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Hospice Does Not Happen Overnight From FDA Approved Foods and Drugs

The main take away.. This scale down of this CURRENT system.. Will try to end your suffering without k!lling your right off the bat..

Until they can't do anything that would cause correlation equals causation and then youre stuck in hospice.. If you don't die suddenly, beforehand..

Remember the system and people's politics religion and science and their friends and family cause them to go into hospice or die suddenly.. Your inability to evolve has caused you to be in hospice or die suddenly..

That's why they're not coming down on the herbalists and that's why they have allowed cannabis to be so prolific..

That's why they allowed those to end your suffering without k!lling you until they can prove that correlation equals causation..

The laws on the books are only to be enforced when it is convenient.. And they don't enforce it for a reason.. The system will allow a certain amount of margin of error to happen before they justify why they have to turn the script around..

Once they can prove correlation equals causation either you get money or..your product gets recalled.. And this is why you can't make claims.

Ending people suffering a hundred percent is death..

Ending people suffering even twenty percent will lay the groundwork for hospice and or died suddenly..

And if you don't understand this cognitively because you willbe weaponized and radicalized..

You'll blame the therapies on the market called the vaxines.. That was done intentionally.. Because it's the easiest go 4 people who don't understand life energy.. And then you will advocate iver mectin and cannabis or anything else on the market. And you will take food away from yourself and your children..

When people are stuck they look for absolution in politics religion and science.. It is as plain as day.. I discovered the j world in twenty sixteen..

Didn't put it out publicly until 2017 with some organization around it..

The group was active 2017 2018.

Then I took it to my own private website forum. In 2018.

Anyone in hospice doing a hail mary was not gonna survive.. They had less than six months..

Never forget those who've been put in hospice.. Never forget that hospice takes years to get into.. When all the treatments don't work anymore regardless.. When all the pills and powders and herbs and extracts supplements even oncology does not work anymore..

Then it's rest in peace less than six months..

So let's look at how people get to hospice.. It starts out with the parents.. And the parents parents.. And the parent's parents parents..then it is in the society and the government and the intentions and the programming..

Aggressive antibiotic areas like america which is why all the shootings.. Murder suicides

When I look at other countries and how calm they are even in the heat that they're in.. I juxtaposition america and realize we are very antibiotic and extremely aggressive.. We are like some countries very warlike..

Because we're in a scale down.. But americans Or the first world are like the greek mythology.. .. Very hormonal and strategic with our specific programming.. made to go to war with each other with the end results in rest in peace..


Even in hospice it's still war because your body wants to live. And you cannot handle the pain.. So eventually need do take away the water

The last few days..

Pressure= The last week I was gaining pressure.. Because the frequencies were so aggressive causing bloom.. I was fertile but not in the sexual reproduction area..

My whole body was fertile.. So yes I blew up.. And I felt bloated and it was basically developing poop baby. But I couldn't just take it away with anything aggressive.. I had to let my body work through the situation and feed it and that's it..

Yesterday everything came to a head because I was feeling tortured.. And I was coughing sneezing and blowing my nose so hard. I was sneezing a lot as if my body was telling me get that pressure leverage, to keep pushing it out..

And I did

I guess it's like giving birth, but to not a baby. But could have been a baby down the road if it would have triggered sexual reproduction..

pooping every day is like giving birth to yourself.. But some people do not poop effectively and or know how to let their body go through the processes and so they destroy themselves over time.. End up in hospice.. After having kids.. Or allowing the body to cannibalize itself..

They end up in hospice..

I use my method like usually outlined in my book even more so the last few days..

I definitely practice what I preach..

Thank you ryan upchurch.. Well I just released a major demon.. This song helped me release a bunch of demons.. wow

Thanks ryan..

I feel so much better!!

The colors and the beats encourage the cells on my body to release and I also helped it out.. But not with anything except for food.. I eat a bunch of food because I need to take that pressure to release the demons..

And you need to replace that food waste that's leaving, with new food in your body..

Then I was sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose.. Developing pressure on the top end to leverage the bottom end..

And I kept pushing out the farts because I had to.. Or else feel like I am so bound up..

That's knowing your alimentary canal..

That self sufficiency..

Humans don't realize the importance of the alimentary canal.

The system has been controlling that canal for centuries..

And you've been made to be afraid of it.. not even know it or acknowledge it

But that's your power source is your gut..

That's your programming.. How you take care of that is the difference between Hospice and living with relative equilibrium..

These frequencies act like taking a bunch of jay juice and you get constipated.. But you don't take anything except for regular food to help develop the pressure and then you cough sneeze and blow your nose..

I felt sick the last few days without feeling like I usually feel sick.. It's so weird to be sick but not be sick..

And then I help myself get better without using anything except for food regular food..

And i'm back to relative normality..

Hospice How Long Does The Average Hospice Patient Live? Patients are only accepted into hospice if they are expected to live less than six months. Hospice is intended to be short-term, end-of-life care. Medicare pays for hospice care, and it is this government body that has created the six-month cutoff.

Aug 6, 2021

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