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Humans are OS Migrating from Windows 95 to Windows 11

when i was entertaining the resort retirement community demons and dealing with the death demons in my sleep, that was the OLD world leaving.. playing itself out..

remembering the days of san jo in the 90s were the demons being released..... "virtually" entertaining retirement is a way to deal with the death of the old world.. exploring computer programming and laying the foundation of planning for the future, the next phase into the new world, like a second chance at life and dreaming and realizing, is a rebirth and not like a born again Christian..

but a rebirth of myself, as a human who is slowly molting off the previous civilizations... humans, you have been programmed.. you are the artificial intelligence that is either aware of your programming and actively releasing the old script and developing new scripts, or you are barely functioning using windows 95 which eventually the whole system of windows 95 will be obsolete..

if you are not aware you are programmed.. you will play out the programming looking for other windows 95 users and programs until you all blip out because you cannot assimilate to a public network of infrastructure.

if you have the ability to transition from windows 95 to windows 11, i wish you all the luck during that migration...

you will need it..

Should I still use Windows 95? Well, as all discontinued legacy Microsoft operating systems, both Windows 95 and 98 will still work on compatible hardware with no trouble, but they are definitely not safe to use on a public network-connected infrastructure. Feb 4, 2023

please don't recommend linux or any other operating systems.. that is NOT the point of this post, thanks

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