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Hindsight is Always 20/20

High sight is always twenty twenty..

Here's what I will be covering..

2024 is going to be a very aggressive year.

Election year.

Trials. Tribulations.


Hurricanes tornadoes and storms.

Disease x y and z From the lack of conditioning because of the epinephrine pen.

I WAS very lucky, I was not given epinephrine every time I had a spring allergy attack IN MY CHILDHOOD

I was extremely lucky thank you mother ..

I might have suffered nosebleeds and headaches. And everything else. But I was given benadryl and other things that put me to sleep not an epi pen. That was about it.. And I will never take over the counter medication EVER again..

The epipen was invented in the nineteenth seventies.. It was made to weaken future genetic lines.. It was made to weaken children.. And now we have adults who were weakened as children who will have an issue with climate change.. Along with the children who are on these epipens..

That's why my disgust with the holistic industry and the medical industry.. They made you weaker.. They made your children weaker.

And since I was already malnourished as a baby , I could not afford to be weakened by the medical system too much.. My mother was correct..

I'm so glad she did not give me that epipen. That would have sealed my fate.

But now we're seeing strong kids become weaker through the medical and holistic system

And we're watching future parents procreate extremely weak children..

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