough and then the children start breaking down and eating everything.. Just like your family.. When grandma goes.. Everybody else follows right over the cliff with her..

That's what happens to your body.. When your parent cells start going.. The children fall right over the fucking cliff.

Which is why my info is so important for the parents. You might not save your kids outside your body but you'll save the strong parent cells in the body who could then teach the strong juvenile cells to mature and develop an army to push out the chaotic damaged juvenile cells out of the body.. not attack them

You don't win any wars by attacking anything or ambushing anything.. You feed them and you release them.. In the best way you know how.

You push them out of the nest.. They will find their way in this universe. There's plenty of room in the universe for microbes Gods and gurus

Believing everyone should die someday is shared by all religions and faiths..

All religions worship death..

why do they call it "alternative medicine" when it is the "original" medicine that humans have been using for thousands of years? Chemical medications were discovered about a 100 years ago.

I said, Herbs are alchemical

Chemical is the same thing as nature.

The severity of it is relative to intention.

Pharmaceutical is another another way to put a shaman in a white coat in a lab mixing SOLUT(IONS)

Both herbal and chemical are the same thing.. Words can be deceptive if you don't understand the derivation.

If you're religious.. You fell for the deception.

Alchemy existed six thousand years ago.. It just evolved and given different names.. But you're dealng what the same bullshit.. You are suppressing evolution and LIFE..

No matter how you fucking spin it..You don't fucking get it..

There are many vampire blood lines who fall for this deception.. Which is why it's so easy to take out so many different vampire blood lines.. Because they were all taught by the same people..

That's the world you live in.. Especially when you think you know everything.. And you don't even recognize when someone is trying to save your life.. You barely can wrap your mind around my information...You barely can even really wrap your mind around the current information you have. It's just straight regurgitation.. Because some religious figure developed 100 years ago told you..

And there are many religious figures that were developed 100 200 years ago.. Some as recent as the 1960s..

They told you to use the past as a present. Knowing the present is the past..

That's how they got you to sell death to your friends. All your religious followers.. And that includes judaism christianity and jehovah's witness.. Catholicism.. Buddhist.. Everyone.. Hindus..yah native americans

You all are following the same gods of deception and death. And you don't even realize it..

And I know life is painful.. Some of you have a fucking chance. Some of you do.


al·chem·i·cal (google the definition)

Alter/native (google the definition

Teratoma A type of germ cell tumor that may contain several types of body tissue. Teratomas are tumors made up of tissues, such as hair, muscle, and bone. They occur most often in the ovaries in women, and the testicles in men. They may be benign or malignant.

10 weeks pregnant

Week ten marks the end of the embryonic period.

If you can take out a teratoma Aborting a 10 week fetus is ok

People take antibiotics all the time.. They get surgery..

Let the woman choose. And she does get injured in the process.. It takes so much from her..

If parent stops sexualizing their daughters they wouldn't have this.. If parent stopped sexualizing their sons they wouldn't have this.

Personal responsibility goes as far as the parent.. adult women can make her own choices..

Children shouldn't even be having sex.. So right there is a parent responsibility .

And you can't force a child to have a baby.

Hold the parents accountable.

How does a fifteen year old get pregnant?

Parents tell me that.. What the hell happened to your child.

If you can't guarantee pain free and longevity.. What the hell are you selling people.. Especially when you're trying to take away their pain.. And selling them antibiotics.. And remedies..

You're selling them religion and absolution..

So you're a cult leader.. A self proclaimed religious figure.

Let's just call a spade a spade.

Why beat around the bush.. Why be deceptive in your intentions.. Some of you are sleeper cells.. And you have been given the gift of sight perseverence and intellectual capability..

I'm trying to wake you guys up..

Some of you might be too far gone.. You were given those gifts but society got to you.. And now you're trapped..

Some of you will strategize your way out.. Once you understand and tap into your gifts..

That's who i'm talking to. Everyone else i'm just entertainment to you.. You're looking for what's wrong with me.. You're looking to feel sorry for me.. Or completely ignoring me..

At this point it doesn't matter.. I understand..

No matter what.. I'm developing new gifts on top of the gifts that were given to me.

All of you were given some kind of gift to the world.. Some of you are temporary.. Some of you know you'll be a long term..

And now you have a choice.. But you have to strategize your survival.. And that would require you facing the world you live in today.. The people around you..

Ambush politics when you leave people nowhere to go.

You force them to fight a fight they cannot win.

You can't do that.

You must give people the option.. If you don't give people the option.. Then either the government will come down on you.. Or they'll be hands off because the outcome is in their favor. it's only when you completely violate the laws then they come down on you..

Selective enforcement..

This is why you must understand all the laws not believe all the stories..

Many of you are government agents for the depopulation agenda.. And many of you have tried to go against the agenda without understanding how to do it.. And so the government comes down on you for shooting from the hip.. You don't know the game.. If you don't know the game.. You are a government agent.. Holding all the licenses..

I'm also a government agent.. But i'm also giving your choice in a legal way.. And the government knows most people can't do what i'm doing..

Of course that was the intention.. And so while I am representation of my world.. The government knows the reality.. And i've come to terms with the reality..

And the only reason why I get frustrated.. Is because the deception..

People are not being given a choice.. And right there is a choice.. Key people choose not to give people choices.. They are all the health gurus.. Government grim reapers..

And you can't get mad at them for not giving the people choices.. because everything is in government favor.

That's when you know you've been out smarted by your own government.. And I got a fucking hand it to them they are geniuses.

But I still must get my own trauma out and give you a choice.. Because that's what a human does when they believe they are helping people no matter what.. Even if they're not biologically legally helping people.. I'm not talking about myself..

Some people are selling people antibiotics thinking they are helping people and they're not.. Because you can't guarantee pain free.. And you're not guaranteeing longevity. And people are afraid of food..

That's the only reason why I get frustrated..

But I will come to terms with that.. I have.

The government will support the people deceiving each other..

That's why you can never win when it comes to the government.. They know what the fuck they're doing.

And so people will defend being a government grim reaper..

You might be laughing at me.. But you're f#cking your patients.. And your followers..

And that was the intention..

That's the only reason why i'm frustrated..

Because you guys enjoy it.. And you justify it. And you are also capitalizing on it..


Again i'm not mad at you.. When you're starving you'll eat everybody.. It's every man for themselves..

Do what you gotta do.. We thank you for your service.

I told you.. People think they get away with shit.. And you will until all the conditions are right..

Because someone seems to enjoy it doesn't mean it should have been done in the first place..

That's where they get you.. They give you enough rope...

And this is the same pattern as all of your remedies and herbal stuff and surgeries..

All of a sudden the climate has changed.. Zero tolerance.. The system has zero tolerance for people taking liberties..

The people will have zero tolerance for climate change..

Yeah you have been set up..

I keep telling you.. But at this point it doesn't even matter.. You were not conditioned to deal with climate change.. You were not set up correctly.. Some of you were set up correctly the last seven years.. Because you stuck around with my information.. Some of you have recently understood where i'm coming from and you have a chance..

Many of you have resisted me.. I hope you survive climate change.

But the cancer/cancel culture isn't just entertainment and politics..

It's also in the general population..

The thing as the system can get you even on a minor charge.. If they think you're going against them.. They will find something.. The system gave these celebs a platform.. To develop a culture.. And when you bite the hand that feeds you.


If it ain't broke don't fix it.. So you have to break it in order to fix it..

That's government corruption.. When it wants to evolve and change.. And it has the latitude to do that. You have been given everything in this world.. You're not entitled to have it stay that way..

The irony is.. The weather underground and the students for democratic society were on the FBI Watch list back during jay edgar hoover days..

History repeats.. Remember in the vampire diaries every vampire line has its own bloodline.

And i'm sure its own algorithm..

What if all the frequency changes or the pandemics are affecting certain bloodlines.

And so when the lead vampire is dead so is his offspring.

Go figure. If you are in the long game jj world, do not let those who are in the short game influence you to pass away..

all politics religion and science dogmas have the short game built into the infrastructure and the state sanctioned grim reapers selling you relief are everywhere..

this is why being alone, more than not will serve you.. even repelling your co-workers who want to hang out after work and drink beers, etc..

the short game people are a dime a dozen.. and relentless..

let them do their job but YOU are not their customers even socially..

stay strong.. and still respect people but know your boundaries.. pain will be the indicator..

long game people can be deadly to short game people because we can be disease.. which is not what the short game people want to deal with.. their intent is to quell disease and those who want to face the pain of life will also inflict pain on those who do not want to feel..

Which is why I stay alone.. Because I will cause disease to people.. dis ease

It's not that i'm poison.. I'm just willing to face the energy.. And i'm vocal about it.. and my energy is influential.. And it wakes people up.. Versus someone wanting to quell the energy.

so everyone has their place..

know your place.

choose your own adventure..

no one is more right than someone else.. we all have different intentions and respect them.

I knew there were so much redundancy in the population..

But there is nothing like the original..

Nothing like the original.

And sometimes you don't even know the original.. Because the original could be before the one that you thought was the original.. But then your original was leading to the future.. And then the original original was leading up to what would be the future to you

Now it's time to release the redundancy.. May the best copy win..

The j world is about releasing the redundancy in your own body.. So you can make room for the future..

The irony does not escape me.. I am living the future..

I have also met some of your doppel gangers out there.. I seriously have.

Again may the best copy win..

Breaky break today Hanging with jason andd i slept in today yayy

This last week I actually worked pretty hard. up early.

Took naps when I needed to. Sleep and food are so important esp now!!

Of course released demons when I needed to.

Developed and strategized biological and geological survival ..

clarified my thoughts around death dying and loss.

I still have relative patience for opposing thoughts

I feel great

Btw productivity is not just counting widgets or expending energy to get paid in the short term. Sometimes, people are wealthy enough to invest in their personal intellectual and biologocal development for the present and the future and still survive while one lives within their means.

The entity is neither lacking in material or social capital and has streamlined its own personal financial and biological business processes that the resources available might be so little the resources available go a long way. Thus, lessening its own carbon footprint while still gaining knowledge and evolution.

The entity does not feel it's lacking in social or economical resources despite the increasing costs in food and utilities. Knowing what little the entity can actually live on and conserve in resources will make the entity extremely versatile as the system keeps tightening the belts on all of humanity forcing people to make difficult choices.

Additionally, ALL of this conservation does NOT COMPROMISE the entity's body mind or spirit because the entity already invested the lasr 7 years of its life, especially the last three years of its life to release the redundancy in its body and reiforce its personal infrastructure so all resources are used effectively maximizing and optimizing its internal and external environment.

Remember, i spent so much money on food (meat cream chees fruits veggies( and sleep and release the last 3 years.. a well earned investment).

That.. my friend, is what i work for.. myself.. that is freedom, to me.

Remember: i will never need medical or holistic EVER.. ONLY triage due to freak circumstances WAAY out of my control.

Finally, the entity is neither a drain on society needing so many resources such as agencies, capital or time from external entities who also must account for their time having to meet not only their needs but someone else's needs, as well.

The future is now..

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