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Humans Are Immortal But Religion Brainwashed People Into Mortality

Humans are immortal, but religion induced self sabotage to die and reproduce.. now you see how religion is in the holistic/con/spiracy world in the pagan/energy healing world...

now you get it... now you understand what parents are instilling in their children, today, until they decide to redirect..

most likely, parent will not redirect because they can barely save themselves..

humans are immortal.. you have just talked yourself into being mortal via your politics, religions and science dogmas..

looking for an angel and demon..

humans are immortal, but when they destroyed jesus, they made humans mortal by making them believe that humans should die someday and jesus died for their sins..

that is how beliefs are developed..

Correction.. The Rothchilds are the titans of the banking industry.. Not The rockefeller.

Coexistence.. Is rosicrucian

I am not religious and I am not even atheist.. I'm not religious in the purest sense..

Either I make things happen or I don't... I don't blame or give credibility anyone else for whatever it is that I experience.. I alone am responsible for everything that I do and I take personal accountability for everything that I do or do not do.. I do not claim to be a jesus or a saviour or a satan..

I can be tolerant to those who need to dub themselves a Jesus or a satan or have to characterize me as their Jesus or satan but that's Not Who. I Am.. All side effects on the back of the bottle and the insert are what you are ALREADY holding inside..


Heal/Heel (cure/contemptible)

You don't heal, you manage the energy coming in and out of your body without healing and dying someday.

When you worship mortals dubbing them as immortal, but in reality you are the immortal worshipping dead people..mortal.. including all past/passed spiritual advisors, etc.

all twisted.

allowing the dead to dictate your life is like saying you want to end up like the dead person of the past/passed/nailed to the cross in so many different ways being tortured to death via medical/surgery/dentistry/holistic.. casting spells on people on the way out the door..

that is all religions and beliefs and also the aging process ... and the healing world..

you are not supposed to "heal".. you are supposed to evolve and manage the energy coming into your body and out your body and still adapt to the changing conditions without dying someday and justifying it and blaming others..

but the depopulation agenda is about you gaining believers in the death cultures...and converting your kids, family and friends, and cohorts from life into death... many of you, are already bonded with the grim reaper.. you signed on the dotted line, gave money to the licensed professionals, lay healers and therapists.. you are bonded/marked to pass away sooner, than later and you have absolution from your friends and family and followers.. When you allow someone to speak for you.. You have given up your power..

When you listen to people who are speaking for somebody else.. You are being manipulated by all spiritual leaders, profits/prophets and gurus, as well as anyone else who claims they have the word from a source/god that you all must listen to... The pope.. The dalai llama.. all pastors priest rabbis.. And so on.. Even those in a community who teach the word of their god.. Claiming they have the answer.. They know the word.. The word of what. The word of their god..

Even the star seeds have their specific gods and demigods..

The goal for all humans in my opinion, is to learn how to speak for yourself.

Learn how to go straight to the source..


Look within yourself for the answers..

The truth is not out there... That somebody else's true.. Which is absolutely viable but it's not the only thing..

That's just one version of sixty nine trillion truths.. You have 69 trillion microbes in your body. That's sixty nine trillion entities with their own energy looking to appropriate/procreate. Of those sixty nine trillion truths.. Have turned into a compound religion made up of eight billion people.. And many are clones of each other..

The truth that you're looking for is within you..

But if you have been possessed by somebody else's truth. Then you have to learn how to release the demons..

That will take years.. If at all possible.. Some people are overrun with parasitic spiritual energies they can't get rid of that are feasting on their core.. And they choose not to separate themselves from that. And that is their choice..

Reaction Videos

When someone interprets what somebody else is doing, like reaction videos to somebody else's events lifestyle and belief systems.. At some point..Go to the ORIGINAL source of where the reaction video interpreted the information and then you interpret it yourself..

Give equal time..

Sometimes you may have to put more time to research because somebody skipped over so many pertinent facts and events..

Everyone else's truth but your own is THEIR FILTERED bias until you learn why the other side does what they do.. Obviously you'll be influenced.. However..

You MUST understand the other side of it.. If you're willing to open up your mind.

But if it's easier to just believe somebody else's version of events, pictures posts and thoughts and make that THE ONLY reality..

That's called a lazy existence.. That's looking for someone to blame.. Or to worship..

Because even supporting a person without doing your due diligence.. Is also a lazy existence..

That's religion.

The nineteen sixties was a huge experimentation in developing religions of all sorts in this century.. Obviously the nineteenth and eighteenth century had their own experiments of breaking away from mainstream churches.. Even some of the popular religions today were developed in the eighteen hundreds..

As far as the nineteen sixties (cult)ural revolution not that different than china but it was a social revolution the sexual revolution the drug revolution and then all the wars.. M k ultra..

Celebrity worship.. Philosophy poetry music.. Academia biotechnology.. And then even more religions..

Mix in drugs and alcohol and war and trauma.. Then the religions become extremely violent sexual and sadistic..

David Koresh Branch Davidian, Jonestown, The yogi's the swamis.. Charles manson..

Listening to biased one sided reaction videos is only one percent of your research. Doing your homework means that you listen to everything even the person who the other person is reacting to. And you put in the time.

You almost have to put your feet in their shoes.. It takes work to be a well rounded fully capable mature adult human being.

It's very easy to be adolescent child.. Because it doesn't take much to be reactive and easily led.. Somebody will always be holding your hand when it comes to comprehending what somebody else is doing..

Those with strangulated voices.. Because your friends and family have shut you down..

If you can't make up your own mind and learn how to speak for yourself..

Somebody else will always make a decision for you.. Which is why you blame or worship everyone but yourself..

It seems generations of people have been strangulated by their ancestors... And they were never allowed to think outside the box..

This is why our society is the way it is..

We are in a great reset because of this..

We allowed our leaders to take advantage of the power of procreation.. Because of vast human experimentation which is necessary.. However.. The world is changing..

And they don't need that many people to experiment on.. Because you can't KEEP experiment on generations of people without it biting you i* t** a** at some point..

We're at that point..

now that you know all humans are actually immortal.. watch all the gods/demigods sell eachother a lifestyle and belief system of workout routines, yoga and tinctures and operations.. and meditation.. and then death calling it life..

watch all the mommy and me groups selling EVERYTHING under the son/sun to manage their child's attempt to evolve and the mommy stops the evolution, so quick with elderberry syrup and herb or whatever.....

that is why it will be difficult for parents to save their children... the parents can only save themselves because they already have a mostly developed immune system, but their children do not..

that is what is scary.. once the parents goes, the children will follow close behind..

IN the vampire diaries, once the "lead" vampire is destroyed their offspring/humans who were turned into vampires by that vampire and their offspring, will all die..


THE word illuminati and blood line.. another religion for distraction... you are the blood lines under evolution... if you can handle it.. many of you are intolerant and so you will evolve your family out of existence and we thank you for your service..

you are being given a chance to redirect, but many of you are too stubborn to see what is going on..

but we still thank you..

the monarchy are regular people.. like Hollywood ... no more special than you... but they are the fulcrum.. a foundation and quite interesting..

When the parents will the children and everyone around them who shares the same or similar beliefs.. group think is dangerous

It is called the domino effect..

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