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I am Silicon Valley

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Indefinite life = evolution on a continuous basis with bouts of equilibrium

Religious Cult=politics religion science dogma using abx to control lifespans, exploit resources from children who age, make life relatively tolerable for absolution, compel people to enjoy self destruct, then pass away.

It about the individual first, then the collective.

The collective cannot function without the selfish/individual

If you built things (people and objects) to last, you would not have so much fraud, waste and abuse.

Let us bring milk back. Nice warm milk before bed

If you're allergic to milk you're allergic to evolution and you have a p*** poor release process.


Why medical professionals do not advocate milk for those who are lactose intolerant is because the person was never taught to release the excess mucus that will develop to release as well as retain. Obviously, mucus accumulation with atrophied release via alimentary canal leads to pressure, bloating, etc. Good antibodies convert to "bad" antibodies when release process is stagnated.


No I don't have any medical background because I don't want you to end up in the morgue at some point.🖤

Those who listen to medically degreed people as well as holistic professionals do end up in the morgue at some point because they don't know when to cut off the relationship. When you're addicted to painkillers you don't last long in the world a evolutionary pain and relative equilibrium.🖤

I'm all for short term in the medical holistic system but when they become your lifelong partner they win you don't.🖤

If you are discerning enough to know between what will keep you alive and what will cause your death you don't need a medical degree to understand how the body works.

You must have desire and intestinal fortitude and an ounce of common sense and intelligence to read through the biases, the propaganda and then basic terms and concepts and dictionary definitions.

Knowing the rules of the English language is also helpful so you can actually put together words as the marketing scientists have also put together words and you can even convert nouns into pronouns, or adjectives and verbs.

I've been learning a lot about the English language and grammar; good grammar and bad grammar, and even run on sentences. Thanks to my trolls who always call me word salad lady laugh out loud. I'm not perfect but I'm getting better. Blogging, I am not as careful, but my book will be relatively edited.

I've read all the different articles out there about me recent or even way back in 2017 characterizing me as some pretend medical professional but believe me if I wanted you to be in the morgue at some point I would leave that up to the medical professionals, but I don't want you to end up in the morgue someday. 🤣 There is no money in life when it comes to the medical holistic world there's only money in death and decline.

People who do hail Mary's at the last minute most likely do not have enough life/money to convert into more life/money. Last minute hail Mary people do not survive regardless of what they do. Though, it is convenient to blame the last thing they did or were doing. That came from the cult programming.


What does it mean to call someone a quack?

noun. a fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill.

Quack Definition & Meaning -

Anyone that calls me a quack doesn't understand the definition because I've never ever paraded or pretended to be a medical professional.🤣🤣🤣

I don't want to insult myself or associate myself with any kind of Rockefeller medicine or holistic medicine.

My last job was an insurance salesman. You don't ever see me put down any college pretending to have a degree in any University as far as a medical degree.🤣😳

I don't even pretend to be a holistic professional with an MLM like you see all over the internet and social media. Why don't you go after those people who pretend to have some ounce of knowledge in the medical world but have no medical degree.🤣🤣

If you project that I'm pretending to be a medical professional, well if that's all you know and were told the only people who can talk about health wellness are medical professionals, that is propaganda bias and that is cult mentality.💯😳

The only money I've ever received was for my services as far as the website and talking about the books that I had out or charged those who chose not read the files or purchase the book, and then also charged the membership fee for the website but even then that was short lived. I shutdown the website, transferred it to this one, stopped charging membership fees, and turned back to social media in lieu of reinventing the wheel.

Now any money I get in the future will be for the book if you choose to buy it because everything can be taken off my social media links and you do what you will with it and then in the future if you think that buying my book is appropriate, you will reward me and it could be 20 years later before I receive your business.

The JJ world is not a get rich quick scheme. It never was and it never will be.

You don't make money off of people who are in pain. You make money on the possibility that never was, until spoken, the storyline based in reality and you'll be an example as someone who is eventually pain free and the money you make will be by people who feels you are worth 20 bucks, if that.

The JJ world is a very different business model. It needs to be because the medical holistic system makes so much money off death and decline and rebirth.

Money just converts energy into life or death, it really doesn't save lives. Money is also converted into people's respect and their attention "good or bad'.


Those that do end up in the morgue have bought into being cured regardless of the catalyst and they don't want to evolve

they don't want to feel pain and

they don't want to share any information to help out the people around them and so even those who might say they are part of the JJ world might end up in the morgue someday because their mouth and their body were not aligned.

They wanted to stay cured, even though the Third Law of Thermodynamics says, "a closed system cannot survive in a dynamic environment".

I can see this coming a mile away especially in the next 10 to 20 years.


The medical holistic system is a powerful cult and it's very difficult to leave it. Some try but they don't have the strength or the intestinal fortitude to leave it.

You all deserve a chance without being pigeonholed and hypnotized by those who seek to take your resources and your soul.

Some don't know any better and maybe they will one day

Others are so in it up to their eyes they can't even see straight and they won't see straight because the money is too good. : Here's to the crazy ones.

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