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I am terrestrial not spiritual..

It is balancing out evolutionism and creationism

what do you have to offer to the world besides another religion, remedy, drug, entertainment, distraction, and political thought process that was already done before..

too much redundancy, so what do you have to offer besides absolution..

This is directed to those in the j world who are actually serious not just dabbling..

Most people in the j world are dabblers..

You should live at least until you are 150, and you will be well established in your career, And the world would be the most peaceful BOUNTIFUL World.. You can live as long as you want but at least you have a hundred and fifty years of personal and professional development.

More kids breaking bones..

Going down the time line..

Learn how to provide compelling arguments and withstand the pressure Fifty is a great time to find a career you want and take the time to study for it.. It helps to bring up all predisposed issues so they do not color or jade or get in the way of your momentum

You have fifty years under your belt of so much life experience.. So much to offer

You don't have to memorize anything.

You just take every single bit of life experience and understand the logic of the industry you are going into!!

Find a way

Amazon has great books around everything you want to know about.. You can study and read anything you want.. You could study for so many different exams to get into whatever colleges you want.. Develop your storyline..

The world is at your feet.. And you have life experience which is more than what these kids coming out college have, wet behind the ears..

Now, you MUST BE SHARP, adaptable, versatile, eloquent, polished, quick on your feet, well bred, knowledgeable, and etc..

I have plenty of time to explore everything in the world that I want.. In reality the first fifty years of your life is a training ground.. The next fifty years is yours..

Women in the jay world might not want family or kids because we have the gift of experience and find satisfaction in intellectual evolution and beating ALL THE ODDS..

WE HAVE PLENTY OF TIME WOMEN and men and non binaries

Hubby and Wife is like Attorney Client privilege Sacred relationship

Don't break privilege

Disclosing a significant part of the privileged communication between you and your lawyer to a third party, or. Consenting to the disclosure of that privileged communication by anyone else.

In #suits, Harvey had past cases he won come back and bite him in the ass because new evidence emerged and reopened the case potentially even implicating him as an accessory to burying evidence that was time stamped from his office, by his secretary, donna.

He had to find the "paper" implicating the company he defended and Donna found it with her signature and she subsequently shredded it, with the intention to protect her boss, but it made him an accessory to a crime, burying and tampering with evidence and then he had to prove he did not "order" her to shred the document.

She was fired from the company and now he must prove he did not ask her to do it and of course she won't implicate herself, lest, go to jail..

it becomes messy when you cover up past mistakes.. (medical/holistic/energy healing/surgeries/demonizing food) are covering up past "mistakes"..

Moral to the story.. just because you won today, does NOT mean later on you could become a "loser".. Because you could

Don't ever bury evidence. And when the evidence(disease) comes up conflicting with your past wins, face it, acknowledge it and make it right.

Update: what if someone PLANTED the evidence to be "buried".. hmmm.. hmmm..

Thou shalt not do anything unless the government allows it and does it themselves..

Even then you could be held to a different standard.. You better understand the laws and they change all the time and not all the time are they enforced so don't think because they're not enforcing certain laws you won't get caught..

The powers that be are just biding their time.. If they're gonna enforce the law on you it's going to be a doosy.. Don't break the law..

Real true evolution..

Is never popular..

True Evolutionists are not trendy.. And they are not popular..

Creationism is very popular.. And it's in all politics religions all religions and science dogmas..

It takes a strong person to be evolutionary.. Because you are introducing change and challenging traditions. And you will be called every name in the book.

It's not difficult to be a creationist just follow the crowd..

I also can play the game and be a creationist until I need to be an evolutionist..

That's the key to survivability.. You can be a creationist and an evolutionist and you don't have to take on any religion to prove it..

Your survival in this terrestrial world is proof enough.. Not dying from natural causes is proof enough..

The died suddenly's or state sanctioned direct euthanasia might be a gift to those who are constantly been manipulated into more surgeries.. Because that's astronomical suffering..

When people are not conditioned to suffer and recover 100% why are we adding more pain to their life..

I don't like this but I understand why the system is gearing towards that..

Believe me I don't like watching anyone suffer who cannot recover from it a hundred percent..

Their family and friends are not conditioned to watch their friends suffer through long term recovery process to become a hundred percent whole person..

Some people can.. If you face the demons early enough..

But it's an individual choice..

It is a double edged sword of a society built on dying and reproducing love..

When the climate changes.. It's insane..

It's all f***** u* and acknowledging what's going on it is f***** u* because people won't like anyone acknowledging a truth around current events..

Some people want the new information Others don't want it..

Please know what you can handle..

Just so you know all types of surgery regardless is attacking your immune system.. Causing it to be compromised.. Taking out organs and "problems" Just compromises the system even more so..

Those who are faced with choices.. You're the lucky ones..

Lymph nodes are not the problem when you've been diagnosed with cancer.. It's the fact you're refusal to open them up and release the demons is th issue. Yeah it's painful.. But it's more painful when you die from remedy later on, for your family and you..

Cancer is when you used medical legal remedies against your body's natural law.. And now you need to bury evidence.. And tamper with evidence

Cancer disease chronic illness is the evidence that you violated life, at some point..

Surgery is tampering with evidence and death is burying evidence..

Everything is connected.. When you're so emotional and so spiritual you will fail to see the connections..

Because you're all about love love love and "kindness"..

Blockages cause this.. open ya system

terrestrial immortality is the J world..

I am NOT advocating spiritual immortality.. or transhumanism.. or all religions..politics, science..all about dying.. death and absolution.. when people are dying they are all about love and kindness.. that is their absolution, oh and they have many many many kids.. I am terrestrial not spiritual.. spirituality is about defining and justifying dying and looking beyond earth.. an absolution.. I am NOT advocating that in the j world.

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