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I Am a Citizen of the World

I am a citizen of the world, laying no claims against a person, place or thing. I will neither attack my body, mind or spirit, therefore, not attack anyone else's body, mind or spirit..

I will not attack foreign or domestic enemies in my body, mind or spirit, but I will defend myself until the very "end"..

I will neither intend to attack microbes all the way to countries.. If I must attack something, I will use a proxy that is sanctioned by the government.. only in very extreme circumstances..

Which is why we're in the pickle that we're in when it comes to aging and diagnosable conditions and terrorism.

We have attacked our body.. We have attacked our own mind.. And we have attacked our own spirit. We have attacked our family.. Our friends.. Our pets.. Even ourselves.. And we use government proxies at the drop of a hat..

We got so used to attacking everything using the government.. And all of their licensed professionals.. And now many of us are suffering because of that.. All of us are suffering because of that..

Yes we did it to ourselves..

Whenever you attack a person place or a thing.. The system comes back and attacks even harder.. All systems come back and retaliate..

That's the laws of motion..

You never want to attack anything because the retaliation is that much worse...

That's called death. Just look at the stabbing in Australia.. He stabbed a bunch of people and guessed what the acceptable retaliation was, it was death.. That's what you're doing to yourself with your drugs and your alcohol and your surgeries and food mitigation diets.. You have accepted death as the retaliation.. So what are you bitching for..?

Some people know this.. Governments know this.. And so if you feel attacked.. Make sure you didn't put yourself into a position to be attacked..

Make sure you're not attacking yourself with the medical or holistic system energy healing world..

And you stay out of harm's way.. And you learn not to attack your own body or your children's bodies with remedies and surgeries and what have you.. And you find ways to overcome food allergies and your politics against food..

If that is the only arsenal in your tool chest to defend yourself is to attack somebody else and yourself.. The system backed you into a corner making you feel you had no other choice..

And you've also backed yourself into a corner..

 climate change is when all of us are reaping what we have sown. We are all paying the price together.. All of us are suffering astronomically.. Because our happiness for somebody else's suffering is our own suffering..

Your denial that you've attacked a person place or a thing causing a suffering is still your own suffering in denial..

 people pay a heavy price sitting and living in denial..

Someone else's misery is our misery.. Those who we have condemned for attacking others, we have done it to ourselves and other people in our own world..

We have no room to judge anyone for attacking anyone.. Because we have also attacked ourselves astronomically.. But call it healing.. Or justify it through a story..

Because we done it to ourselves.. Watching another country's misery because of whatever.. We did it to them . We did it to ourselves .

And we will continue to suffer until we finally face what we've done to ourselves and children family and friends and community..

Many people don't survive the suffering because they were not well equipped to do that..

Your suffering is somebody else's suffering.. Somebody else's suffering is still your suffering..

Many people are that disconnected from other humans that they relish somebody else's suffering because they bought into the storylines that were obviously very predictable in the reactions..

Your reactions is somebody else's power to destroy.. Your denial is somebody else's power to destroy..

Your lack of awareness and disconnectivity to the universe is somebody else's power to destroy.

Whatever happens we did it to ourselves in the world..

All of us are reaping what we've sown together.. Collectively..

I have no joy over somebody else's suffering regardless of why..

And I don't live in denial . I'm not an empath.. I don't absorb people's fucked up emotions.. I don't come from love.. Because that's destructive.. That's denial. That's a drug covering the suffering.. Until that suffering is astronomical people don't survive it.

Facing the suffering.. And staying out of harm's way.. And pointing out the bullshit in our society that people are afraid to point out is me facing the suffering of my society..

I don't live in fantasy land..

How do I manage this suffering without it , destroying me.. I change how I do things..

I change my own behaviors.. I defend myself.. I don't bitch about the weather. I don't bitch about the skies. I don't party like it is nineteen ninety nine.

Because this world right now is not a party.. There are people dying suddenly.. And they are your friends and family.. Because they keep attacking themselves and their own family..

I fucking change the way I do shit.. I don't keep spinning the same wheel pointing out the obvious..

Yeah we're in climate change. And it's geo engineered.

So you're right..

Now what.. Are you going to change.. Are you going to change the way you do things..

Or will you keep pointing out the obvious preaching to the choir,

Many of you won't change.. So your facebook will be so predictable.. With the same pictures.. What the same memes.. With the same activist stance.. With the same links..

Like it's going to change anything..

Many of you will refuse to change and say that somebody else's fault..

You'll put yourself in harm's way.. Get injured. And say it somebody else's fault.

That's a predictable reaction.. Many of you will get cancer. Harm yourself in the medical holistic surgical industry. And say it is somebody else's fault

That's how the system got you and will continue to get you..

It's so obvious it's scary.. I suffer for you but I will survive it.. You will not survive your own suffering beause you won't change ..

And that's what the system banks on..

Your reactions are so predictable..

Don't ever take sides in any argument..

War is developing predictable reactions that will always favor somebody else, not you..

War is the depopulation agenda.. When you attack yourself and/or other people you bought into the war and the story..

And the war is all around you..

If you can't control your own government would you want other countries cheering that civilians, like you, get injured..

Cheering for any civilian being destroyed and retaliated upon or attacked is not very empathetic to your own situation.. Then you're just cheering for the genocide of civilians regardless of country.. You are part of the depopulation.. AGENDA

Because you think civilians can control their government when you can't even control your own government.. Remember your own resistance against your own government.

Civilians can't control their governments.. They don't even control their own military.. They are told to either join the military or given a great story.. But civilians have absolutely no control over their government.

If you're american you should know this by now..

I don't get how any American can take a side against any country and cheer for civilians being destroyed or retaliated upon..

Civilians did nothing to you..

It's the different governments.. And they all work together.. You can't fault civilians for reacting to actions..

 Just like you. Until you wake up..

Which means that you have no power.. Except to defend yourself. Your home.. And your family.

You're looking into the reflection when you play politics religion and science dogmatic relations..

You are no different than those who you take a side against.

You're just cheering for more death and destruction that you're so against.. Until it happens to you.. And another people are cheering that you are suffering so much..

You can only imagine those who don't like Americans so happy Americans are suffering.

Wait until the shoes on the other foot.. you won't be cheering for somebody else's suffering in another country..

You will realize that was not your war..

Your war is in your body mind spirit family and community..

 You're in a domestic war with yourself..

And you'll never know the full story..

You will only know what the system wants you to know.. You will only react how the system wants you to react..

Don't react to somebody else by attacking or loving them.. React to save yourself. Regardless of what it is.. Only you know what "save" is to you.

War Proxy is when you attack yourself and others, supporting Aggressive Retaliation

War Proxy is when you attack yourself and you cheer for someone else being attacked and also justify retaliation.. Justifying deadly aggressive retaliation.. Even more than what was done initially..

current events: be careful hating/loving/reacting to biological and cultural wars

War Proxy: Attacking yourself and Others, Supporting Aggressive Deadly Retaliation

drones from iran are nothing against the dome.. imagine what the retaliation will be!!!

israel and other countries have no problem sacrificing a few for the good of society..

remember that..

Jews and gentiles and whoever else are all on the table if they serve themselves up to their creators and the government..

You are serving yourself up to everyone around you if you don't understand what's going on.

Which is why I don't take a side in anything . I will not fall for that emotional psychological operation reacting to dead bodies and whatever else you think is going on..

I have no idea what i'm actually seeing.. I am not there.. And I can't do anything about what goes on in other countries or even other households..

I will not support death and destruction for anyone..

That's psychology.. When the bear pokes you , you walk the phuck away.. Your reactions are their power.

The government plays both sides of the fence.. Make sure, you know which side you play on.

This applies to EVERYTHING.. Have discernment what's appropriate for you. When the government says be careful stay home stay safe.. I would listen.. If the government makes a recommendation please get a therapy.. Have discernment if that's appropriate for you.. Don't make that choice for somebody else..

The devil winds are blowing.. enhanced tornado risk this evening..

It is extremely hot and bright out. I'm thanking my husband again for putting those curtains and blinds up. marked difference in temperature and light..

When there are no radar feeds , you won't know when danger is upon you unless you keep paying attention to the skies and the sounds.

Always be ready.

Never ever get too comfortable.. Ever.

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