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Higher Power_Religion_Spirituality_Law of Large Numbers

correction: negative

When you multiply a negative number by a positive number then the product is always negative.

Higher Power = Religion= Spirituality= Law of Large Numbers It's always the most popular story, and all of it's offshoots is what makes up your religion and spirituality. If you didn't have a story.. you would just be a blob.. a gelatinous unpurposed blob.

Every storyline has infrastructure.. Intention and outcome.. Choose your own adventure.. You chose.. No one did shit to you.. You choose life.. Whatever the fuck that means. Or you choose death. Whatever the hell that means to you. Higher Power= worshipping the most influential story With a very specific outcome..

And the offshoot stories have the same outcome Hypersane people are data driven, sees through the storylines, and develops arguments based in physics and chemistry.. not the story d'jour.. Hypersane people finally realize the health and wellness herbalist alchemists have dumbed people down for centuries.. How can you be immortal when you're starving and using antibiotics and herbs against your immune system. Just because you worship youth.. Doesn't mean the children are not going to cannibilize the parent you.. If you let them, Your own children will cannibize you.. And so will the microbial offspring.. That is the orobouros

Never underestimate the power of numbers.. Are those numbers working for you or against you..

law of large numbers, in statistics, the theorem that, as the number of identically distributed, randomly generated variables increases, their sample mean (average) approaches their theoretical mean.

A random variable is a mathematical formalization of a quantity or object which depends on random events. The term 'random variable' can be misleading as it is not actually random nor a variable, but rather it is a function from possible outcomes in a sample space to a measurable space, often to the real numbers.

Right ear FREQUENCY 536pm est Canton ohio The heat right now.. Very bad.. In northeast ohio.. The highs will be the eighties and lows mid fifties..

next week major cool down.. The temperature fluctuations are going to kick people's asses..

I'm glad I made chicken soup.. It looks like it's right on time.. The more I become mentally clear about what's going on.. The worse it is going to get..

That's why i'm staying home and staying safe..

It’s not starting, it’s just becoming more obvious. People are losing it everywhere. The mask are (predictably) being used to hide from cameras. Keep your eyes peeled folks. This is the real reason for masks/lockdowns etc. the crazy frequencies are triggering the worst in people. Take care out there. Thx Audrey Stewart October 1 National black dog day.. Vaxxed or NOT feed the microbial offspring and release NOT CURE

MY BOOK does not promote jjuice once you feel pain You feed the pain and i said in my book

All your friends coughing are no different than a vaccine.. vaxxed or not..

Your friends are spitting out antibodies.. You're breathing them in.. Your friends and family are no different than the vaccines they get on the market..

Fear AND protection Psyop

When the frequencies go up because of climate change regardless of where it comes from.. You will blame those who didn't get a therapy. Or you will blame those who received a therapy..

Regardless who you blame.. Could you handle the environment.. Did you survive it.. Are you suffering.. How are you handling your suffering..

It doesn't matter where it comes from.. How are you responding.. Are you choosing to take away your life.. are you choosing to balance the life in your body mind and spirit.

And please don't mistaken spirit as far as spiritually..

I believe in the power of numbers.. And the power of people's intentions in numbers.. What they do to themselves and each other.

I don't underestimate the power of people's intentions.. Breakfast Hamburger Power breakfast

Hashbrown ( flour egg onions in lard) fried Cheeseburger Egg

Very savory with a touch of sweetness from the white onion

Extremely satisfying, and i ate my plate, equal to the one below.. Time to prepare..

I predict i will need to build up reserves for this week. My body knows even before I know

Last week I had a hard time eating even eggs and a bunch of bacon.. Today.. I had no trouble cleaning my plate.. That's a harbinger.. No sunday morning live..

Chew on this as you all go to your perspective areas of worship

Spirituality is a story line.

Story align

Does the story align..?

But what does it align with..?

To belong to the freemasons you have to believe in some sort of god.. It doesn't matter what kind.. But they want you to believe in a higher power..

In my world.. Power is in numbers.. I belong to the collective called humanity.. There is an order.. The new world order. The order of the freemason. The order of the Rosicrucian..

Every balanced organized society must have some kind of order. Or else chaos and then extinction..

My story aligns with life.. It is part of the order.. No different than your resistance and your death culture is part of the order.. For every life there must be some kind of death.. Or else extinction..

But you have the power to choose now.. At least some of you.. Not everybody has that power because they don't even know they have it.. Or they never were given access to it.

Be thankful you're given access to some kind of power of choice..

Choose wisely.. Find the story that aligns with you..

But my story of life.. aligns with me.. And i'm still part of order.. As are you.. Because I do not worship chaos.. I understand controlled chaos. But, i do not worship anarchy.

Today.. Be very mindful who you hunt.. Who you hate. Who you resist. And most of all be very mindful who you love.. Because love is the biggest deception.. Especially if you're not aware of how it can manipulate..

New religion aka evolution

In keeping with the geometrical and architectural theme of Freemasonry, the Supreme Being is referred to in Masonic ritual by the attributes of Great Architect of the Universe (sometimes abbreviated as G.A.O.T.U.), Grand Geometer, or something similar.

all religions are welcome in this world.. And you must responsible for what you choose to do in your religion. And when you hold a religion with a very specific outcome.. There is no one to blame but yourself..

So why don't you reconsider your religion and belief system, before you start pointing fingers at anyone. Update: sneezing last night blowing my nose early this morning, yup.. i can pinpoint the delayed reactiom from frequency change..

10-4 will be bad.. Left ear frequency change pretty aggressive one..

It was clear and hot outside and it still is hot.. There was blue sky.. I was thinking we are in the calm before the storm.. But as soon as that frequency change came up.. Now all of a sudden there are clouds.. And I have a slight hive under my boob..

Welcome to the new frequencies.. You want to be a genius.. Face your pain and your predisposed issues..

Strategize your survival.. Feed your mind intellectual thought processes and understand all arguments..

Maybe it's time to kick the drug habit and the alcohol habit.. Eventually the smoking habit.. And you need food become smarter.. All food.

BTW, your remedies and cures are not making you any smarter. Just a heads up..

The medical and the holistic system is not making anyone smarter..

The medical and the holistic system take away your life via immaturity/offspring.. Overtime the children destroy the parents.. Just like in families.. No different than in your body.

All systematically.. Which means they are dumbing you down.. I'm just being honest..

You don't have to have the childhood programming.. Everyone had some kind of trauma in their life.. The question is.. Can you face it.. Release the damage.. Build back better..

Genius.. Is just one change away..

Hypersanity requires relative solitude.. And strategy..

There are so many ways to be genius..

And I will say in my opinion.. Spirituality is not part of it. That's just my honest opinion..

"Spirituality can be defined generally as an individual's search for ultimate or sacred meaning, and purpose in life. Additionally it can mean to seek out or search for personal growth, religious experience, belief in a supernatural realm or afterlife, or to make sense of one's own "inner dimension"." Wikipedia

Everything can be explained through physics laws, biological laws, mathematical equations, the manipulation of language and chemical reactions..

Spirituality is the story you tell about physics influencing chemical reactions developing a(n) (un)stable blueprint..

Spirituality is a story line... That storyline has a purpose. An intention.. And a very specific measurable result..

... It doesn't even matter where or when life began.. And it doesn't even matter why.. You're here.. Until you disappear yourself.. Or you allow people who have the numbers, the majority rules, to disappear you..

Where everything began is pretty much irrelevant..

What's relevant is if you want to end it.. Or keep it going..

But to believe in a higher power.. Yeah, humans.. humans on Earth..

The one with the best story, wins..

Power is in numbers.. Relative to the intention..

If fifty people want to explode a bomb (7 × 10^6).. There is your higher power.. You have no control over fifty people and 7 million degrees..

You are ESSENTIALLY out numbered..

Higher power=majority rules

The trinity in the catholic church is all about the power of number

Parent/father Child/Son Religion/Holy spirit

Prime numbers have attracted the interest of scientists since the first formulation of Euclid's theorem in 300 B.C. These are integer positive numbers that do not result by the product of other numbers (i.e., they can only be divided by 1 and themselves). The product of two prime numbers is a composite number.

Prime numbers = IMMACULATE CONCEPTION (Mary divided/energy by 1 and herself.. Mary, Jesus and the holy "spirit" energy..) teratoma

The first few prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 and 29.

Euclid proved that “if two triangles have the two sides and included angle of one respectively equal to two sides and included angle of the other, then the triangles are congruent in all respect” (Dunham 39).

Note: "Trauma will open up portals of awareness you never had.. You just have to know how to channel that trauma" An army doctor during world war one, that must have been traumatic for Jung.

Scientists know how to use trauma to develop innovation!!!!!!! Not lay people..

If you've had any sort of trauma or hardship. You can channel that energy and release the demons.. And build your body up and face the pain.. My book can give you the clues on how I did it.. But again check with your doctor.. Not everybody can survive facing the demons of the past.. Because they have a shitty support system. But you also must feed your mind something you want to specialize in that is life affirming. Or else you'll become radicalized into destruction..

Look at your activists out there.. Or people in denial.. traumatized and radicalized into destruction.

The concept of hypersanity, though modern, has ancient roots. The Scottish psychiatrist R D Laing thought of hypersanity as a state of higher consciousness that could be reached by a voyage of discovery, potentially one fueled by madness. Carl Jung had firsthand experience with this state of consciousness as he psychologically recovered from serving as an army doctor during World War I.

To the people who make fun of people who watch tv.. And believe the tv.. I'm talking to everybody.

When people find out the movies and the tv were the predictive programming telling you.. Yet, you're afraid of tv MAKING FUN of those who watch tv,

but yet you listen to the simpsons Using the episodes to prove your conspiracy theories..

You're afraid of the t v programming you but yet the tv was telling you what they were doing.. What they were going to do.. What they are doing..

You didn't want to believe it.. And you believed it..

You can't have it both ways.. You can't be a conspiracy theorist and not believe the t v.. Because again you're listening to the simpsons And you are using evidence on the tv MOVIES to support your thesis..

Every conspiracy theorist has used something on the t v to support their thesis as far as predictive programming..

Conspiracy THEORISTS always listened to the tv, if anything, more than the mainstreamers..

That was their only proof..Besides the actual event..

If you think i'm making fun of you.. I probably am.. So you know how it feels..

Everyone makes their choices.. And now you will be accountable for them.. My advice to everyone in my world..

Prepare to release those demons.. Because it will be a doozy.. Let me tell you.. Regardless of your belief system..

Do you have what it takes to survive this great reset.. You've been warning everybody for years.. What have you done for yourself. I was home the last three years.. Taking care of myself.. While y'all all were destroying your body mind and spirit through resistance..

But that was your choice.. Make fun of whoever you want.. But remember what happened to those during the flood of noah.. Noah had the last laugh.

Be careful who you make fun of.. You might end up with egg on your face.. Now go look at all of your died suddenly groups..

Heart conditions..

Vaccines are no different than any other life force in your body mind and spirit..

The frequencies are what activates your immune system.. And if you have abused your immune system, it won't matter what you do or do not do.. You will have to suffer the fate of your belief systems and reactions..

That's why I said in my book. You must open up your immune system to release the demons.. Because right now in people's bodies the demons have nowhere to go except to torture the host aka the parent.. And you still must eat all food to keep fueling your immune system to release those demons. Suffering to live is not for the faint of heart and I earned my short term suffering the last seven years..

I wanted to show you what I looked and sounded like after yesterday.. So you didn't think I was photoshopping any of my Photos.. And I wanted to prove to you. I'm not lying about feeling energetic and clear, headed after a suffering...

But I went to hell the last seven years.. Even more so when covid nineteen came around..

But I changed my lifestyle.. Improved my belief system..

I had to literally fight for my life.. Despite SOME PEOPLE making fun of me.. And calling me stupid. Sometimes you have to sit in the suffering to earn life.. But you have to understand what it takes to support suffering correctly and effectively..

And so I guess I will be a self-proclaimed canary in the coal mine. Who doesn't have to die from the conditions..

When the frequencies change aggressively, I will get bloated. Because that will be the little offspring developed from that energy shift.

No different than giving the democrats more power every eight years and then the republicans. It's the frequencies that give more power to some of your colony forming units in your body.. And then your immune system has to march them through your lymphatic system. So they can exit the body properly assuming you have an open system.. And if your system is mostly closed.. That's when people die suddenly.

When you resist change an evolution and you stay cured.. You are following the laws of thermodynamics.. you won't survive resisting change..

Immortality was never resisting change in an evolution..

Mortal humans can't give up their lifestyle belief systems.. And so they justify ending their suffering eventually.. Because suffering becomes worse and worse with every cure they apply to their body. Until rest in peace is the only way out.

Potential immortal human will strategize their way into adaptability..

And the odds are against them..They have to fight their lifestyle and their friends and family..

And they still have to survive bringing in money.. Granted they don't need as much as they think they need.. But when you're supporting everybody around you.. And all of their desires and entertainment..

You'll be the sacrificial lamb.. And everyone goes over the cliff together..

That's why immortal humans need to know when to step away. Because stepping away could save your life.

This is why the system has given you everything. Because they are observing the kind of choices you are making. Be careful what you wish for.. You just might get it. Saturday

To me suffering is the new super power.. When there are lessons to be learned I will suffer through them.. I will always look for my own accountability when i'm in a suffering situation..

Because when you suffer and you strategize and you succeed in your goal.. Nobody can take that away from you.. Nobody can take that away from you..

The key thing is never to suffer under somebody else's expectations. Or them putting their hands on you.. That's not the suffering i'm talking about.. Though, vampires will justify putting their hands on you and making you suffer under their expectations and desires..

The key to longevity is to sit in the suffering you developed in your world and strategize your way out of it.. Without vampiring somebody else.. When someone says, you take care of your kids until you are dead..

The spell every parent puts on themselves when they are too afraid to disengage..

This is why you can't talk to people.. Or tell them anything.. The fear of being alone.. And being held accountable for their own choices.. Friends is the new currency.. Sucking the life out of your friends.

What if your friends changed giving you the opportunity to save yourself? That to me is a great friend.. When they set you free.. And you still have a relationship of respect.

And so parents think of their children as friends.. And they treat them as such..

Which is why children don't grow up and mature.. They just get old, deteriorate and die. It was built into their culture..

The ultimate parent is the one that allows you to make your mistakes and become the man and woman non binary you were meant to be whatever that is.. The only thing you can blame them was not being there.. Boo fucking hoo. Grow the fuck up.

The ultimate parent doesn't save their children who are eighteen years and older from the mistakes their children made..

The ultimate parent is hands off after eighteen.. Unless the child is going to school and working.. Becoming a responsible adult..

If the child is just working they can get their own apartment or roommate..

Believe me I learned my lessons in my twenties..

And so now that i'm forty nine years old.. I understand what my mother was doing.. And she is the epitome of a parent..

She allowed me to develop the tools to save my own ass.

Many parents out there are like the black widow.. The black widow.. Sirens 5am.. Another angel gained their wings or lost them..



My system had to push all that crap through my Immune system which is why I was in pain.. But those who don't have a strong immune system would deal with clots and cancers and other stuff. such as cardiac arrest failure or attack. Or even an aneurism..

But the pain was not that bad.. It was enough to knock me on my a** a little bit. And the situation made me eat and sleep, and even say to all of you, i will take a vacation from Facebook live which I will, because it's nice. I'll still be back on monday, like i said..

But I really had to sleep yesterday.. Even last night.. sleep was my best friend and I ate so many different types of food yesterday..

I had chicken soup.. Homemade chicken soup.. I had lots of oatmeal.. Cheese and tomatoes.. A burrito.. Lemon poundcake with whipping cream.. I had to feed the little offspring from that frequency change.. Which gave fuel to my immune system to push out the altered babies. Of course blowing my nose and sneezing when I needed to.. I'm sure i will release demons this morning.. I did.. I'm a brand new person..

But yeah when you go through a frequency change and there's exponential growth.. And then your system has to regulate the growth so it doesn't become too influential.. It's painful.. Your arms hurt.. Those are where your lymph nodes are. That's why those who get heart attacks and strokes feel arm pain right beforehand.

I even remember last week tossing and turning with a little bit of leg pain.. Like a sharp pain.. But nothing horrible.. It disappeared..lymph nodes pushing antigen out..

That's why I have my methodology.. It saves my ass every single freaking time. The j juice was to wake up my immune system.

But I have another methodology that does not require anything through the mouth, except for regular food, not using food as medicine. I stay far away from any alchemist out there.. I stay away from therapists.. I stay away from self proclaimed healers or state sanctioned healers.. You end up in the morgue someday.. Just look at your friends.

I saved my own ass because I can.

Not everybody can. You will have to determine if you can save your own ass.

Good luck in trying to incorporate the system while saving your own ass.

Once they get their hands on you.. They will have a very difficult time taking their hands off you. The money is just too good..

And to save your own ass, you will go through hell if you even can survive it..

Which is why I say 10-4 is going to be a doozy for many people.. Because that universal frequency change plus a sound coming out from five billion phones will raise the radiation levels exponentially aggressive in the environment.. It has to..

No different than getting everybody in your neighborhood together and blasting music.. That sound will cause a huge wave of energy..

This is what you must prepare for.. Expect the unexpected.

But this last week of accidents and people going crazy.. Expect that.. But even more so.. You hope nothing happens..

But how could it not..

Darwin was ridiculed way back when he discovered survival of the fittest.. The strongest.. The most adaptable.. And it's not just physical strength.. It's the ability to adapt and change.. Relative to the conditions. He could not go against the church. But eventually his concepts became mainstream..

Be careful of those who YOU ridicule and say that are nuts.. Because maybe you are THE ONE WHO IS insane.. And the people who are speaking, whatever truth you have an issue with regardless, are hypersane.

And i'm not talking about religion.. Or politics.. Or even certain science dogmas.. And is not even discussing the merits of some perspective on the bible. Because every version has its place relative to intention relative to the architects regulating the world..

You'll find out those who you resisted the most.. had your best interest at heart. Not that you were ready for it.. But I will tell you most of your friends and family want you to join them.. Your coworkers are different.. You must work to live in whatever capacity..

But what do you do with your time off.. Do you join the crowd..

Or do you find a way to survive..

Note: Nothing is poison in the food supply.. When your body craves whatever food that's out there you don't deny it..

The starvation disciplines came from the holistic world. Because they brainwashed you into thinking certain foods and all foods were poisoned at some point. That was also the depopulation agenda.. Making you think food was poison..

And the reason why we're going to lab created meat because the way we actually get meat is not very humane.

Even in a gentleman's farm. Somebody running a local farm is no different than running a factory farm butchering meat. The animal still has to deal with fear of dying..

You imagine what I'd like to be farmed out to people.. Going to the hospital.. And then one day end up in the morgue.. Imagine your fear around dying.. Especially when people put you in those systems to begin with.

Imagine what the farm animals feel like.. That's why bill gates is not the enemy.. But you made him so. You're so afraid of life even in the therapies you're willing to destroy your own life because you're so afraid of symptoms..

And then when you have symptoms around food because you're so nutritionally deficient, your body finally can do what it's supposed to do, which is push out the altered weaknesses, you stay away from the food.. Because that's what the system told you to do.. Or you disable your immune system.. You stop it from releasing.. What you should have done was open up your immune system. And learn how to cough, sneeze and blow your nose.. And understand your whole alimentary canal.. And yeah face the pain and eat all food. But you were fucked up by your friends and family.. And society.

Your fear around food was how the system had you destroy yourself and your family through your own hand and religious belief systems.

Your desired to look sexy and emaciated was also a depopulation agenda.. Sexy girls who are malnourished can't handle energy conversion.. Skinny skinny sexy girls don't have enough substance to handle the environment.. And of course they treat themselves to death. They needed the food. They need food ..

Food and the release process the way I have in my book is and was the methodology that saved my life.. My juice just activated my immune system.. That was the intent..

I preempted 2019 in 2016.. Because if it wasn't for me.. You wouldn't have been ready for this pandemic.. But because of me.. Many of you have survived the first and second third, and fourth waves of covid .. Because it's a frequency that wakes up your immune system, what you already have inside from your years of abuse with herbal remedies and surgeries and prescription drugs. If some of you would have evolved with my information, you could be in a very different place today.. Because you would have made the behavioral changes.. Necessary to survive.. Or at least give you another chance to survive another frequency change..

The other argument is that people have died because of my information.. Prove it.. Prove it in a biological court of law.. Prove it.. Considering all the factors, lifestyle, belief systems and treatments they already received prior to coming into my world.

A person dying in hospice is not proof that whatever they drank and ate last was the SOLE reason.. It is a lifetime of choices and predisposed issues is what causes a person to be where they are today and why they die..

It is the cumulative effect..

Though, simple minds want to make correlation equal causation.. Because that's what simple minds do.. They don't have enough background or experience or education to understand otherwise.. And they listened to all the fear porn.

That's why evolution is so important.. That's why change is so important..

now, how are you gonna survive your culture your religion and your belief system, especially when one is so resistant to change..

We will see..

Everything is about conditioning.. You either continue condition yourself to die.. and condition everyone around you to expect it someday..

Or you understand my information and condition yourself to live.. And maybe pull away from those who want you to die.. Someday.. Or lessen those deadly influences around you..

But it took me seven years with the issues that I had to condition myself to live and survive change and evolution.. Half the time it was before COVID the other half time was after Covid during Covid. And I pretty much left the social scene.. Despite everyone around me thinking I was crazy..

No you're crazy.. For not even sensing the indicators.

That's what being under the influence does to you..

That's what using all the therapies does to you.. It takes away your ability to sense danger for what it is..

And then feed into all the hormones of feeling happy happy joy joy..

That's why people don't survive..

They let the system program them to be happy..

Run away from their pain.. Or have somebody put their hands on them.. Or tell them what they should feel or not feel.. Or get lost in all the entertainment and distractions. And of course fall to the fear porn.. While doing really nothing effectively life inducing about it except to keep disabling one's immune system (deadening oneself).

Buying all the protection.. You can't protect yourself from the environment.. You don't live in a bubble. You either adapt or perish.. And people choose to perish..

But they want to have fun doing it.. With as many people as possible ..

No different than people holding a hurricane party.. Partying like it's nineteen ninety nine..

There's no time like the present to choose how you will condition yourself.. And it might take ten years for some of you.. If you even survive that long.. If you can even survive your friends and your family and your culture.

Oct 4th and 11th will be a wake up call for many people. Or it will be nothing at all.. It will be just another day.. And another death or symptom.. You already expect it.. You've already embraced it.. You already gave permission to the system to take you out when it was appropriate for them.. You signed all the forms and gave money to the insurance companies.. And you took all the remedies and modalities.. You gave your permission a long time ago..

Now the system is holding you accountable.. This will never happen again..

The '30's, the 1930's that is, are remembered for being the decade of the Great Depression. It began with the stock market crash of October 1929, which led to the greatest economic decline in the history of the industrialized Western world. Every community in the country was affected by it.

We are in a controlled great depression.. You are being given choices.. You will suffer for your choices..

You will choose either that nice vacation and caviar over feeding your family.. You'll go into debt feeding your family.. Because that shiny object was more important..

Instead of that fendi bag and designer purses.. You might have to buy milk..

The system is going to put the squeeze on you.. Those who waste resources

The rich will buy the cures and destroy themselves faster because they can..

The poor will try to keep up..

The middle class has a choice..

I am middle class..

Those who are poorer than me.. Will try to keep up with the rich people.. Putting off the image.. Starving their family while buying named brand items. Going heavily into debt.. The image they are doing well is more important than actually doing well..

Very wealthy people.. Will buy all the surgery.. All the botox.. All the vacations.. All the cures.. Even become an influencer showing how great they are at healing themselves.. And they will also back themselves into a corner..

The poor and the rich are pigeonholed..

The middle class always had the choices..

Some of you are middle class but you will become very poor in health..

Some of you are very wealthy and you will also become very poor in health..

You always had to follow somebody else.. Or look up to somebody else or look down upon somebody else..

Those who can't break away from the crowd.. Who needs followers and to also must follow somebody else not develop their own path..

They will become very poorly in health..

It's the extremely wealthy who rely on people who rely on an image... Could potentially take time off.. And take a decade to get their life back. Because it could be a decade for some people to get their life back.

It took me seven years to get my life back.. And I didn't have any major surgeries.. No major diagnosable conditions.. I had my own trauma but it was not very bad relative to other people..

I would imagine it would take somebody who is way worse off than me more than 7 years to get their life back if they even have the time.

You would really have to strategize your survival right now..

Because if i'm feeling it.. Many are not surviving it.. I think i might take the weekend off.. lay low for a bit.. arms and back kind of sore..

When arms and backs are sore.. Because the immune system is marching all the waste out of the body through the lymph nodes.

All of the exit points are open.. .. And I will feel the pain of releasing waste.

The soldiers of war must be released.. And p o w's must be allowed to leave..

take care this weekend everyone.. no fb live until Monday.. the frequency change has completely scrambled people's brains and thought process.. people's intention that were tempered by other regulators are now coming to surface, and it is NOT pretty..

West Virginia toll road was shut down due to hazmat

accidents sicknesses anger sadness despair fatigue wow..

be careful out there everyone.. many are hair trigger..

rapture like scenarios.. Nephilim= you/re altered offspring from sexual reproduction from aggressive fertility from antibiotics, painkillers, detoxes, injuries, herbs and war.. When will you grow up..

Our society is built from children who also are children even at 90 years old an die as children..

oh yes, I feel the change in the atmosphere... and not a restful night's sleep..

microbial children are why you have cancer, disease, chronic illness and disorders.. one must release the "demons" children/microbial children and feed yourself, the parent as well as the demons..

remember: children are destructive unless they have a purpose.. and if not purposed, children destroy and need someone to regulate them.

People have taken starvation as a discipline against "gluttony", when in actuality, they release the children out of their body, they would not have to force themselves on DIETS AND DESTROY ONESELF..

WOMEN/Men at any age who are so skinny aging out have taken starvation as a discipline and then feed off the death hormones as they start walking and talking to the spirits of the dead..nearing death..

Obesity, too many children in the body feeding until they destroy the infrastructure in the body or they receive help from the medical system to manage the children in their body..

release the children, save YOURSELF EVERYONE, EVEN CHILDREN, but children in our society have no understanding, so the children/juvenile cells in their body will destroy them if they are not strong enough to control their own juvenile cells..

Let me give you an example of why the system must program your children who already have major deficits.. i mean major ones..

There are some families out there who produce extremely violent and abusive, extremely consumptive consumerists children who turn into dangerous adults..

Would you put the future of humanity in the hands of some of your neighbors, friends and family.. and if you did.. we would be back to the caveman days, reinventing the wheel..

no, I would NOT want to put the future in the hands of some of my neighbors or peers... that would be scary.. we would have annihilation, genocide, etc..

oncology is controlling the out of control children, but the parent is starving and cannot handle growth, food and development..

climate change is oncology..controlling the children of the world of all ages, even 80 years old all the way down to 1 years old..

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