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Hood Of Homogenization

Why do we need hollywood when reality is just as crazy.. Walking away from the sisterhood... It never served me.. Sisterhood is about serving somebody else at the detriment of your own life.. Because even women.. Don't need to have other women leading them.. They need to be given a choice and be different and embrace their differences.. Not turn them into a cologne/clone Some Men need a brotherhood because they are not evolutionary .

Women were meant to be evolutionary.... Some men are evolved enough to be both man and evolutionary.. And it takes an evolving versatile man to understand his own evolution..

Austin killer North of houston killer Kidnapped girls dead in Oklahoma

Anals Annals of history/herstory tell the world everything Just make sure there is an upside to you telling the world everything.. If not then you're just looking for attention.. And sympathy.. People don't want to be thrown up on... You don't want to put them in the place to save you.. You don't need saving.. that way one person doesn't have leverage over you.. If several people know everything about you.. That's how tabloids get started.. You beat all the vultures to the punch.. And then you understand who you are and so will the world and you won't try to fit a square peg in a round hole and you won't waste your time with b*******.. And last but not least no stupid secrets.. Secrets are the demons of people who are consumed by them.. That's the aging process.. Secrets left unsaid.. Consume the s*** out of you..

Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of ticky tacky, Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes all the same.

Some of you who claim somebody else is a cult leader happens to actually be cult leaders..

Homogenization is cult mentality.

Can the people in your world be different.. Are you allowed to be different to the people in your world.

If you don't allow people to be different.. And you're not allowed to be different..

NOT only are you following a cult leader.. But you are one as well..

But allowing people to be different doesn't mean that they cross boundaries and keep trying to convert you.. And so acquaintances and friends and people who interact with you must understand and respect people's lifestyles and belief systems.. Even if they are different from you

And you can still have a f****** common ground..

But getting there.. Is painful.. Every single one of us has been taught to convert other people into our image.. saving them..

That was intentional.. Because the chemistry of negative times positive was the birth of evolutionary ideas and people.. It was intentional to put people together who did not get along..

No different than putting together a husband and wife.. Because the fireworks the chemistry developed a baby a new evolution.. Even new ideas..

stop fixing other women's crowns... it is tiresome, shut up.

I'm sick of these platitudes.. No different than saying that your energy is the baseline that everyone else should work from Stop fixing everyone start fixing yourself..

When you fix another woman's crown.. You're saying there's something wrong with her.. And you're also fixing it in public.

Be the woman who fixes her own crown admitting her own crown is crooked..

Sisterhood is a fallacy.. Be your own keeper.. Not your sisters..

Belonging to a sisterhood means you have to conform.. And the queen bee mentality was the start of cult behavior..

If you fancy yourself a queen bee a head of a group any type of group.. You have developed a cult following.. You are a cult leader..

If your followers do not have the freedom to be different.. You're a cult leader..


I cant assume people will understand my information so I appreciate them for who they are.. I am not actually trying to convert anyone and I say my piece about the world.. I could give a f*** if you love me or hate me.. I don't even need you to respect me because if you don't I'll just block you..

At this point it doesn't even matter.. Save yourself..

Brotherhood and sisterhood is all about cult leadership.

Because who are you leading and why.. And who are you following and why.. What is your interest..

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