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Hives Signify Your Part of the Hive Minds You are Part Of

Hive mentality, also known as groupthink, is when a person has a strong tendency to fall for group decision-making.

People self destruct in hive minded energy ..

Which is why survival is a lone venture.. So the hive doesn't destroy me..

That's why family can be very predatory.. Group friends can be very predatory.. Group think is seductive.

There is only room for one.. one leader in your conscience waking world, and you hope the leader overseeing your body, mind and spirit in the dead world/asleep world has your best interests at heart..

The key to survival is appointing a cabinet of people/spirits who are loyal to you in the asleep/dead world, so that way you always wake up, even if waking up and opening your eyes is painful..

It is when people take on traitors in their body, mind and spirit waiting for you to fall asleep so they can sabotage your longevity...

those are the demons of destruction and they have been allowed to run roughshod in you in the waking world and dead world...

Of course, it is not entirely your fault because you were programmed for 18 years as children and told what to feel, think and do until you lost yourself and the demons running you were in control.

All the cures and remedies and even surgeries was for both cutting out the demons who became too numerous or to cut off your supply lines of indicators letting you know danger is in the house..

That's why I don't do any remedies.. I'm not trying to cut off my supply line of indicators, letting me know danger is in the house...

The pain is like my dashboard of indicators signaling something is not correct. And I have to sit through it and feed it and release it.. When I was young, i would not have believed this because I believed the disney fantasy story..

That's why people live and go to disneyland because it's easier to live in that world than their own.. There's always a happy ending even if they are suffering..

It is when you become older, wiser and more aware, more weight/less weight and a tolerance for pain and suffering does one realize how much they could be in control of their own programming without self destructing when all the conditions are right..

This last weekend, I first became consciously aware of the demon/s I was fighting..

I did not just chalk it up to just biology.. I became aware of how prolific the demons in the public square air are and how invasive they can be and how highly energetic this environment is, giving those demons of destruction the power to destroy..

Those demons can make you so aggressive and predatory, relative to your background or so loving and full of the holy spirit that people become more aggressive in their religions..

Even aggressive sexuality is a byproduct.. Remember, we've been programmed from the 1960s to channel our predatory energy through sexuality and religion and family..

That's why the christian revival and the hippie movement were two sides at the same coin.. That's why you see religious people try to get everyone to hang out together because they want to possess you in spirit..

When it comes to group things there are no boundaries.. People will try to possess you.. They intend to do it through manipulation.. It's very insidious. Those are the demons speaking within people called hive minds..

And you can't stop people from congregating together especially when you have promoted the family.. So how did they control you..The system had to harness your predatory spirit through something.. And channel it through innovation, the family.. Even your children..

Those demons also justify behaviors and even redirect you to something different if it doesn't like where you are going.. I experienced that last week.. The last few days. The demon I was fighting was trying to get me off of facebook live.

Those demons can make you think you're doing something at your own free well, but you are not.. They're trying to control you .

You are in the fight of your life... and the dreams, the high energy a few weeks ago and the bloating and armpits leaking, the appetite, the face changes, and the sweating was yet another fight for survival from the JN.1, HV.1 and whatever else is floating out there in the air, food and water that YOU cannot avoid..

it was a painful fight I will not forget.. it was different.. not as bad as July 2022.. but bad enough for another epiphany..

The best thing I ever did was tell everybody what was and is going on in my life that is and was appropriate for my intentions..

Not only does it offer transparency, but it keeps me honest and you get a shared experience .

Secrets destroy..



Only room for 1

When you talk to people.. You're talking to their congress of demons.. Right now people's demons are triggered.

You're not just talking to one person. You're talking to every single colony they host inside..

And when people release some of their demons their demons don't like being let go from a nice warm house called your body mind and spirit.

That's why it's a great exorcism..

When you dream you're talking to these spirits.. When you take a test, you tap into the knowledge of what some of your memories hold..

How to train your spirits and demons to work for you, not against you, takes a long time.

And those demons also have their own families and armies working against you..

So imagine your whole family and friends out there living inside you.. Speaking to the world..

One of those demons turned into your offspring.. Children.

You see how that works..

Sometimes people don't have children but they hold tumors with intelligence..called teratomas

As Above


SO Below

It was nice only knowing the above world.. It was fun, it was innocent.. It was fantasy..

But there's always pay/pain/ment when you're given the gift and curse of innocence and ignorance..

Maybe it's time to understand the below world..

But you have a choice..

Once you read my information you can't unread it.. You can resist it.. But what you resist persists..

If you truly want to stay ignorant of another perspective.. Please block and delete me.. Because you'll be so fascinated with this information and so resistant.. You could destroy yourself.. And then say i'm the one that's the problem.. Blaming me.. Or using platitudes..

No point in resisting this information if you already read it..

You've seen it..

You can't unsee it..

Use it to your benefit. If you can't use anything you see and hear to your benefit. People become a victim of circumstances. No power in their life.

Always looking for protection.. Always looking for someone to protect them..

Every single time I had to battle demons I was on my own. My husband can't do it for me.. People on facebook can't do it for me. Even my government can't do it for me..

I had to face those demons alone..

Everyone's alone in a world full of people.. The comfort of knowing people are out there.. Is knowing they're going through the same thing i'm going through.. Even if they don't admit it..

We're all suffering in some way..

I just hope you survive your suffering...

From the looks of people's posts.. People are entertaining some pretty fucked up energy in their world.. If the people, they hang out with cause them to post platitudes and defense memes and postures, Why are you hanging out with these people causing you to defend yourself on facebook on your own wall..

If people are that fucked up in your world.. Stop hanging out with them.. Block and delete them..

Constant complaints.. People entertain fucked up energy because it gives them something to rebel against.. To blame..

I like using fucked up energy and spinning it and converting it.. Too much fucked up energy is destructive.. A little fucked up energy you could do something with..

The art of energy conversion takes a lot of practice. And yeah you have to release demons.. Or your demons will torture you.. Stealing your energy..

The key thing about using f***** u* energy is knowing when to back off and unfollow. So you don't allow somebody else's world to possess you.. Even i'm not strong enough to surround myself by so much fucked up energy..

And fucked up energy is all relative to how you perceive what someone says and does.. Because what I say about someone else they could say the same thing about me..

If you have that feeling about somebody regardless if it's right or wrong.. You are the one choosing to entertain that energy whatever it is..

Just like gambling..

I know when to walk away..

The Great Reset= The Great Excorcism

An exorcism is a religious or spiritual practice that involves removing demons, jinns, or other evil spiritual entities from a person or area that is thought to be possessed. The word "exorcism" comes from the Ancient Greek word exorkismós, which means "binding by oath".

In Christianity, an exorcism is the practice of casting out demons from a person who is believed to be possessed. The person performing the exorcism is called an exorcist, and is often a member of the Christian Church or someone who is believed to have special powers.

In Contemporary American Religion, exorcisms performed by the Catholic Church are considered "clandestine, underground affairs" that are performed without the approval of the Catholic Church or the psychological screening that the church requires.

Which is why you eat all food.. You must release those demons..

You have to stay away from my juice because you will trap those beasts inside.. You have to understand my method.. It's literally organic.. Conditioning your upper and lower immune system to release those demons..

All food is necessary if you can handle it.. If you have trouble with food there's nothing I can do to help you. I can't help you anyways..

Help yourself.. Save yourself. It's not easy..

And it's a fucking bitch.. And painful sometimes..

We all are descendants of something.. We've been exposed to microbes of the past.. Those microbes influence genes..

Right now the past is coming to haunt us..

This is the battle you're in every single night of your life..

People take on demons daily.. And they also incubate them.

The night is when the body reconciles with them..

You can see the circles under my eyes when they were swollen. And now they're not..

It's a battle fighting these demons..

The key thing is surviving each battle as you get stronger and stronger.. And food is the thing that saves my life every single time..

The light off..

The light on..

Remember, it's not your fault because you were not aware of the monster within was made to be stronger through this system of programming..

Once you become aware you have a choice..

Even then it doesn't mean you will survive choices..

This great reset is a huge awareness that humanity must face in order to develop a different future.

And it's fucked up facing the past and what we have allowed to happen for centuries..

Before you blame anyone.. Take a look at what you have participated in.. What you are participating in..

Look at your own backyard.. Full of skeletons and secrets and trauma and shame..

You don't have to be public about it.. But once you do face what you have contributed to, you'll stop blaming someone and hating people.. You can still respect people with a little bit of love.

But when you finally face your part in it. You won't be blinded by love and hate ..

The future is beautiful if you can face the darkness of the past.

When I said yesterday, I had to "save myself", I was literally living that situation.. I was in the process of saving myself..

i kicked that phucked up demon out of my system.. which speak to my aggressiveness the last few weeks.. Knowing what I know, it is very difficult to have patience for lambs out there...

lambs will either grow up and mature and save themselves, or look to have pets, children and family to keep them company..

If you have watched some of the youtube videos of epstein island exposes, and I could only watch 2 minutes of some of them, remember how the giants were eradicated because they were destroying women and girls with HOW BIG THEY WERE..

now imagine people/predators in your society destroying women and girls with their size, etc..

epstein island was showing you what happened to women 10k/20k years ago before we took down the giants.. but some adults men and women still like to destroy things via sexuality...

violence against women via sexuality and the family has NOT been eradicated, just shapeshifted into a culture of acceptance and consent..

violence against children is like watching the past of human history when the giants were destroying the women and girls via SEXUALITY...


IF YOU CANNOT SEE THIS.. or even think about this as a consideration.. I hope you never have to see it or experience it..

some people will die with the knowledge or the ignorance their part in the destruction of women/children and men via their own tunneled views of the world..

I am a woman.. and I have experienced almost all of it.. and it is worse than you can ever imagine.. many men do not even realize how destructive they can be and are and some women do not realize what they are forcing their own children into..

women who have been with men/women, etc.. imagine what your daughters and sons and grandchildren will go through when she is forced into the institution of sex.. called marriage and family.. suffering.. so much suffering.

epstein island existed so you see what you have said yes to for EONS. what he did to those girls is NO different than what you are doing to your daughters and sons via con sent..

CON sent..

You've been CONNED into abuse and abusing another people..

Just because they said yes doesn't mean it is right..

That's why the system is trying to guide reproduction carefully. So women do not get victimized over and over and over again via the family.

It's fucked up out there..

And when you see it.. You can't unsee it..

That's why people live in fantasy land because the truth and the reality is so much more destructive than their fantasy world..

That's why people are suffering and under the influence and starving..

That's why the system is doing what it's doing..

when you are aware of your own predatory behaviors of hatred, that is the first step in even RECOGNIZING YOUR DEMONS OF HATE AND LOVE

MAYBE, you might have a chance to kick them out...

maybe.. not likely in many of the activists community already programmed to self destruct.. even the mainstreamers, the lambs, who are NOT even aware... fantasy.. living in wonderland..

self awareness is not just one layer of understanding..

awareness of self is also acknowledging the predator in you...

how many can even see that part of themselves..

many cannot, so they let the system tell them who they are... they surround themselves with the same hive minds who were told who they are, what they are, how they should act, what they should read, what they should fight against..

that is the politics, religions, and science factions of programming...

the women were given the power to develop demons/angels and the system programmed them .. but then, the women also become the sacrificial lambs, the slaves, the brood mares, and some women became aggressive predators for love and family with the help of some of the men...

which is why I feel the way I do about sex and family and the governing forces of greed..

demonology is everywhere.. just go outside.. look at facebook..

now.. men will be harboring so many "demonic" forces of entities becoming so intelligent they do not even survive their own immune system.. they start looking like Gandalf the Grey...

the world is not what you think.. it is even worse than you can imagine..

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