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I am Entitled to my Perspective Regardless if You Agree/Disagree_War is HORRIBLE

Exposing the wars out there is like "declaring" war on people's perception of the wars out there..

I will say my piece, get out of the war of perceptions.. write my book and will NOT bring in any controversial current wars going on right now..

I will ONLY bring on the past wars up to a point.. and then let people see the patterns..

the current wars going on right now, people are extremely raw and one sided and wow..

history repeats..

I am entitled to my perspective.. Even if you don't agree regarding the wars..

Right now war is devastation.. Regardless of whatever side you're on..

Just be careful anyone conscripting you into any war out there whatever it is..

All i'm doing is showing you patterns by giving you examples of all the different wars out there..

And so now you see the war that you're in..

You can choose to keep fighting.. With a very predictable end result.. Or figure out how to assimilate to what's going on..

I can't tell you how to think.. All I can say is.. War is not healthy out there regardless of how it manifests

Maybe it's time to contend with the war inside.. Please don't misunderstand me..

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