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Human Behavioral Programming

Another take away.. You've been set up and bred to be bait and a patsy to somebody else's issues..

Realize the programming you're under and if you don't somebody will take advantage of you because they know your programming..

And they will leverage everything over you.. And the system allows it..

Because the system set you up to fail..

one major major take away

When kids are not held accountable in body mind spirit and also mistakes made and parents just say whatever and never hold their kids accountable.. When they're always given absolution and allowance to do whatever with no accountability no consequences for their actions.. When they spoiled their kid to such an extent and say johnny billy susie can do no wrong..

The kid will act that out in their adulthood and Commit major transgressions. And they are leveraged..

They are set up to fail as adults.. Because the parents never learned how to hold not only themselves accountable but also their children.. That's why also the major drugs and alcohol and addictions in our society.. People don't hold their body mind or spirit accountable because their parents never did..

But accountability to parents who think they held their kids accountable is to beat them into submission just made the situation worse.. You were set up to fail..

And i'm telling you brutality in politics and religion and science dogmas are so riff and then of course on top of that weaponizing love.. Is the major mind f*** programming..

All spirituality and religions are about mind f****** people with love.. Just watch your friends and family love You and everyone to death.

Main take away.. Understanding the programming you're in.. Understanding the system taught you how to leverage people and destroy them if they don't follow the party line.. The fact that people are so used to using shame Bribery humiliation and fear as a way to control people is why you are suffering.. When you're trying to stick it to your ex.. Is why you're suffering Binge watching suits.. it is like particle acceleration. For ex. When you binge watch something It's easier to make conclusions and come to an outcome faster. When watching a terrestrial TV program that comes on once a week, you have 6 days in between each episode and so you don't get the full effect of the program.

The less distractions or dilution in between each condensed programming is like developing a new neural pathway.. Condensed anything will either develop a new neural pathway or destroy your faster.. You have a choice.. ❤️

Why do you think the rich send their kids away to boarding school or other types of schools. Why do you think is girls accidentally or "unbeknownst "the parents get victimized.. It's all programming.. Not all parents have the stomach for the kind of programming you see in Hollywood and in high levels of government..

So they either do it themselves and they have the stomach for it.. Or they employed somebody else to do it.. And while that may be intentional in higher echelons of society, the lay population go to therapist.. They read industry magazines.. They watch t v.. They watch movies and get ideas how to keep their kids in line..

They go to churches synagogues even school systems.. the medical holistic system.. Not everybody has a stomach to program their children in a specific way and so they give them to somebody else and then employ plausible deniability.. Or they let the streets or somebody else raise their children.. Or they protect their children to such an extent that it makes them weak.. That's a Babylonian society.. That's a society under experimentation extreme experimentation..

This is why my story matters.. because all of you are under this type of programming.. extreme programming.. and you are resisting yourselves out of existence and you and your children are experiencing this type of behavior modification as we speak..

the 1980s was a time of major major major human experimentation.. and you all are exhibiting those characteristics.. your politics, your religion, and science dogmas are the results..

The system of developing wars within politics, religion, science, spirituality, gender, racial, cultural and intellectual wars happens when behavioral experiments practiced by licensed professional are done within an unsuspecting small control group.

All children are subject to vast amounts of experiments to develop predictable and unpredictable adults and see what types of behaviors manifest. Sometimes, the intention of programming is to develop hatred in people against a specific target based upon contrived scenarios that never existed until it was made to exist.

However, there are similar situations that already exist, and so synthetic situations must exist to test to see how professional practices can encourage desired behaviors and outcomes by developing scenarios inorganically in the population.

I can remember, for a fact, one behavior modification experiment done between my sister, and I was to develop a situation of hatred between us by pitting each other against each other. We were both told that one of us touched our scary mother’s jewelry box and we were to be sequestered in our room with our hands folded until someone admitted to the “made up offense” and confessed. Now I know I did not touch my mother’s jewelry box because I was scared shitless of her and fear was always used to keep us in line and today, I know my sister never did either.

We both were in fear of our mother as children, and I mean extreme fear of her reactions and punishments. However, we were set up to fail and give her data on how to develop instability, fear and division. And so, since I was a few years older than my sister, at the time, I discovered my powers of negotiation and manipulation to get my sister in trouble by having her admit to it and then I would reward her for doing it.

I do not remember exactly what I promised her, but she did “confess” and probably punished and that was the moment of a huge wedge developed between us. I used that fear and manipulation to get what I wanted or needed and encouraged the hatred between both of us. We both were psychologically programmed to never work together, and this was how my mother kept all of us under control.

Now, imagine the government doing that on a massive level, contriving situations causing people to suspect, hate or rally around a person, place, thing or idea.

this is why it is imperative to release the programming and develop your own because you have been and are programmed to self destruct.. if you can..

many are suffering so much and are forced to believe and act out the programming forced onto them..

it does not have to be, but my story is your story in "different" contexts..

then you must question all the patsies.. if parents can develop scapegoats and patsies in their own families, imagine what your govt can do..

step away from the war. if you can..

many of you cannot.. your religion and activism is running the shit out of you.. literally.. it is destroying you.. your politics are destroying you...literally..

so now, you see how easy it is develop a problem, get a reaction and develop a "solution"..


with this info, some of you will be dangerous.. but that is also the intention..

some of you will think you can create situations of patsies and demons to develop a desired behavior in your kids, friends and family.. and you are actively inducing the fear of everything in your friends family and audience you intend to destroy because you already believe people should pass..

i see it in the health and wellness world.. feeding into all the contrived "dangers" of gmo, lab created meats, etc..

you have been radicalized to be like what my mom was to us.. but most of you are using love and kindness versus fear of physical harm.. you are scaring you friends away from food..

it is sickening to watch..

again.. i have the gift of memory to impart.. you can take my info and reexamine your purpose in life or be like what my mom was to us as children to your friends and family..

good luck..

all of you will need it.

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