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Human Sacrifices Are the Suffering To Please Other People

Buddhist monks understand the power of suffering and of course they get some sort of enlightenment... But you do not have to die

Fear Porn Horror Movies Politics Religion Science Activism War Love/Sex/Death The Bible = The Love of Suffering

Yes.. you understand suffering, because you are attracted to it.. but will you survive your own suffering, your own self induced suffering for other people.. Just because you do not want to be challenged does not mean you are lying..

You probably accepted all the challenges before and you're tired of defending and repeating yourself

Maybe those who must troll and challenge ALL THE time need to learn how to argue their own beliefs, not challenge others.

Or do both. If you know how.

Attraction to Suffering= sports, exercise, human sacrifice, death, dying, medical issues, gladiators, murder crime stories Victim/predator identification blaming, the Olympics, testing, relationships, watching trainwrecks, rubber necking accidents, getting tattoos, Botox, plastic surgery, injectable vaxx ines.

People do self harm like cutting because they feel so dead inside they want to feel something.

That's how much suffering is going on and people don't even feel anything and they're suffering from not feeling things.

So they intentionally make themselves suffer by self harm by cutting themselves.. When they really should be releasing the demons, not developing new ones..

Marriage: When watching your loved one deteriorate and change is worth the pain and suffering of losing them to whatever..... sometimes, you don't realize how much pain and suffering is involved until you experience it..

you must be strong.. are you strong enough? Are you ready for the ultimate pain and suffering?

Can you survive a spouse dying.. You don't even want to depend upon friends and family because they have their own lives to figure out.

Imagine how hard it was losing an animal and you don't replace an animal with another animal.. Imagine losing the love of your life.

Will you survive the ultimate suffering..


Suffering is when you get married and you lose someone..

Sufferings when you're single watching everyone hang out together.

Suffering is when you fall into the social mores and you don't develop your own path..

Suffering. When it's hard to stand on your own two feet..

Suffering is when you must learn the hard way..

Eventually you learn from that suffering.. You don't learn to depend on people..

You learn how to utilize the resources properly in your environment without compromising somebody else.

If you're by yourself with nobody except for the resources you must pay for.. You'll learn very quickly how to do the little things on your own and save up for the big things.

That's how you survive when you've been through suffering.

You must be strong enough physically and mentally able to stand on your own two feet..

The world is a f****** amazing place.. Learn how to use suffering to your advantage..

Suffering doesn't have to be destructive and something you die from..

Suffering is an excellent learning experience..

The j world allows those who understand suffering to build themselves back up when they know they must go through the hard suffering in the future..

Because you know a lot of suffering will happen in the future for many people..

You must prepare for it and be strong....

As you know I am talking about myself... Because when I do go out there and enjoy the world I also want to be prepared for the worst..

There is no uglier feeling like the feeling of being blindsided because I never prepared for it.

Enjoy the world but prepare for the worst things.

It's like having insurance... It's better to have it and not need it versus need it and not have it..

I cannot enjoy life until I am prepared for the worst things I will inevitably experience..

Life is preparing me to deal with the worst and enjoy the best..

Remember I'm an insurance agent.. Not a licensed one but that was my field..

It stuck..

Plus, I believe in suffering first for myself and then earning my enjoyment later. Suffering also comes in the form of self flagellation in some religions

In my opinion this is self harm..

self-flag·el·la·tion /ˌselfˌflajəˈlāSH(ə)n/ noun the action of flogging oneself

Change is suffering...

People deny themselves all foods that trigger their immune system. Self sabotage is huge in the health and wellness industry.. people were trained to end their suffering by progressive starvation..

That is the aging process.. slow and then accelerated starvation and/or DIED SUDDENLY Suffer for yourself, not someone else..

What if you can suffer for yourself.. Give your best to yourself so you give your best to the world out there..

The earth would be in a such a better place...

When you suffer for yourself, you give your best to others And you have just broke through another awareness..

People suffer for other people and give their best and then they die.. That's martyrdom...

They become so depleted giving their best to other people they gave nothing to themselves when you think about it..

That's why you save yourself to save humanity.. Work Hard, Rest Hard in the jj world

Work hard play hard, means no time to rest.. always expending your own resources on others.. human sacrifice..

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