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The j world is about uncluttering everything if you can afford it.. If you have a lot more old memories running you in body mind and spirit you will have a hard time with the J world. Some people can only afford to live on the old memories and die within them because they can't release them and rebuild simultaneously..

Some people are too far gone others just choose not to because it would get in the way of their lifestyle and belief system. FDA warning about food and drug companies for dogs and people Link below

My first introduction to hoarding was visiting somebody's grandma in the nineteen nineties over at Rossmoor in Walnut Creek California.. Yes they did blame it on the great depression which I know is a factor.. But then you also have to look at the hoarding of memories, trauma, damaged proteins Hoarding objects friends family collecting things all a sign of someone hanging on to the past.. The past will destroy them.. Material items...

The fascination the attraction the obsession to material items, and your social homogenizes activist networks or homogenized culture used religiously to keep reinforcing your past/present/future identity, are indicators and barometers of holding on to old memories that when they replicate they will destroy you. I interact sparingly with people on Facebook.. If anything it's more of just releasing demons like posting things and communicating words of encouragement for those who are struggling around the J world.

I also communicate monologues.. talk to myself via fb live.. Also known as releasing demons and communicate with other like minded cells... I don't do any hostile take overs.. No attraction to converting people.. I just send off signals.. The right people will pick up on the signal and understand.. The wrong people will have an issue with the information and or resist it.. If you're not within my sphere of influence you won't be affected at all one way or the other..

Once you're in ear shot of information you always have a choice.. I wake up refreshed every day.. Even when I toss and turn in the middle of the night.. I still wake up refreshed..

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