• Jillian Epperly

I am an Iconoclast and the Greek Gods Were the Fallen Angels They Were Not Immortal

I am an Iconoclast: Iconoclasts are the ones who rebelled against cherished traditions and thought processes. I ·con·o·clast /īˈkänəˌklast/ Learn to pronounce See definitions in:

All Religion Early Modern History noun 1. a person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions. Similar: critic skeptic questioner heretic nonconformist dissident dissenter dissentient malcontent rebel subversive renegade disruptor mutineer maverick original innovator 2. a destroyer of images used in religious worship.

Were the Greek Gods the Fallen Angels and Satan? Yes, but NOT Lucifer. Lucifer was Immortal, the bringer of light, and the Illuminati Freemasons are trying to evolve a society with trouble taking in new information. Salt is a catalyst to Evolution and cure, but YOU should NOT be in a cured state.

What clued me in that the Greek gods were the fallen angels was that men and women are destroying themselves with porn/and massive reproduction on bodies at a deficit.

Men and women are destroying themselves with drugs and alcohol via the medical/holistic system. The gods were NOT immortal. Man and Luciferians could be immortal if they get out of their own way. Food, pain/symptoms,/viruses are the catalyst to immortality.

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