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History is Written by the Winners so Don't Die and Write Your History - Live for Yourself Forever

thanks mom.. everything was for a reason.


take care of you.

btw, yes.. my grammar is atrocious because i do talk to text.. as my thoughts are so fast that typing them out become so insanely to slow.. deal with it ahah..

Main take away.. History is written by the winners so don't die and write history..

The aggressive emphasis on sex and family was what brought in innovation, which could also be your destruction..

Real entrepreneurs work for themselves and they don't die from the jobs they are doing.. When you work for yourself you will keep yourself alive.. When you are slave to someone else they will destroy you. Because you let them.

Your mother will make you or break you.. My mother made me she never broke me.. Thanks mom..

Even the trolls have evolved.. I told you humans can evolve to be very crafty when they want to get a point across.. Which means people do have the ability to evolve.. And speak in specific ways

I think it's awesome.. Now put your mind to something to save your life not destroy somebody else. Not that you could, but the thought that you could Means you have the time to save yourself.

All your energy and resistance and fear could be saving yourself.. But people put their time into completely wasteful ventures.. I know they think giving me their peace of mind is not a wasteful venture because it unloads their stress onto me..

And maybe they need to feel heard which means I mean something to them.. But I will not be your saviour or satan..

I'm not your religion.

But resisting me is not going to help you.. Because you're getting nothing from it.. except a temporary cure. A release process.. If you need me to release your stress

well.. I do not want to be in that kind of relationship with you.. I'm not here to release your stress. You release your own stress. On your own page.

That's why we're in a great reset.

Light bulb.. YOU must love the govt.. they do get the best and worst out of their citizens..

lol thx. i appreciate the energy..and the prompts

Government trolls do have a purpose..

They tease out what's already in you to begin with..

However, I would rather them tease out my intellectual capability than annihilate me in an accident .

when women/men are greedy they will violate their morality clause to make a buck..

we all know sex, drugs and religion sells.. to what degree will you sell your soul to make a buck ...

we are in the days of "Babylon".. if I must say so myself.. everything is for sale, even our children and proteins.. And when we silence our children's immune systems, along with ourselves.. we are silencing the Babylon within..

self fulfilling prophecy for those who believe in Babylon.. are you sure you are not referring to yourselves as you are silencing your immune system? Oh boy Another only fans account of a person who sleeps with over three hundred people a year.. That's a lot of damage to her lady parts. When I say I stay away from alchemists and health professionals and the holistic world.. It means I can like the person but I won't practice their religions..

And I have no hatred towards any of them..

And I still keep people on my facebook who are against israel and the jews..

I have no hatred against anyone..

We are in a massive turning point of humanity..

A massive one..

It's quite phenomenal watching people figure out their position right now today.

It is really quite phenomenal..

Remember you can still respect people even if you don't practice the same religions..

Again if you have to hunt somebody to give them your peace of mind. And then tag them with a bow and arrow and thinly veiled insults.. Maybe you were the ones that were hunting humans six thousand years ago..

If you choose not to understand what somebody has gone through in the past or even recently.. Maybe you were part of a long line of ancestors that had the intention to destroy another culture.. And you're alive because the other culture didn't destroy your genetic line . And you didn't destroy the other culture .. Or they wouldn't be alive today..

The jay world will live forever.. Because why would you take longgevity away from humanity.. Unless you have the intention to destroy a specific culture and not give them a choice to live. When you were "chosen" to be the first slave, and then you strategized your way out of that and then enslaved others.. Many nations could recount the events of their ancestors enslaved by people who used to be slaves..

You know humanity.. They repeat what their parents have done until they evolve.. Until somebody redirects..

And then you saw the error of your ways and you set everyone Free at their own hand,

but to live on EARTH, YOU had to be non violent productive members of society who were Intellectually capable to evolve.. The hand(s)that rocked the cradles of humanity and civilization

Nature and nurture..

All types of melanic skin color comes from a long line of people who worked out in the sun..

Why do you think certain nations are super powers.. Maybe they were the first slaves way back even before genesis and exodus.. And then they were trained by their overseers when the overseers died. Or when they escaped their overseer.

. Who were their overseers.. The Anunaki.. Maybe the slaves over threw their oppressors.. strategized human survival..

All the different people, people who agreed or disagreed with leaving egypt or in other places didn't understand the situation..And you know how people are when they don't understand or when they think you're trying to hurt them..

Then you get the intolerance and the religions against a person place or thing.. Mischaracterizations.. Misconceptions. War and reinventing the wheel.. Slavery..

Maybe the land of israel was where the israelites escaped the anunaki from egypt.. The tall pharaohs.. The pharaohs were the nephilim.. And those seeds were bred into humanity.. So many hands rock that cradle..

So many hands rocked all the cradles of civilizations and humanity..

Remember that movie with Rebecca demornay? She was a nanny, trying to nurse a baby that was not hers biologically because she wanted to take over that family. And what was her intention..? She tried to colonize a family..

Every intention is good or bad.. Relative to the purpose..

And even the outcome could be evolved.. The outcome isn't always the intention however it could always be improved..

The middle east And so everyone has claim over there in jerusalem.. Because muslim jews and christians all could lay claim around Jerusalem.. So why can't everyone get along..

Why is it there's so much hatred between cultures to the point where you have to come down so hard on somebody or they might destroy you.. When you have to get protection when you haven't done anything to somebody else.

Remember my situation.. Remember the thoughts that I had. Remember the immune system activation sequence in the salt in the water and then finally the food supply.. You saw how many death threats I received.. You saw how many groups waging war against myself and the people around me.. You saw how many trolls and articles and youtube videos made against me to destroy my spirit and silence my voice.

Can you imagine what the original slaves of the cradles of civilization had to go through to learn everything about humans..

Can you imagine the memories of enslavement for thousands and thousands of years by brutal dictators and overseers.. No wonder people are so scared

No wonder people are talking about freedom all the time.. From great britain.. From the american government.. From another thought process..

The word freedom comes from such trauma around slavery with everybody.. Even the jews of israel Are so afraid to be enslaved by another race or genocided.. No wonder they have so much protection. Everyone around them wants to destroy them.

No wonder I stay home and stay safe. And I don't hang out with too many people.. People don't like me because i'm different.. Or they tolerate me. Because I have different things to say.. And I understand. People don't understand different.. They do not understand different.

And so when you have been brutalized and persecuted and even executed by your fellow men because they didn't like you.. And they hunted you down and tried to genocide your whole race your group your spirit your way of life.. survivors find different ways to survive.. And they find ways to destroy the destroyers.. Because to know thy enemies to know thyself..

And then reset humanity's clock

But they had to reproduce so many people to understand.. They had to study every human out there to understand..

Now you get a chance for freedom.. Now you get a chance to set yourself free without dying.. Now you get a chance to set your children free without destroying them

But they have to be tolerant productive non violent members of society..

And right now war has been built into the family and relationships..

And i'm going to tell you how to free yourself..

But one must acknowledge who the enemy is.. And it's not your government.. It's not even your husband or wife or family.. Though you train them to act a certain way to you..

You are your own worst enemy.. You will train everyone around you to destroy you..

And I will tell you why and I will tell you how you have trained people to destroy you..

Why.. Unless you're willing to breed out violence, you will destroy yourself through the violence and the excess.. Because you will destroy yourself..

How.. You allow strangers in your body mind and spirit.. After you say you think you know them.. Even after fifty years of marriage you don't really know that person.. Because you don't even know life yet.. A hundred years barely scratched the surface on the knowledge of the world and humanity..

The only way you're going to save yourself.. Is to learn about yourself and humanity.. Without dying..

Every battle inside your body is a battle to save yourself from the other humans in your world..

That's how you set yourself free without dying..

Freedom is not asking someone permission to be free..

Freedom is responsibility. Personal accountability.. And it's painful..

But right now every human is looking at themselves In the mirror..

And it's very scary what we're seeing..

What happens today is no different than what happens six thousand years ago..

We now get to watch it on television on our phones.. And most people have a little bit of a grasp of the english or any language to convey what's going on.. And record it in real time..

All history was written by the winners.. And so if you are alive you are a winner until you die..

So if you wanna be a winner..

Don't die. Don't let anyone rewrite your history..

That's why you learn how to write.. And speak.. And speak your truth and speak history.. You are living history right now.. And you have a chance to write history What it comes down to.. Money or respectability..

No one ever became rich off of teaching..

If your intention is to make SO MUCH money you're in the wrong business of teaching.. In my opinion teacher should be humble..

The system made a correct choice.. She should have resigned and she did..

Watching too many van halen music videos i'm sure..

Jeffrey Edward Epstein just proved how powerful the sex demons are in ALL classes of society..

And when you have no control over your sexuality. You're easily leveraged..

When you have family.. You are easily leveraged.

That's how the system controlled you. hot girls Sex bots..

austin powers predicted this..

But hey gordon gecko said greed is good.. So while she is being consumed by her subscribers.. Who are probably pushing her to basically sell her soul even more so. If the price is right.. She'll burn through those resources just as fast as they are burning through her..

I'm glad I did all my traveling the last twenty years.. I'm glad i've seen almost everything worth seeing the last twenty years.

I feel sorry for kids nowadays.. I really do..

What kind of future do they have with this type of temptation.. Enjoy it while you can kid.. Nowadays people are dying suddenly for so many reasons..

Which is why such a desperation to do everything in such a short amount of time.. Because these kids don't have too long to live..

We need someone like this to show the children who are sheltered what happens when they spread their wings a little bit too far.. And show them the sex trafficking victims.. What happens when somebody abuses all of their different orifices..

We need women, we need the victims to show those who have a chance.. What happens when they make these kinds of choices.

And then we also need to release those demons from our children.. Those sex demons are so strong. And the desire to be rich is even stronger..

Oh yeah.. This is going to be so interesting watching the next generation self implode

What makes it worse is that this young asian girl is living up to her stereotype.. The west has sexualized asian women.. So they're falling for this cliche and stereotype..

It's very sad asian women have been pegged to be this way..

I should know.. I'm asian married to a white man.. And we all know asian fetishes are all over the world..

But my mother gave me a back up.. Called intellectual capability.

Asian women.. have been developed to be intelligent and extremely sexual in the west..

But they will use their sex most of the time, especially if they can't tap into their intelligence and intellectual capability.

And so asian women have been reduced down to a genius.. Or a scholarly figure.. A sex object.. Or a wife and mother..

Basically that's her role..

In my honest opinion.. I would rather save myself.. And be intellectually capable.. And not be very hot.. Or crazy sexual.. And I don't need any kids

Very sad.. That in this environment people's programming are on steroids.. When there's really nothing left to do in this world except to live because all the cures of life called death, have already been invented or can't be administered in this environment because it will destroy you, what will you do to stay alive?

The ultimate cure is death.. Beauty is all over the fucking internet.. Hot girls are not special anymore.. They are literally a dime a dozen.. I guess you can call them sex bots

So how are you going to survive your family friends politics religion and science..

Or will you just burn through every resource until you self destruct..

That's the question you should be asking yourself.. the people who respect you the most risk your wrath and anger and will still stand up for you.. but they will NOT shove their thoughts down your throat.. they give you the option to consider alternative points of view..

if you hate or want to p/unch someone for a belief who is not personally targeting you, but are more general than not.. you might be taking the info too personally and you are easily goaded into violence and destruction..

the maturity of society is realizing there are so many ways to live and survive without destroying a person place or thing...

good luck humans..

it is brutal out there.. And remember.. All children are worshipped and put on a pedestal until they start hunting humans when they are adults..

All Children are great until they become a predator and a constant victim from their predatory nature..

That's why people are so blinded by children.. Because they don't know what they're developing..

Until we have to put them in institutions to control their sexual predatory urges.. Or they become serial killers.. Or they become so intolerant of a person, place or thing they will go and hunt you and spiritually destroy you if not physically if given the chance..

You're watching that in society right now in other countries going through wars..

That's why this world is a scary place for children and adults who don't know what they're doing..

It's very scary.. Sex is about kinetic energy and destroying the parent and letting the microbial offspring develop so influentially called cancer of the body parts.. and then the microbial offspring become so influential they organize into aggressive sexual reproduction and then a child.. You want to save your husband or wife from cancer disease and chronic illness.. Maybe stop fucking them. Or stop fucking them so much.

Literally.. Give them a chance.. Love is not about fucking somebody else.. Love and respect can look so differently than what the system has built love and respect on..

The system meant to destroy you through family and relationships.. And out of control hormones. so now.. if you took sex away from any relationship, would it survive? if sex was less, would it survive?

your answer determines what that relationship was based upon.. what it will die from..

many women and men have enslaved themselves to be a sex toy for both men/women and society..

that oughtta shock the shit out of you..

it also tells me that most of society develop their life around their "phuck" trophies.. sorry to be so blunt.. yikes.. but it is true.. and most of society will develop their life around sexually pleasing the world, but fail to develop their brain of longevity..

that is why we are in a great reset..

now you know why the internet exists.. why facebook exists..

so you can say things within reason without getting p*nched in the face lol

That's why we must evolve as a human race.. Hearing the things that are so hard to hear without getting personal..

Sometimes you must hear the hard shit.. And if you don't want to hear the hard shit.. Block and delete the energy.. your choice..

And hope that you might consider saving yours if you think it needs saving.

I just want to give you different perspectives..

Please don't hate me for what i'm saying.. I am trying to save my own life.. And also make observations about the world that I live in.. The worlds that I lived in the past forty nine years.. And they were tough worlds.. tough people I was circulating with..

And your daughters and sons are going to be facing predators out there.. Extremely charismatic aggressive predators.. They must know what they're in for. Now you know why having sex and having children is pretty unremarkable..

What the hell are you developing .. Are you screwing yourself out of a future..

Don't hate me. obesity is the rate of growth and retention that are more than the rate of proper release.. they have become cured and developing a path for a died suddenly.. doing what they love to do.. unfortunately..

emaciation is the rate of release that is more than the rate of proper retention and growth.. they have become cured and developing a path for a died suddenly.. doing what they love to do.. unfortunately..

most people out there suffering are suffering from diseases based upon the their fucked up rate of growth, retention and release process

it is all physics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, math, English/words and behavioral changes.. simply just saying or believing something does not go very far when you have failed to change your behaviors.. That's why circumcision is a part of a lot of religions .. Yes it ensured nation building, but also population control..

People literally screw themselves out of existence..

Anal cancer Testicular cancer Ovarian cancer Cervical cancer Breast cancer

The rate of having children and the rate of sexual activity determines how long a person has to recoup the resources to survive that relationship and family..

Your partner could be killing you through their sexual desires and expectations and desire for family..

If you don't have boundaries nobody will.

All that damage done to your body parts develop altered microbial offspring that might turn into a child or a colony forming unit of cancer..

Herb's extracts and all the different alchemy develop offspring altering and damaging your insides .. And the brutality of all types of sex also damages a person if they don't recoup resources and build their body back stronger..

Micro level and macro level Sex demons are what's destroying society right now.. So when men feel entitled to just take what they want from women.. Brutalizing their sexual parts. And then women die from ovarian and cervical cancer . No one wants to admit both were one hundred percent responsible..

Women also do this to men as well.. Women also do this to other women in lesbian and transsexual relationships..

Sexual abuse does not discriminate.

This is why both men and women must understand balance. So somebody can recover the resources lost during that time of energy conversion.

This is why I feel sorry for girls and boys who are young. Who think that's what they're supposed to do. They become brutalized and devoured by their significant other..

The key thing is surviving your marriage.. surviving all of your sexual relationships. Surviving your job . Surviving your community. Without destroying it.

It means respecting yourself..

You can have a wonderful relationship without sacrificing your body mind and spirit and WITHOUT sustaining brutality from you are significant other..

People are trapped in their relationships because they can't say no to their significant other.. They are not allowed to.. They get psychologically manipulated by their significant other.. They feel forced into doing things against their will.

Marrying somebody in your twenties and thirties means you will be subject to somebody else is brutality..

Becoming a sugar daddy and a sugar baby means somebody's being brutalized in that relationship..

Hot girls who think that's all there is are being brutalized by their boyfriends...

And they accept it because that's the way they were taught and they will never admit it Or else lose their position in that community..

They are too afraid to even face it..

That's what immaturity does to people..

The system developed that into your family and community.. And now you are seeing it.. And you can change it.. If you're willing to even look and face it.. Face the sex DEMONS in your family.

Now look at your daughter's perishing under the suffering but they have nice makeup.. They have a nice purse.. Putting on a face.. Even the husband.. He is suffering under the brutality of his own wife.. Who has so many needs that she even has to go and cheat on him.. Because he's not giving it up to her.. Because she's so fucking needy.

That's why it takes actual mature adults to sustain adult relationships.. And young girls and children are not equipped. Obviously

That's why releasing those sex demons are so important.. So you don't fuck up your world that you live in..

People are dying from the old culture.. And they refused to even see it.. And they commit their daughters and sons into indentured servitude..

They turn their daughters and sons into sex slaves for somebody else...

And then psychologically manipulate somebody else into feeding their desires..

And this is everybody out there.. I mean everybody.. Because that was your culture..

You're dying from your culture.

Wake the fuck up.

When you release the demons, you will learn how to give and take without sacrificing your body, mind and spirit.. And you won't be selfish and greedy.

The jay world is the path to freedom..

But you have to earn it.

Remember a spell was cast over your parents.. That was called the porn industry.. And the movies and the horror movies..

And they passed that curse and spell onto you..

And people are suffering because of it..

Everybody is suffering because of it.. The sexual revolution was the destruction of society..

Coupled with all the aggressive religions.. And of course all the politics.

Now look at your facebook.

You can see who suffering from the sex demons.. They look like they are about to have sex or drop a few children.. Or they have so many children..

It's right in plain sight..

Of course people will not admit it because the shame and embarrassment around it.. That's why religions exist.. To give you absolution.. People die from shame..

If you claim you say things no one else would say.

I dare you to share this post.

I thought so.. No most people will not dare say the things no one else is saying.. They just think they do..

If you truly think that you will share things and say things no one else is saying..

Share this.

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