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Happy New Year=I Hope You and Your Family Survive Climate Change

I won't say Happy New Year, because happiness is relative to the drugs you are on or the idealistic fantasy world you live in.

I will say this: I hope you survive climate change next year.

It is not about happiness, but about survival.. once you learn how to survive, happiness comes and goes. But survival is forever.

Many forces will be working against your survival.. Do not let their voice of death be louder than your desire to live.

Note: you already see the proof my trolls are already condemning people to death.

You want a kinder world to live in, teach yourself how to survive climate change and show your offspring how to survive climate change, and the world will be kinder to you and them. A cruel world is full of people deteriorating and wailing on their way out the door because they let their bodies get that bad, their body had no choice but to want to live and life needs energy/pain.. letting you know it is releasing the damage and retaining balance.

When life is on your side, no reason to communicate with the trolls.. they made their position extremely clear. Life is not precious to them and all life is expendable and disposable, and they condemn those who do not look like they do, to death.

They will use their religion, their politics and scientific dogmas to justify death and destruction and some do not even reside in the states.

Some live in the USA, the UK or Canada and detest the USA, and have made their position abundantly clear.

I do not blame them for hating the USA, because many people in the USA advocate death so much they even take their loved ones to the medical and holistic system to break them down even more, but that was taught to us.. now, AMERICA, the last greatest experiment is finally waking up and realizing it is not all about love, death and reproduction.

NOT everything wants to die or deserves to die. Our justice system determines who lives and dies, not politics, religion or scientific dogmas.

But my trolls want everything to be cut out, held in and destroyed and then put down or disposed of in hospice.

that is not my culture, my belief or way of life.. that is their way of death and destruction, and they are the reason why the world is at war with each other..

they have consistently proven they lack the tolerance to a diverse world and they lack the necessary know how to stay alive and so while they are dying, and deteriorating and can't wait to see their maker, they also make sure life around them does not survive, at all.. whatsoever.. and wow.. in the meantime they claim they are saving people's lives when in all reality they cannot wait to destroy all life when given the chance..

that is our culture, but we never knew it until climate change when your belief systems are on steroids accelerated...

now you know .. now you know we are in a depopulation agenda and you have been brainwashed to destroy all life once it attempts to evolve and then you justify it with love and saving and pain relief all the while spitting out platitudes to influence people into just giving up with love, love and love..or death and reproduction.

The ones who can ignore their friends, family and society and intend to live, deserve to live and I hope you do. Your friends, family and community will be the ones who will intend for you to be destroyed, when all the conditions are right.. and that was all by design.

I told you, be careful taking a side in politics, religion and scientific dogmas because what you could be advocating is completely the opposite of your intention and when you are following the medical/holistic system, the outcome will be opposite of your intention.

Esp in climate change..

you want peace, it will be rest in peace.

life is energetic and it wants to live.. many many people have given up..and they do not even know it.

Note: you already see the proof my trolls are already condemning people to death

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