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Hold the Doctors Accountable and Throw Them My Book and Ask For Your Life Back

If you are under a doctor's care or taking holistic supplements or seeing a homeopathic and if you're not willing to stand up to yourself by yourself, throw my book in the lap of your doctor and ask them to help you get your life back. They get paid the big bucks. Make them earn it.

If you can't stand up for yourself.. And you're not willing to throw the ball back in the court of the physician who caused this to begin with..

Not only are you too fearful.. But you are part of the depopulation agenda.. Thank you. For being the human sacrifice... You didn't have to be but you chose to be..

If you can't throw my book in someone else's lap or stand up for yourself.. Your activism means nothing.. Because you're not doing anything. Spinning your wheels.

Remember you can't convert people.. People can only convert themselves..

So what are you doing.. ?

And You will go in one of two directions..

1. Ask the doctor to take away your life.. Because we know holistic people end up in hospice.. 2. Or ask the doctor to give your life back.. And yeah you have to suffer.. Because you were given everything with no payment really.. You never really had to earn your place in life.. It was given to you.. Now it's being taken away and you have to earn it back..

If you're not asking your doctor to give your life back to you by helping you transition back onto the food supply.. And look at symptoms in a different way.. You are the depopulation agenda..

Thank you for your service.

I'm not trying to sell my book when you think about it.. I'm really not trying to sell my book.. I'm not trying to be strategic selling my book. However.. If we're going to hold the system to account.. You need something tangible. You need to learn how to speak.

But what argument do you have to tell your doctor to give your life back to you.. Literally what do you have in your bag.. What's your ammunition to put the responsibility back into the medical system. To give people's lives back. You won't find your life in a holistic professional. You won't find your life in a homeopathic

You literally have to put it right back in their corner and hold them accountable.. By helping you get back onto the food supply. And reversing the aging process. If not, you are disingenuous in the j world if you really understand it and under a doctor's care or homeopathic .

Some people can't do it on their own, like some of my people in the jay world. And so if you can't do it on your own and you want your life back. Throw my book in their lap.. I mean that in a very respectful way..

Your activism means nothing if you can't ask the system help you survive. Because the system are the ones that helped you not survive.

It's time to stand up for yourself..

If not then you are part of the depopulation agenda.. And your activism means nothing. It never meant anything.. You were just triggered purposely.

The Jj world is a force ma·jeure

What did judy mickovits find? Cancer = cancel= juvenile immature

You have been taught to attack juvenile cells... with onychology and herbal remedies and even abortion..

And so when we have been told to attack something that is juvenile and elementary and out of control.. Is incorrigible, It is very confusing to then have someone promote something like a vac xine.

Because you've taught us forever to attack something such as what's in the vees. And to be intolerant of symptoms.. To then turn around and say everything is good..

Which it is..

You just have to release the demons. Push out the weak babies out of your nest like it shows in the beginning of vivarium..

You have been psychologically manipulated by the system.. Who used you as a tool and an experiment.. But you have a chance to save yourself and your family.. But first.. The first step.. Stop blaming.. bill gates and dr fauci were used as a scapegoat..

you were all psy opped

climate change/particle acceleration woke everything up.. people became symptomatic and became communicable..

dystopian 1950s

All families are under exprementation and observation.. Parents are trapped into taking care of "demon" offspring.. You saw how the child took on the characteristics and the voice of the parents during During the movie.. The movie opens up with a nest and the strongest baby Kicked out the weakest babies out of the nest

We are in that right now.. Climate change is the strongest baby kicking out the weakest babies. Facebook is a mirror..

You either see what you want to see..

Or you see the reality..

Reality is perception..

But every reflection is credible.. Every reflection is the truth.. Every truth is the truth..

So where do you want to end up ultimately?

You wanna end up in the morgue..someday

Or do you see so much more for yourself..

If you see so much more for yourself..

And you don't want to end up in the morgue someday..

Maybe it's time to reexamine your beliefs.

There's no guarantee of tomorrow regardless.. So what you do today.. Will determine your tomorrow..

The intention is in the words.. The outcome is what you speak of every single day..

I don't care how many times people tell you their version of life..

It doesn't mean their version of life is what actually life is.

They just told you their version of life.

Do you even know what life is . ...

Most people don't..

That's why they end up in the morgue, now or later.. predominantly passing away from natural causes or extremely bad decisions..

Very rarely does a person who makes wise choices die from freak accidents..

Have a good day.. I wish I could take away all your pain.. But then you would end up dead..

So now you know why I don't wish to take away people's pain..

I'm not trying to kill them..

And I'm not in the same physical room..

I'm not the one causing their pain..

Past and present trauma memories in the body is causing their pain. Pain is release.. Food is the answer..

I don't want to take away any one's pain. It's not for me to do.

Have a good day..

When you understand the j world.. And you have kids..

You won't be promoting any remedies or surgeries or even diagnosing your children on facebook..

People won't know what you're doing and that is best thing... Because promoting the holistic and allopathic world will only promote death and destruction.. And intolerance to evolution..

When you're silent.. You're taking care of yourself.. And it's no one's business how you deal with your children..

Those who understand the j world.. If you have to tell everyone your business about your children's diagnosable conditions and issues.. Then make sure you can phrase it correctly. So you're not promoting getting treated all the time.

But it seems there are many parents who don't know what they're doing. And so they have to let everyone know they must bring in a professional to take away their children's evolution.

Maybe those in the j world don't even say anything about their children's diagnosable conditions.. Because what business is it of Fb..

What's your intention exploiting your child's illnesses..

And the activism world is all about exploiting their children's illnesses.. For social capital..

When less people talk about using remedies and surgeries.. Maybe more people are taking care of themselves... Because they know those who are all about exploiting illnesses, will try to stop those who are trying to evolve...

Anyone in the jay world not talking about their child's illnesses or their own.. Might actually have something intellectually evolutionary amazing... They know if they talk about dealing with the pain, their friends and family will come down on them.. And exploit the living shit out of them..

We really won't know until the future.. Way in the future.. How many people really understand where i'm coming from.. Because if they say they understand the j world.. Their own friends and family will discourage them from evolving.. That's why the system made sure I had really bad press.. Because most people will only look at the bad but will not understand both sides..

But we know those who are intolerant.. They talk about all of their remedies and surgeries and everything else all over facebook..

That's how you know most people are too far gone.. It's really sad..

You never hear the ones that don't talk. For obvious reasons, they keep silent cause they know most of their friends and family will destroy them.. So they shut up.. Smart.

But you definitely do hear the ones that talk about their illnesses. You'll hear them asking for money to support the cause.. The march for the cure.. You'll see them blaming somebody..

recommending herbs.. Or other pharmaceutical drugs..

That's how you know you're dealing with intolerance.

They will try to take your money to develop another cure to develop another disease..

That's a grim state of affairs..

Let me tell you i'm not trying to make anyone feel bad.. When you know that one percentage of the world is too far gone and are suffering.. Another percentage of the world has a chance to redirect.. Another percentage of the world is in the process of transitioning to redirecting..

I wish my information could help everyone.. Believe me.. But I also know most people cannot do what i'm doing.. Or have the support system to do what I am doing.. Some people have given up..

I still have to speak to those who have a chance.. I'm sorry if you feel you don't have a chance..

I wish I could give you the peace and the life you're looking for.. all lab created food is NOT poison.

your symptoms are just proof how intolerant you really are and how malnourished you are and your children are..

in this environment, people will starve their kids so they do not have to deal with evolution and becoming whole again.

to be a parent and saving your family requires a strong mother and parent..

symptoms are signs of release and retention and the pathway to become whole again..

and most people are not equipped to deal with growth and release or evolution of becoming whole again.. so starvation and treatments and staying under the influence is the only solution for most people.. I feel for the children.. I feel for the adults who are once children under the rule of this ideology..

i will tell you.. when kids act out, they are releasing the aggressive energy and an aware parent must support that process effectively with all food, release and rest..

but what happens is, the parent goes and get that kid DIAGNOSED AND DRUGGED.. And of course corporal punishment is used on that child.

. Now more damage and scars for the future..


when you get your kid diagnosed with add or adhd, that kid is now compromised..

food mitigation/starvation/endless therapies and drugs and aggressive physical behavior modification from parents who were taught corporal punishment..


I mean how can you trust anyone really, when your own parent takes away your ability to survive forcing you under the knife and oncology or taking aggressive herbal/pharma medicines all the time??????

How can you as a kid trust anyone as an adult when your own parents used corporal punishment on you..

IF YOU cannot handle the energy from your kid trying to release the aggressive energy and know how to feed them and such, you will either

1. get help from a doctor to help that kid transition using the food supply and ways to keep them safe during the release process

2.or you will ask a doctor to drug them and or take them when the symptoms of release are too aggressive..

there are two kinds of parents.. Those will be the two kinds of parents.. And most parents are too weary to really take interest in themselves to survive. And so all it is is just keeping everybody happy around them. Completely oblivious to the outcome of their intentions .

The outcome.. most people cannot handle parenthood, because they can barely take care of themselves.. So why are we encouraging our daughters and sons to have families when you mom could barely even take care of yourself because you're under a doctor or a holistic person. What kind of misery are you setting your family up for in the future.. Especially when cancer and disease and illness and sudden death is in the future. For people who don't change..

and so the system will drug your kid and take out their organs, systematically..

how many kids had their tonsils taken out????

it sucks to be a kid nowadays...

it phucking sucks..

and using holistic practitioners are NO better.. your intentions are to silence evolution and drug it out and remedy it away..

how can a kid take any adult seriously when you as a kid are screaming out in pain from symptoms and all the mother or grandma can do is just smile and say I love you.. grammy/mammy will take the pain away.. using surgeries.. causing more trauma.. or saying hush you demon child.. you have the evil spirit in you and it must be exorcised away.. legalistic religious folk using the power of the "devil" to invoke and diagnose their child under evil spirits.. and destroy their family through major major legalistic religions.

this is why i stay away from the gen pop.. it is insane.


i feel for the children and grandchildren under the rule of the all loving families..


When you think about it.. Parents nowadays are just guardians for government children.. They have no idea what it means to be a parent.. It's plainly obvious it's all about the mother's successes.. It's not about making sure the kid can be resilient in this environment. And so their children become extensions of themselves or social capital to be exploited.. That poor kid does not know how to deal with the future.. Because they don't have a parent who knows how to deal with the future.. That parent can barely even deal with today..

That's all i'm gonna say for right now.. I've said a lot..

Study history How do you get slaves back on the job sooner.. We must find a way to reverse all the genetic editing from the surgeries and other programming. Everyone who believes they should die someday has a food allergy..

The answer is not to stay away from the food... But to release the demons and still eat the food.

Food is not poison.. You're just intolerant..

Aging out = state sanctioned progressive starvation What sucks is.. Once your body gets on that immunological response train.. You start feeling aggressive symptoms..

You'll go in one of two directions.

1. Get over the food allergies and feed the demons and release them outlined in my book. 2. Or you will treat yourself out of existence causing more trauma.

You only have two choices.. Please choose wisely.. I didn't start this.. It's not my fault..

I'm just trying to save myself..

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