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Herd Immunity Vs. Direct Immunity


I already know the science behind death, which is starvation on a closed immune system.

Are you prepared to understand the Science of Life

and no, I do not need the trolls to keep proving to me that starving people and closing up their body from releasing causes death.

I already know that is the natural way to die, withholding food and vasoconstricting blood vessels and the alimentary canal.


Herd Immunity = Open System (environmental assimilation) Direct Immunity = Closed System (injectable/therapy assimilation)

Direct Immunity has an expiration date and how soon is relative to climate change.

Herd Immunity does not have an expiration date, your body develops it's own self antigen, and the entity just evolves and adapts to the changing conditions.

If you are anti-vee and still use the medical system, you still are working from a closed immune system so your conscientious objecting to vaccines is pointless.

You still are exposed to herd immunity on a closed immune system and one day, you will be over capacity.

Those who practice an open immune system can handle their environment, the therapies and climate change.

Those who practice a closed immune system.. will have trouble with everything, when all the conditions are right.

The Anti-vxxx was a psy op considering the system developed you to be closed and dependent and chasing cures..

It won't matter what you do when you are closed and can't handle pain of release and retention. Climate change is messing many people up.

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