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I am A Conspiracy Theorist and I Understand Trauma Bonding And The World Is NOT What I Thought

I was set free when I realized there is not just one way, two ways or three or four... there are unlimited ways to live, perceive and pass away.


when you realize there is MORE to the story that was told to you by your previous and current given politics, religion and science dogmas.. There is more to the story of the Netflix documentaries and certain things were purposely left out.. Those in the conspiracy world know what I am talking about..

You, in the conspiracy world in the J world who has left your politics, religions and science dogmas at the door.. you have a chance..

can you still have your religion, politics and science dogmas and still live indefinitely.. it just depends on how you spend your time, how you react to energy and how you process the climate change...

we will see.. but I highly doubt it.. give it 10/20 years.. we will see then..or will you become an avatar heavily filtered or a spirit/AI running your Facebook account?

Conspiracy theorists are the new illuminati.. because even those in the contrived illuminati get sacrificed or not..

(Human) Sacrifice in marriage of people, countries NWO, IDEAS, Politics. Way of life..

When you're ushering in a new relationship.. All parties involved must bring in gifts curses spells.. Human sacrifice..

I'm a huge conspiracy theorist.. I can't prove anything.. This is all my imagination..

When you're allowed To use loopholes and steal money from people with the o k of authority because they look the other way, you will then be either sacrificed by jail time, you may not survive a heart attack or stroke. ie enron Jeffrey skilling is out and developed another company private company.. And he was one of the major reasons for enrons collapse.. He only did twelve years out of twenty four.. He's out now.. Who else got sacrifice.. The employees of the company. The economy..

#americanmanhunt russia 911 american/saudi Wuhan china/asia Afghanistan Iraq Climate change the world/west

Personal trauma bonding is when you face your own demons..

Family trauma bonding is nation building in your family developing children through chemical reactions..

Communal trauma bonding is when your community faces a catastrophe bonding you all together assuming you survive

National trauma bonding.. Nine eleven two thousand one

Global trauma bonding.. Climate change

Marriage.. Require sacrifice

Trauma bonding between the government and the people makes a stronger government and a stronger people..

Can you survive the bonding chemical reactions..

#americanmanhunt oh boy..

How do you catch someone if you don’t know what or who you’re looking for? Documentary series #AmericanManhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing comes to Netflix, 12 Apr.

I remember alex jones covering this.. I remember the term crisis actor was coined around this time..

At this point... Trauma is trauma.. Reality and perception are two sides the same coin..

Crisis actor

A crisis actor is a trained actor, role player, volunteer, or other person engaged to portray a disaster victim during emergency drills to train first responders such as police, firefighters or EMS personnel. Wikipedia

Feel bad for people regardless..

I'm not saying there were crisis actors.. I'm just giving you the other argument that was told what people experienced or said they experienced during that time..

Was there a drill that turned real.. You will never know.. Was a crisis actor framed for something that actually happened..

Remember some people want to help out their government by volunteering to be a crisis actor to help Law enforcement become better at responding to emergency situations..

But if you don't know that the exercise was an actual real thing, NOT A DRILL..

YOUR script would look real to someone who is looking for a suspect because you are actively playing the suspect in the drill.... Not realizing you are participating in an actual real terr0rist @ctivity.. And no one can prove intention..

So you play a suspect in the drill and then, unbeknownst you, you will be the suspect..

Be very careful volunteering for anything when it comes to crisis acting.. Anything can happen..

You will never know as an actor if the drill will be used as an actual event or an actual drill..

What did they know and when did they know it..

When I went through basic training somebody told me never volunteer for anything.. Because you will be used as an example..

Again be very careful kissing up to the government.. Even working for the government can leave you open ripe for manipulation.. I respect the power of my government.. I don't take it for granted.. And I don't kiss up to them.. I understand the bigger picture.. I let them do their job.. I become a responsible citizen.. And I don't make accusations.. I just understand all sides to the story.. And then give you an opportunity to make your own choices.. Because you can't say you weren't warned..

Choose your own adventure..

Just be careful.. Don't become a patsy or scapegoat for a bigger political script and agenda..

Remember physics chemistry biochemistry social constructs Hollywood politics religion and science..

Develops any kind of script you want.. Whenever you want.. You have the imagination..

You can make anything you want happen.. When you have access to unlimited resources like the US government and every other agency out there..

Anything is possible..

Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it's not possible.. Anything is possible..

And you have the freedom to believe whatever you want..

It doesn't matter if its organic or contrived.. The outcome is the intention.. I'm still waiting for them to cover crisis actors in this flick and it seems like it's about muslim isl@mifobia.. And then looking for the suspects..

What's the intention..

a constant state of fear.. Discrimination.. Division.. Justification of occupation in other countries.. Or to keep you unstable..

And then potentially given you the opportunity to explore another narrative..

But not to confuse you.. To have you realize that sometimes the official narrative isn't the only one that's viable..

Every other narrative out there is viable, credible and could be considered as a possibility..

And you can't go after "justice" because you can't prove intention..

You don't know what people knew and when they knew it..

So now it's just enjoying the process of developing theories..

And let this be a lesson to you..

Anyone can be a patsy if they don't mind their own business.. When you start poking your nose in some body else's business you could be used as a patsy..

You could be used as an example of what not to do..

Which is why I don't communicate via private message and everything is transparent.. And I don't give advice about your health issues.. Read my book watch my videos or go to the doctor..

When you're trying to save someone you'll be used as a patsy, some one too blame..

It happened to me.. I was used as an example.. I was a patsy for somebody else's bad health choices.. I can speak from experience..

I became a pariah and I was nailed to the cross..

That's what you get when you poke your nose in somebody else's business or try to save people..

Or volunteer your services to your government without really thinking what the f*** youre volunteering for..

Let me tell you the us government and all the agencies are extremely well staffed and have SO much intelligence..

official crisis responders first responders.. Let them go through drills..

As soon as you become a crisis actor.. All bets are off..

Conspiracy theorists realize there's always another side to the story..

But don't let the establishment give you the conspiracy theories to spin around in..

Now develop your own conspiracy theories and develop your own narrative.. Learn how to understand all sides of an issue.. Even those that believe all official narratives..

Maybe it's time to branch out and start developing your own thought process..

If you cannot then you will always be subject to believing all the official narratives..

It's not bad but then you'll be subject to manipulation.. Even those who have been given conspiracy theories by those in the media..

When you realize all narratives are credible it doesn't matter if they're true or not or if it's reality or not..

Perception is reality.. That's why it is the tower of babel out there.. .. You can develop mainstream narratives for perceptions..

That's why politics religion and science dogmas are all about developing perceptions..

And then you get consensus..

Anything is possible when it comes to the human mind and unlimited access to resources..

You will see people list out every single conspiracy theory politics religion science spiritual wakening that was given to them.. And they will parrot whatever it is that was given to them.. Could they develop their own narratives.. Not when you're being given all the narratives..

When you actually feel what it's like to be part of different dimensions during this climate change shift.. Everything you are parotting out there.. Dubbed as an "awakening".. Has still kept you jailed and blinded.. Because you can't develop your own narrative, always regurgitating somebody else's..

The universal experiences held by all are particle acceleration and atomic structures in your environment.. And how they affect you and your internal particles..

I'm not into the new age b*******.. I don't get all smug when I see conspiracy theories come true on some level..

It doesn't matter if it's true or not.. Will you survive them or will you die from them.. If you choose to die from them who cares which narrative is true or not.. The outcome is you won't survive it..

Once you realize you've been given every single belief system.. It never mattered anyway.. Your specific outcome was the intention..

You will choose your own adventure..

Have a great day People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character.. ralph waldo emerson

Has he said other things that aren't like curses and spells probably.. But i'm not going to put that out there . I want to give you a gift .

That's why you don't make accusations.. You don't make claims..

Everything is open for discussion and possibility

There are no absolutes in this world.. That's what the federal trade commission taught me..

You can only speak from your personal experience and no guarantee someone else may not share the exact same experience with the exact same outcome.. you can't predict the future.. And you can't predict what someone else is going to feel or what their outcome is going to be.. Anything everything is possible..

All you can predict is that life is energy.. If you want to live you must understand energy.. If not you'll cure it and rest in peace..

my opinion of the world.... your perception is your reality..

The world can change if you can change...

When you accuse bill gates of trying to destroy you with the veez.. Whatever the v's bring up.. You try to destroy the symptoms with all of your cures and surgeries..

When you blame jillian for all of your issues.. And then your issues come Up and you destroy it with herbs extracts and detoxes and tinctures

You are confessing what you're already doing..

Your accusations are a confession of character of what you're already doing to yourself and other people..

When someone calls you gullible because they say you believe anything easily persuaded..


This is an insult to someone who questions everything.. Why is it this word exists.. To keep you locked up into believing only one or two narratives somebody wants you to think.

Believe everything and believe nothing..

That's how you stay safe.. Because as soon as you take a side, and the climate changes, the system will make a fool out of you..

My mother used to call me gullible.. Because my gut knew something was true.. If it was on tv or in a movie.. Or even what someone told me.. Because any context can be true relative to the intention..

But that was far to advanced thinking.. And I didn't have the experience to be able to fight back and articulate why my gut knew something was true..

So I internalized that insult.. Until now i'm fifty.. And I know what she was doing..

She was keeping me locked up into a belief system..

I broke free..

When you insult your kids by calling them gullible and telling them that they should not be dreaming big or thinking differently..

You're jailing your children..

But if your kids dream big.. Please give them a stable enough platform in body mind spirit so they can fulfill their dreams..

Nowadays.. imagineering.. Engineering children's imagination is how you don't have to insult your kids..

They'll be robots until they wake up.. If they wake up.. And that's okay.. I was a robot for many years.. I can speak from experience..

Save yourself parents..

What do I live for... I live to live.. I live for humanity..

I don't live for anyone or anything.. They have to live for themselves..

Even the "illuminati" sacrifices their own relative to their use.. Epstein.

Kenneth lay died.. Jeffrey skilling is out free He only did twelve years out of twenty four..

You see the really is no justice.. It's just is it worth it or not to sacrifice someone.. Relative to who you are and your ability to contribute To help the common good.. Your government.. who leads the people..

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