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Have We Taken Sexual Identity Too Far When We Are Willing To Disfigure Ourselves

Why is it that my European JJ crowd represent America more than the Americans do..

Most Americans don't understand what it means to be American because their politics their religion and their scientific dogmas were given to them and they never had to forge anything on their own because they always followed in someone else's footsteps even if it was their parents.. And so we have many Americans who take their land for granted and then s*** on me when I'm forging new path and I'm actually representation of America Pioneers and explorers don't have the luxury to follow in someone else's footsteps.. Every step they take every move they make.. Unchartered territory Not everyone can be an Explorer or a Pioneer.. But they also built America.. The American dream is not to be greedy, it is to forge new paths.. I think most Americans lost sight what it means to be an American..

Which is why we are in a great reset.. Being patriotic is not just loving your country it's understanding what your country was built on and it was built on the backs of men AND women who explored the West and fought the wars.. So you can make all your money and make fun of us, or be an armchair quarterback.. It's so easy to cast judgment from the safety of your own homogenized tunnel vision home.. But you did not have to do the hard work.. Someone else did it for you and gave you a path to follow with something to expect. And when you explore new terrain to develop a new society there will always be resistance to assimilation.. From both sides.. Yikes.. poor kid.. i could care less of the identification..but the extreme physical alterations will mess the child up. And how will this affect his adulthood or her adulthood.. What if we accepted identifying as the opposite gender without going through medical trauma. Our intolerance to diversity has caused us to disfigure and butcher our childten and ourselves.. Our rigid constructs cause so much unneeded pain and suffering that people are willing to go under the knife or put their children under then chemically alter and disfigure their future.. Just because he wants to wear a dress.. And I say he because that was the original construct and he wants identify as the opposite and that's fine..she. The child is beautiful with pants or a dress.. no reason to go through this voluntary medical trauma😞 Have we taken sexual identity so far that we're willing to destroy ourselves in the name of it.. Destroy our children? But we are in a great reset and everyone is expendable obviously.. What if 10 15 years in the future the person changes.. And they don't want anymore of that chemical castration.. What kind of unneeded suffering will happen in the future.. What if society changed in the future and people didn't have to alter themselves going under that much trauma to please society.. I don't care what an adult does but I really feel sorry for the children and animals.. Maybe the person could transition correctly if they could support this process with all food and dealing with the pain and the symptoms but you know how people are they're willing to die for their beliefs.. They're not willing to address it correctly with all food and go through the trauma of transitioning and evolving, and pulling the fecal programming.. Side effects aren't bad if you understand how to manage them but people don't even manage the issues they have today without destroying themselves, much less handle side effects from a voluntary alteration to their genome Chemical castration is also called medical castration or hormone therapy. ... In my opinion sexual orientation is a type of cfu Hydra that must be supported effectively with food and dealing with the symptoms and actively taking out the old fecal programming. Both nature and nurture come into play when it comes to actual sexual orientation.. You can have an open system and have both nature and nurture. Or you can have a closed system and it's nature Along with nurture.. When we open our system anything is possible.. However, I have an open system and I still subscribe to the nurture side of me whatever was originally programmed into me as far as sexual orientation.. I still identify as hetero.. And I'm tolerant of (homo)genized This is why you rethink going under knife for anything. My animal is paying for the sins of the father.. I am paying for what others did before me to my dog.. I'm willing to suffer through it.. My dog is just trying to survive and she wants to live.. She has not peed in her bed or my bed For the last 2 weeks.. If you already have been under the knife it's no big deal as long as you're willing to deal with the repercussions.. And pay back is a b**** Can trauma cause cysts? The diagnosis and management of an expanding post-traumatic soft ... 😁

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