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I am A Friend to Humans, All Humans and Animals

So when it's all said and done I'm actually a friend to humanity and I'm actually a friend to the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims and all the different religions and spiritualities in between.

Somebody brainwashed you into destroying yourself and your children and it happened 6000 years ago..

So the veterinary system and the medical/holistic system injured us and our pets.. Because we allowed it.. Even if we were under age.. Then our parents allowed it..

Now we have to find ways to stay alive and keep our animals alive..

At this point if we have allowed our animals to pass away as well as ourselves

we did it and we allowed it to happen

It was not the vet system Or the medical holistic system.. We gave consent!!!

We were the ones that said yes to everything..

We were the ones

that did not do our own research

and our own due diligence

and we did not question every single method and treatment..

We basically followed blindly; trusted a stranger who made money off of our situation..

We were the ones who

were too busy to take care of ourselves

too busy to take care of our children

and too busy to take care of our animals..

We were the ones who thought money and power and fame were far more important than the lives that we brought into this world and said we were committed to..

We were the ones who put everything else first instead of the things that we said we respected and loved the most.. We did it to our family and our own animals. We betrayed our loved ones.

And so if I'm to take responsibility for what I'm doing, then everyone out there who has judgment on what I'm doing better take responsibility for destroying themselves if they are passing away.. They had better take responsibility for destroying/injuring

their children

and their friends

and family

and parents as well as

their animals..

If you are going to blame me for anything out there then you'd better look in the mirror because you're the one who had The Choice and The Choice was in your hands

And you chose the easy way out

literally and figuratively..

Your animal died because you gave it to the vet system to be euthanized as well as your friends and family. The vet/medical/holistic system never taught you how to keep an animal alive when it was going through a transition..

You bought the way they characterized evolution as something irreversible and irretrievable and to be destroyed.. They played you for a fool..

That's already in the books as you already admitted that you were the one that gave your animal away.. And you called me the monster.. You're the one that looked into your animal's eyes and said I'm going to put you out of your "misery".. Was the animal "really" miserable, or did you choose not to take care of your animal's needs to make them less miserable in a necessary situation like climate change in the body.

Why don't you look in the mirror..

And when someone, like me, does not chooses the easy way out and chooses the hard way around and then you want to go and s*** on them because you chose the easy way out to begin with when it came to your

your children your animals and your friends and family

now who's the one who's projecting and ashamed of their choices in life laying blame YET AGAIN.. ??

When you look at me you look at how you did s*** and then you realized that you probably were the one that was responsible for almost everything SUFFERING in your world, because you were..

You gave your power away to somebody else who made a s*** ton of money off of all of your choices and then they gave you absolution so you can be guilt free and then go and try to convert other people so that way you don't feel so bad..

Of course the system charged you for tithing...

You already admitted you already admitted that you gave your power away to a higher authority and then you want to blame someone for your situation..

Now you see why medicine/remedies and religion are all about suffering. Unnecessary f****** suffering..

And so if trusting a stranger is your Modis Operandi then you have no one to blame but yourself and because someone else doesn't trust a stranger, maybe they're smarter than you.. Because you told your kids don't get in the cars with strangers..

Everyone out there I don't care what they wear, what they look like or who they are in the community. They are strangers and they can't be trusted with your life and with your loved ones life as well as your pet's life.

If you have to put your life in someone else's hands literally then you have no one to blame but yourself..

The only way any stranger is going to do anything to me is if I'm unconscious from a car accident and they do local triage.. I will never voluntarily give my body up to the medical holistic or any other system..

If my animal needs to participate in socializing she will do minimal therapies if that.. And then I know how to respond to any adverse reaction so she can get through it.. But not until she gets through this hard part of her life.

If you can't even trust yourself with your dependents then your kids have no f****** hope for themselves and neither do your animals. The endless loop of disposable life.. and that is also diversity. I must be tolerant even if I disagree.

I don't care if your friends and family are in the medical holistic veterinary system because they're just practicing medicine and there's no guarantee what they're doing is actually helping you.. Don't confuse what they do for living and your friendship.. People do all the time and it really chaps my hide.. Laugh out loud.

When poor K. Akahoshi was destroyed by oncology and he said cancer was his spirit animal..

He allowed the system to destroy his cancer instead of feeding it different food which is basically pureed food and feel the pain and symptoms..

We were not particularly close but we grew up together in school.. He was a beautiful soul he was the epitome of kindness and gentleness and he trusted the wrong people.. He trusted his community.. He was their sacrificial lamb.. Am I capitalizing on his situation? No, he is just one of many people destroyed by the system.

When you have friends in the medical holistic veterinary system don't confuse your friendship with their business because their business will always come 1st, not your friendship..

When it's all said and done their licenses will protect them from anything that was done and damaged you..

But since they are your friends you'll forgive them and not give it a second thought and then you still give your kids to them..

That's how sneaky the medical holistic veterinary system is because it's embedded into your social life..

Especially those who are desperate for validation

And you have been taught never to trust yourself always give your power away to a higher authority.. And look where it got you.

I'm glad I only have 600 friends or so.. Because in reality many people won't get this so it doesn't matter how many friends I have .. Most of them don't even f****** get it anyways..

So don't worry.. The agenda is still on.

Climate change is here. Better late than never..

I'm not the enemy here.. I'm a friend to animals and humanity..

If you can't see it it's because you're ashamed of your own ignorance and allowing s*** to happen and get this bad this far..

Piece out

Side note: When poor Jesus was used as a tool to be nailed to the cross for the system and you didn't save him .. Your ancestors didn't save him..

Now you're spending the rest of your lives atoning for your past/present sins letting the system destroy something so beautiful; you, him and your offspring.

You let the system destroy him and your children and you..

Maybe we should have saved Jesus a long time ago.. If we would have saved Jesus a long time ago we wouldn't be where we are today..

Take care humans

It was the collective who allowed Jesus to be nailed to the cross..

It will be the collective who will save themselves from martyrdom..

You know why it was so easy to hurt and destroy Jesus? Because look what we do to our children when we bring them to people to destroy their spirit..

So when you're busy nailing someone else to the cross, you don't realize you nailed yourself to the cross.. And you're using someone else as a scapegoat regardless of who they are.

Now you see the damage of all religions politics and scientific dogmas

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