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How I am Surviving the Blood Wars!!!

How I am Surviving the Blood Wars!!!

I know exactly what i'm dealing with.. And I know how to conserve energy and resources.

Judgment is self reflection.

So if you think someone or something is destroying you.. Yeah it's your mycoplasma and your friends and family you surround yourself with.

Our blood types.. And rh factors are working for us and against us.

In a slower frequency environment the race to the bottom was not as fast, and it was still a controlled decline, climate change accelerated everyone's intentions..

Fertility was always deadly if you do not know how to manage the offspring..

Blood types and RH factors mixing together, develop offspring and monsters. If you don't get ahead of it..

Some people are living their own different realities..parallel to others

Who says all realities must be cloned?

You are the universe.. You have choices how the universe impacts you and then how you impact the universe..

Yes we are living parallel lives..

We have a system going one direction.. And we have people in the system going a million different directions..

That's parallel universes..

Accelerating time causing people mass amounts of people to remember things differently.. You could have two universes happening simultaneously..

Humans might be eating food but what are they feeding??

Scary huh?

The fact we have been conditioned to resist disease, treat disease, and starve disease is why climate change has been so brutal to so many!

The union of two opposites does not serve the people on either side.

It serves the government scientists.


You are just letting them know how weak you are.. And you're making it easier for them to manipulate you into another fear..

Here's the thing about VACCINES..

The fact you need them or say you don't need them IS a sign the human race has problems with assimilation and strong childbirths.

We should have NO problem getting them or not getting them..

The fact that we do have an issue speaks to a larger problem no one is talking about..

Where we ever meant to die.. And were we supposed to have so many children..?

Children are an insurance policy for a corrupted immune system..

But how far are you going to take it..

Insurance is supposed to make you whole.. Not be taken advantage of.. Or make money from..

Ann Rand was right.. The system does reward corruption because we're in a huge scale down.. And that's why the system promoted so many child births as well as questioned them and promoted abortion..

Catholicism is an extremely large community promoting so many childbirths.. Mormons and other religions, as well..

The democrats and republicans..

The union of two opposites.. For a particular outcome..

These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves..

Were we ever meant to die.. ?

Were we ever meant to have so many children..?

And was treating disease another avenue to do more experiments with offspring and children and cancer...?

The fact we have to save ourselves from others, regardless if it's miscaracterized or misplaced energy, says the human race is becoming weaker and weaker.

The fact people are dying suddenly regardless of who you blame it on. Or what you blame it on, says we are developing very deficient humans..

Believe me.. if the system wanted all of us to die.. We would be dead..

As far as intentionally poisoning you, anything that's a food or drug sold through commercial means, goes through the fda..

If this system depends on the people, they're not going to intentionally destroy you and poison you..

It's your beneficiaries of your insurance policies and estate, who would have more of a motive to poison you, than your government.. Let's say your children.

Come on get it together.. The government needs strong people not weak ones..

And if the population is weaker, the drug gets pulled..and if the food and drugs gets recalled, means that maybe many people in the human race are a lot more intolerant..

I mean a lot of humans are becoming extremely intolerant if not already..

Therefore, allergic reactions.. Massive food and drug recalls.. Drug addictions..

And died suddenly..

And there is no guarantee that anything will save you out there if you are already weak..

And now with climate change.. The weak will get weaker.. The strong will become stronger until they become weak..

And people in my world if they actually get it.. Will have to suffer straddling both worlds..

We'll get stronger so as long as we keep eating and releasing those demons..

And it's a fucking bitch to do that but it's worth it every so often.. That's why I stay home and stay safe.. For the most part..

I still have to assimilate to the world. So my husband is the one that brings me all the immunity.. My husband is my own vaccine.. In so many different ways.. Luckily we are both blood type o..

So we have the strength to handle each other.. And the demons we exchange back and forth..

But I know he's stronger than me.. He has a lot more conditioning out there in different weather changes and people.. I'm conditioning myself for the environment..

I'm becoming a stronger blood type o.. It has taken me three years to become conditioned to this environment without becoming extremely sick when exposed to the public....

Sickness is the release of so many past present and future issues..

Too much sickness is not good because you're expending resources you have to keep replacing.. Do you have the time and resources to do that..

Not enough sickness means you have demons within and you'll age out faster..

Everything is about balance..

I mean everything.. And what are you balancing and why and what's your intention.


The union of opposites..

Choose your religion...


Or Count up

The union of opposites..

Resistance is futile..


Yin and yang


Everything is relative..

And you've been conditioned to accept the big bang theory.. Which is relevant.. And also die from the outcome eventually..

So when the system accelerates the big bang.. Your expectation will be met sooner..

Because you failed to understand the world you lived in..

You don't want to change. And you think there's always going to be a savior to save you from yourself..

No, you need to save yourself.. No one can do it for you..

Not even your politicians..

And so you're exactly correct.. Corruption is rewarded until it's not.. Because they want see you first do your worst at whatever corruption you have.

Because you willl be made as an example..

Scientists rule the world.. The politicians play the parts of the puppets.. Religion was just the storylines that could be revised and modified based on the evolution, deterioration of the population.

And you can see how easy it is to develop a religion and get a bunch of believers..

You already see it in the activist world.

Scientists rule the world..

War was always meant to build up the strong destroy the weak and redevelop the future..

Until the system gets the perfect world they want.

But they had to see you in your natural habitat.. And many of you have been conditioned never to change..

And so you will be phased out of existence.. And they will try to help you enjoy it and be as numb as possible on the way out the door..

Universe 25

And we have a lot of different blood types out there.. Some are less tolerant than others..

You do the math..

If you're so afraid of the vaccines.. You should be more afraid of the crowds you circulate in.. The enclosed spaces in an accelerated environment..

You're breathing in all of those antibodies.. And you'll either be immunologically attacked because you hold a certain blood type. Or you'll be a carrier and be so full of them, you get heart attacks and strokes.. While releasing your demons on everyone around you..

Which is why blood type O are more sturdier and tend to be obese or bigger boned because they're carrying the weight of the world in their immune system..

Of course, with the advent of diet disciplines and plastic surgery, you'll never tell what people are unless they actually test themselves..

But it's your friends and family that will be attacking you at the micro level..

I told you this.

So we are in a controlled chaos that will come back to order, but in a different way.. That's the big bang called climate change..

Or controlled big bang..

Good luck. You must be able to assimilate to the changing environment and to your friends, family and animals WBC.. White blood cells..

Many are not equipped to assimilate.. Too much part of the old world..

Lhc /cern

God particle was found

Climate change is the universe recharged

That beginning that big bang.. Was the beginning of the universe.

Splitting adams/atoms is death and reproduction.

When adams/atoms split.. We go back to the old world.

With higher intelligence.

You slow down the big bang you can pick and choose what intelligence you want to keep..

The old world will fall away.. Is falling away..

Blood type O carries both the microbial A&B antigen/antibody payloads against both As and Bs, but are more tolerant...

But As and Bs are at war with each other, less tolerant


Now Playing!!

Merry Xmas

White Blood Cell Wars

WW3 Spit war.. public war and climate change

I told you.

Your spit has WBC

White blood cells

Yes, saliva contains white blood cells

. Saliva is about 99% water, and also contains mucus, electrolytes

, epithelial cells

, enzymes, and antimicrobial

agents. When you spit, the white blood cells in saliva release weapons to fight bacterial invaders.

World War 3

Friend family


Blood Wars


Blood Wars is a competition between people’s white blood cells. Blood Wars is a performance and installation art-and-science project researched and developed during a residency at SymbioticA- Centre of Excellence in Biological Arts in the School of Anatomy & Human Biology at The University of Western Australia. The project is funded by John Simon Memorial Guggenheim Foundation.

Blood Wars is an art project that looks at the biological reaction of competing human white blood cells and also questions traits inherited through blood. This project is a competition in an ironic simulated tournament where different individuals’ white blood cells vie for dominance in the petri dish.

Blood Wars playfully engages with age-old debates about blood traits and the powerful histories of blood. Designed like a series of World Cup tournament playoffs, the cellular ‘winner’ of each round goes on to fight another participant. Participating in Blood Wars brings a better understanding of the processes of blood cell division, cell staining, immune cells and the functioning of the immune system, time-lapse microscopy and laboratory protocol. As well Blood Wars can function as a mediation tool, used for conflict resolution, to end wars and solve entanglement.

Blood trophies are offered to the winners. Blood filled glass 3” globes are housed in a craftsman-like box.

Credits:glass blower Bill Jones. Wooden and plexiglass box (20”x20”x6”) Russ Gimore

See the Blood Wars website

Now read this..

I dont know if i agree rh pos are less bright, but i entertain ALL INFO..

Are rh negs peaceful.. nurture or nature

Are rh negs smarter.. nature or nurture..

Rh negs prob neutralize rh positive proteins thus more focused on the current programming.. tunneled..

Rh pos has the type O vs a and b

Specialized geniuses could be BLOOD TYPE A B

Intolerance can make you smarter in the areas you are programmed in

If israel/Sephardic Jewish people have relatively low numbers in Blood Type O groups, and COVID IS MAINLY AFFECTING BLOOD TYPE A and B


YOUR DEFICIENCIES from belief is the reason why you are scapegoating everyone..

Type A is the oldest blood type and has been found in hominids, or pre-humans.

probably the most intolerant blood type..

Blood type 0

According to a 2009 genetic analysis of 45,000-year-old Neanderthal remains, at least two of the extinct humans had type O blood. This would have made them "universal donors".

Im so glad i married another blood type O..

Because we are more tolerant to the environment.. Because the environment is that aggressive..

And blood type a and b ARE at war with themselves..

Because of the antigen/antibody programming.. Wearing themselves down..

Blood type O is tolerant to the a and b antibodies But it's not necessarily vice versa..

Blood Type A and B have less tolerance to COVID..HIGH FREQUENCY AMPLIFIED MICROBES

The ABO system

blood group A – has A antigens on the red blood cells with anti-B antibodies in the plasma.

blood group B – has B antigens with anti-A antibodies in the plasma.

blood group O – has no antigens, but both anti-A and anti-B antibodies in the plasma.

blood group AB – has both A and B antigens, but no antibodies.

Vaccines are suppposed to give blood type A/B the antibodies from blood type O.. At least that's the theory..

However, EXTREME environmental intolerances induces DIED SUDDENLY AKA HEART ATTACKS STROKES

Extreme environmental intolerances means extremely deficient body..


The west is weak and intolerant with food allergies..

Here are your replacements..

Died suddenly mainly affects the weakest most intolerant..

Blood Type O, probably the most biologically tolerant.. blood type a/b are already sustaining immunological antigen/antibody wars within..release the demons.. eat all

Yes, O positive is the most common blood type

According to NPR, type A is the most ancient blood type, and type O is a mutation that appeared about five million years ago. Some evidence suggests that blood types have evolved over millions of years.

Type O is the universal donor, meaning it can be received by anyone in a blood transfusion. It's particularly common among indigenous populations of Central and South America, where it approaches 100%.

All Antigen/Antibody programming must be regulated based upon INTENTION

Which is WHYYYY it does not pay to be food intolerant or allergic to ANYTHING and it does not pay to be CURED, thus trapping those allergens (antigen)/ANTIBODIES INSIDE !!!

All sickness is release.. and people need ALL FOOD to maintain life!!

If you are that food intolerant and ALLERGIC, the public will induce rapid antibody growth thus heart attacks and STROKES



It was YOU all along.. no one else..

You see how fast humans multiply..

You are free as soon as you earn your freedom through pain suffering and evolution..

Resistance was always for the slaves.. You had to be smarter than those around you.. You have to be smarter than those around you.. Even smarter than your employer..

Corruption is always rewarded when a system is trying to scale everyone down..

If you want to survive.. You have to face your own corruption.. And do the opposite of everyone in society for the most part.. And still abide by the laws..

Society will always be doomed by those who are disposable and deem themselves disposable.. And the system wants volunteers..

I don't volunteer to be disposable..

how many of your ancestors were sacrificed during great resets.. And they probably didn't get the choice..

And you do..

We're the 9th and youngest human species.

A disposable society is a society choosing to participate in race to the bottom..death. And faster in this environment

If you're going to work.. Find a way to prolong your own longevity..

Or else you're just giving away your life force to somebody else until you're dead.


A few hives this morning on my neck but I feel great.

And i've decided not to do anymore grocery delivery services.. I will go with my husband on the weekends. I think i'm going to be ok with being exposed to the public once in awhile and it's not so bad..

The streaming service they offered wasn't really good on my tv anyways.

Their server is too unstable..

I'm down sizing a lot... In the areas that I can..

Yesterday was highly energetic and I had a few epiphanies about collecting stuff..

It's a good time of year to take inventory on what you really don't need..

And in my opinion I think is a lot easier for women to downsize than it is for men..

Men are told they must collect things in order to be a man.. A slave to material things.. Because when they work hard what do they do with the money.. And if they're not about in indefinite life.. They will spend everything on the here and now..


And so when you scale down your work habits.. God forbid.

You scale down your outgoing expenses..

You save your energy..

And you can put the money towards the things that are most important.. Your house. Climate control. Utilities and food.. And of course the internet.

If you must work so hard to make so much money, then you want to spend so much money and buy things..

And people do..

The supersize me generation..

Watch them buy everything under the sun because they can..

Your energy is now stretched so thin working for all the nice things and the relaxation you think you'll get with all the nice things..

That's the trappings of wealth.. People die sooner..

Now I understand men.. And even some women.

That's why when you are in a relationship and you are working.. What exactly are you working for.. Who are you working for..

And you could have several different employers.. And if you're working for your husband and a job AND A HEAVY SOCIAL LIFE with kids..

A woman is stretched thin.. And she is the sacrificial lamb..

If a man is working for his wife and a job.. And his wife stays home.. She better not spend him out of existence..

I don't believe in working for all the material wealth. I believe you should work to prolong your life not end your life sooner..

Humans have been cursed into working themselves to death.. And working their friends and family to death.. That was the slavery system.. Enslaving your friends and family and society to death..

The system is giving you an opportunity to redefine life and work.

And even gender roles.

And that takes balance and also an evolved thought process.

And I will say I love my espresso machine.. It's better than coffee.. And I don't have to pay five dollars for a cup of expresso And I will save money on coffee.. A lot of money..

2024 will be as good as I will make it

A lot of changes.. I'm excited..

By the way the finance system is not just based on the currency commodity system.. It is also based on the biological currency system of checks and balances and lifespans..

BioCellular and a wealth management

You also must take accountability of your own biological wealth as well as who you give your time to..

That's being extremely aware of how the finance system works..

When you understand how you operate. And how the system operates..

Which is why many people get taken advantage of by Get rich quick schemes..

They think they can get something for nothing..

When you learn how to scale down and pull back. .

Not only will you save your life but you can also save some money too.. But people who expect to die will spend everything out of existence. That's a disposable economy.. And people destroy earth through that. And that's a race to the bottom.. Watch all your friends and family racing to the bottom.

You can't make something out of nothing. Building wealth is something done within.

Building wealth is your own longevity..

The addiction to making so much money is making somebody else rich. Taking away your resources.

Smoke and mirrors..

The world is not what you think..

Innovation came out of the death culture...

NOW, you have choices

Religion will always make its way in places.. And splinter off when they think they're better than another group of people..

You're watching how your culture discovered religion and developed new ones..

Africa is like watching our ancestors move forward in time..

If adam and eve were released from the garden of eden of pleasure and paradise because they violated the laws of the garden, then why are you saying you want to go take back paradise if you're in it, jillian.. That doesn't make sense.

Well, jillian. because we have people in the garden of eden who don't take accountability, and running up their biological credit in pleasure and paradise, frolicking with the snakes..

Destroying the garden.

But you see they will let back in via childbirth, to be cast out when god decides to call in the loan..

Everyone was born in the garden of eden..

Now eve must take back the garden without the fear being cast out again.. Or in chains..

Right now many Eves are in chains in the garden of eden..

Eden was overrun.

Eden is overrun..

The system is casting everyone out who violates the laws of life faster during climate change.

I discovered the power of salt that could be used for good or evil..

Yep that's my claim to fame..

The world is not what you think.

And all the claims I made even back then were possible when I released those demons..

You just had to eat all the food and not use anymore of my juice or any cures.. You had to stay away from the medical health and wellness world and holistic system. And yeah you had to be drug free and alcohol free..

But I didn't discover that side of it until later on..

But I knew what potential the human body carries as far as immortality. But humans were cursed with pleasure and paradise and addictions..

Which is why they can't see my information really, except only a few. Only a few people who have released many other demons could see the potential. It doesn't mean they will able to realize it. But some can see the potential. And some could realize it too at the same time..

It's an individual battle.

And releasing the programming of what women and men are and what they represent are also a heavy programming to reconsider..

When you buy into you are not a real woman or a real man unless you do a b c d e f and g..

That's a trap and that's programming..

And that will destroy you.. Rigid belief systems and social constructs in a changing world will destroy you.

I'm watching it right now.

And some of the programming could be as much as collecting baubles because you think you're getting ahead.. You think getting ahead is collecting wealth and owning everything under the sun..

You don't realize how much that takes out of you.. You don't realize trying to keep up with images and old world values will destroy you in this environment..

A slave to image and a slave to material wealth will always be a slave.. You have no one to blame by yourself if you think you're a slave.. And if you don't think you're a slave and you're a slave to material wealth.. That world is being destroyed as we speak.

That environment has changed...

I just realized those salt caves cure the beast within people..

All halotherapies trap the bodies demons within..

Salt cures were only for preserving meat when you didn't have refrigeration.. Salting fish salting pork was used as a preservative..

Salt was never supposed to be used to cure any of your illnesses..

Salt was supposed to be a catalyst not a cure.

When people cure themselves with salt, and then they fall apart because the are not allowed to move and release and even retain, they will fall apart sooner in this environment..

The beast is still destroying them on the inside..

Like trapping vampires in a salt circle.. And when those vampires are allowed to move again, they redoubled their efforts to make up for lost time..

Sickness has always been the gateway to releasing most demons.. That is why hy you release demons every day.. So you don't have such an energy conversion it takes you out..

You don't want a flood of demons waking up in your body.. That's why people die..

That is why they die suddenly..

Back in 2016 and so salt deficient, taking on the salt was a massive awakening and immune system activation...

But it never should be used as a cure.. Ever..

You're not food for somebody else. You're not trying to preserve yourself to stay in the cupboard for years with no movement.

You're not just a slab of meat..

You're supposed to evolve and change and release demons and take on information.

People talk about defeating the monsters trying to destroy us..

If you already believe you should die some day you have already been destroyed..

You've already lost before you thought you won/one

How are you going to save yourself from not dying of natural causes regardless of catalyst..?

The battle was already won/one waaay before you even knew you were in one.. You just were given the playbook way after you already bought into your mortality outcome.. That was built into you.. Mortality through the family was instilled into you.. Because it's a three generation rule.. And you are surrounded by three generations all the time right now, reinforcing those belief systems..

Oh, the system gave you reasons to think you were winning..

You weren't "winning" you were just given the story line to makw you think you're winning.. You don't even know who the enemy is you just read about them on facebook.. And then someone told you you're winning.. Because what does winning look like in your world.. As a keyboard warrior. ???

The battle was never the system you were fighting.

The battle was always within your own mycoplasma, that the system developed in you..

The demons through all the remedies and surgeries and pharmaceuticals and even those around you.. Because you have a little bit of everybody in you fighting to take over your body mind and spirit..

That's the demon within.. That's the demon that drives people to do what they do and fight against others as well as love them to death..

And people are projecting the war inside out there..

That's what you're not being told.. And you won't listen to me.. Because i'm your peer..

You still listen to authority.. You still buy their stories..

That's not their fault..

I just follow the laws.. I don't always believe the stories.. And I released the demons within.. And I am careful not to entertain too many demons in my world..

And I never assume I have won . I don't have control over other nations or outside intentions.. I just defend myself in my home.. And out there..

I know exactly who I am dealing with..

And these great resets have happened time and time again.

We're in another reset loop.. The same people who were resisting in ten thousand years ago are resisting today..

History always repeats.. Those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it.

You never win when you resist..

It was always understanding the other arguments and assimilation to evolution.. and supporting that evolution correctly..

Resistance is futile.. Believe me I know.. I was taught to resist my whole life.. And while it did give me strength.. There is a limit.

It was the demon within I was resisting.. I released it..

I won.. I saved my own life.. Now it's just surviving this crazy world..

And so if you are accusing pfizer for destroying humans.. look in your own backyard..all the iver mectins and remedies you are also recommending which are just as similar- Developing fertility..

Accusations are admissions to the guilt you have projected out..

Even if you think you have evidence.. Will it stand up in a court of law??

That's the psychological operations we are under.. And the system purposely set it up that way..

The house always wins when you gamble..

You didn't set up the system.. You were invited to participate.. And they laid out the rules. And you agreed to abide by them.

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