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I am the New Blood Type O+ World, Who Survived the A and B RH Neg Old World

Main take away is my information will be a benchmark for you to determine what is possible for you.. Or impossible for you..

Correction: I miss spoke and left out that it's not just the blood type Os positives that are doing better around Covid, but also O negs..

A's and b's will have a hard time given their biochemistry and weight distribution.. (7:50)



Antibodies can convert to antigen inside or outside the body..

All relative to perspective.. And the environment..

Everyone and everything is amplified during this climate change..


If you're in the jay world and your blood type A or B..

Your day is coming for some major infection.. And I couldn't tell you if you would survive it or even switch blood types, even though it has happened ..

I just know food release and rest and minimal exposure to people.. Because you need them to give you the information.. But you have to manage the uploads and the downloads.

Remember I had my day a few years ago... And it was bad.. I didn't turn purple.. But it was bad.

Just something to be aware of..

We are in the world of blood type O..

The poles have switched..

The As and B must find ways to keep up..

And older type O, you need to chill the fuck out if you want to prolong your life.

In a low frequency environment blood type a and b were king of the hill.. Even the rh negs

In a high frequency environment.. They're having a hard time.

Now.. if the rh negs don't control their movements they will spend themselves out of existence.. And it's only matter of time for the A and B or AB

This is why you must know your blood type..

And that's why you're getting the child prodigies.. Maturing faster realizing their potential sooner.. Their blood type is what's giving them the excessive amount of energy to make connections faster..

But will they survive in the long run..

That's why the system must utilize their resources earlier and earlier before they die off..

And maybe some parts of the country are in a slower frequency to give them longevity if they were programmed to do something specific...

I couldn't prove it..

Right now climate change is like taking j juice on specific blood types..

It will be a catalyst to evolution.. Waking up the beast inside and it will be on the prowl, and on the move and your body will try to flush it out..

Or climate change could be a cure to someone.. Which is why you get people who don't feel anything or have too many harsh symptoms..

Either way regardless... Both parties must eat, release demons stay home stay safe when necessary and only they can determine that..

Now you understand why the world came down on me so hard back in 2017 and 18..

I woke up the demons in people and they were not prepared.. They were saving it up for the pandemic..

salt and energy could be a catalyst or a cure..

1. Salting in is keeping things together like eating food that is salty..

2. salting out is when you're cured.. and deteriorating on the inside.. Because there is no evolution.. You don't die on contact from too much salt because you're always drinking water.. It's the cumulative effect of trapping demons within.. And when they do get out, they double and triple their efforts to do what they do.. Not everybody survives the onslaught.. Which is why I don't recommend cures of any sort even in the pharmaceutical herbal world.. But again that's not my call.. Because when the demon does wake up it's formidable.. Deadly.

As far as blood type o RH negative..

No matter what.. O negatives need to also get sick, but it will take a higher frequency for them to do so.. Which is why cold and flu season is when they get sick, and that's pretty much it, Or when the climate changes aggressively,

And even if they do get sick, how are they releasing the demons and exchanging the programming..?

And so I will always get stronger from my environment as well as from my husband..

What will make my husband stronger.

The environment.. And staying away from drugs and alcohol for the most part if possible..

And of course food rest and release..

But the rh negative is what's causing them to try to slow down their immune system using liquor or drugs.. High wattage.. High amperage

Blood type As and Bs must be careful.. Especially if they have rh negative factors.. 3 strikes..or 2 strikes

The world is highly energetic for As and Bs, even though their rh factors might give them that energetic defense system, or ability to evolve, it's the blood type that you need to be aware of.


It was an a and b world..

now it's the O world..

The rh factors will regulate the Os


You have to eat so much and release so much and yeah, infection is going to happen.. It is inevitable..

And you can't be cured in this environment. Because you don't have the antibodies.. So your body is going to work double triple time trying to work things out releasing demons.. That's why you must eat.. This environment will cure you..

And that's a false sense of security..

You have to eat and release so much...

Just like me when I have no protection against my husband's rh negative factor..

So I have to eat enough to make up for what he's taking from me. And then release those demons because whatever variants he pick ups out there, it is so amplified..

It is a major evolution..for me..

I am so glad I am O positive..

Now you know why the blood type a and b probably have circulatory issues and heart conditions because they are around people place the things that are influencing their immune system.. Causing the body to want to push stuff out, thus raising blood pressure and heart palpitations..

I feel it but i'm strong enough for it..

Here's one finding that has continued to surface over the years: People with a non-O blood type (that's A, B, or AB) are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

An antibody's function in the immune system is to specifically bind and eliminate foreign particles. Antibodies may remove foreign antigens through several mechanisms. Neutralization- Antibody binding serves to neutralize foreign particles preventing interaction with cells and consequent cellular damage and invasion.

A and B blood types are prone to major infections..

Cancers and diagnosible conditions.. Heart issues..

Blood type O it's digestive issues that we have issues with.. The rh pos factor regulates those stomach acids..rh negs do not..

Ammonia and gastric acid secretion: a key to understanding activity and regulation of the H+,K+-ATPase

We OS carry the weight of the world and we have to release those demons and they could be deadly..

That's why I release demons daily.. I will not let them accumulate And then turn against me later..

Jan 12, 2023 — We've already mentioned the tendency of type O towards higher levels of stomach acid. There is also another unique characteristic of type O that ...

In a slower frequency environment I could see exercise for a blood type o.. But this environment is highly energetic..

I get a workout from releasing demons and being exposed to aggressive variants..

I need the fat.. I will not exercise my fat off my body.

My husband sneezed in the restaurant and the lights flickered above us.

And it was almost strobe like.. And then finally it calmed down..

I almost called the waiter over to see if they could twist the light back into a socket.. i was thinking it was loose or something.. It wasn't loose.. He just developed a huge energy wave.. Just him sneezing..

That's some pretty amazing stuff..

That's how amplified the environment is..

He is a power ranger.

So that is confirmation that my husband is high wattage high amperage.. And that's why I get immune system activation around him..

And i'm fine with it.

Yup when you are living with somebody.. You will have to deal with the fertility and it is formidable..

Fertility meaning the microbes you are mixing together developing offspring called mucus.. Immune system activation..

At least I know how to release my demons.. I'm glad i'm the positive not the negative..


That heartbeating fast and everything.. That was my system going through the process and pushing everything that is foreign and offspring through the immune system and filtration system..

The energy released from that is what the system is capitalizing on..

You just have to survive the uploads and the downloads..

And those uploads and downloads are very aggressive..

The uploads are not as bad.. But you'll feel your head filling up.. And if you have a strong immune system, it will hold the line until you get home..

And then the downloads.. Oh wow

Downloads could be knowledge.. It could be hate.. It could be love..

And so much poop..

It's like you're giving birth to yourself and releasing that old world that old situation..

That's accelerated extreme evolution..

And people are not surviving these uploads and downloads..

You are like a computer..

And all of your training and knowledge and upbringing are being downloaded as we speak.. And the system is uploading all the information in the world into anyone who's willing to take the bait, and some people are having information overload and they are glitching..

That's why you stay home and stay safe when you finally realize you may not be equipped to be out there gallivavanting.

Some people don't even know they are not equipped to deal with it until they die suddenly.. By that time it's too late..

I'm not worried about my husband because he makes his choices and he feels pretty strong..

I'm glad i'm the positive in the family. Because I can take a lot.. I can take a lot of uploads and downloads..

I set up my life to deal with it..

Wow.. That was the quickest evolution i've experienced..

That was a twenty four hour turn around.. Since my husband came home..

And I had to take a very quick nap when my heart was beating.. But I was also eating a bunch of food before I went to sleep.. The body needed those resources..

And then I had to wake up and do what I had to do.

A few hives..

Which proves that opposites develop offspring aka Antibodies.

In a slower frequency environment potential actual fertility of sexual reproduction..

But in a high frequency environment died suddenly if you don't release the demons

I know what i'm in for for who knows how long..

I'll just keep riding the wave becoming stronger..

My heart is beating fast and i'm hearing sirens..

Now I understand why they needed the islands. And why mark zuckerberg is building his own little bomb shelter..

He is staying out of the microbial wars..

Well played mark..

By the way he is my same blood type


When the system sexualizes everything back in the nineteen sixties, they developed a programming of opposites attract.. Because opposites do attract..

But remember when you are sexualized and come from lust and even family.. It is opposites attract..

You bring in cannabis and anything else it'll make things even worse..

AND remember what brings you together will also drive you apart if you don't understand how to manage that situation.

And while children take so much from you and you don't notice it in a slower frequency environment..

The opposite attract notion today is what is weaponized against you..

I understand why they don't do blood tests anymore for people who want to get married..

All of you are weaponized against each other..

That was the nineteen sixties..

They pulled out all the stops..


I gotta hand it to the system..

Wow well played.

By the way trump is o negative..

He is a powerful person he can handle the environment..

So just because he can handle the environment doesn't mean you can..

He can't save you if you have a certain blood type..

I would be very careful following people you think will save you..

We are in a blood war.. And then everything else war

But most of all the war is in your house in your family. Your friends.. Everyone you interact with..

when Walmart recommends I get a vaccine, they never ask me what blood group I am in..

the reasoning is: no discrimination.. so you never know who is mostly effected until you read articles, and if the type Os get the vaccines, ok, just more protections, but the As are the most vulnerable..

now, everyone is vulnerable..

phucking strategic..

domino effect...

ok.. no more belaboring the point..

watch that youtube video of those two doctors talking about jn1.. it is on my timeline..

btw, i am unvaccinated.. and I am blood group O.. i do not feel the need..

other blood groups were recommended, but now, it is too late, anyway..

remember: the environment may have a curative effect to those who are high frequency, the rh negs...

I told you rh negs would be relatively immune, but they need to watch out for running their clock down..

RH negative blood and COVID

In a 2020 study of over 14,000 people, researchers found that people with Rh-negative blood type had a decreased risk of COVID infection, and of intubation and death.Oct 2, 2023

You really need to ask those in the died suddenly groups, what blood types everyone who died suddenly, hold..?

Vaccine status is irrelevant because the train left the station..

It's the blood groups who are most affected, the MOST vulnerable groups.. Especially in a high frequency environment around people who are high frequency..

The system targeting certain blood groups is splitting the difference between 1945 and today..

Hitler was A+..

You do the math..

They already told you the most vulnerable is A.. Potentially even b..

And then everyone else who has an aggressive lifestyle..

The anti vaccine campaign was a major smoke and mirror to misdirect you..

And it was done purposely I can assure you that .

But I can't prove it.

It found that part of the spike protein — the matchstick-like structures sticking out of the surface of the virus — more effectively binds to group A cells and less so to group O cells.

“Now we have a scientific explanation,” says Katrine Wallace, an epidemiologist at the School of Public Health of the University of Illinois at Chicago. This could help future research to develop vaccines or treatments, she says.

Even Rh factor, the + or - displayed after your blood type, matters. Some testing even found that those with Rh-negative blood appear to be at decreased risk of infection. While that’s been less conclusive, it fit perfectly with my very unscientific finding that the only people I know in the world who never had Covid have type O negative blood.

the blood transfusion compatibilities was the first clue how your friends and family will attack you or "protect" you..

NOW YOU KNOW.. at the 11th hour.. it is still not too late to change.. but, if change is not optimal, have fun on your way out the door.

everything is hidden in plain sight..


Now you understand why I say family can be very deadly.. Your children could be very deadly to you and themselves.. You could be deadly to yourself and your children..

I'm not some idiot left wing person.. I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago..

I just didn't have the words to say it until today..

And I couldn't tell you if any change you make will help you.. But anytime you want to interrupt a set outcome.. Change is required.. But there is no guarantee that change will save you..

Good luck.

Now you know why I stay home and stay safe more than hang out with people..

I'm not a recluse..

I'm a fucking realist and i've been feeling it for the last three years.


antibodies do turn into antigen relative to the perspective..

Your protection will be like a weapon to somebody else when it leaves your body..

That's why I stay home and stay safe for the most part..

I might have the ability to develop antibodies but that's a lot of work i have to do to just defend myself and keep myself safe..

That's why many people are drained around diverse company, who have certain blood types like a and b.

My husband is like a transformer and he runs hot.. But he also works a lot more. And is out of the house a lot more and we have a big house..

I can be upstairs and he could be downstairs..

Remember I am r h positive and I am speculating he is r h negative..

R h negatives run extremely hot.. Which is why I believe they use pot to slow down their immune system..

Which is why I never liked pot. I liked the coffee but I never got into cocaine or any meth..

That was my saving grace..

The fact my mother taught me boundaries saved my ass..

Because when I finally learned how to put boundaries on myself. I learned how to put boundaries on other people.. So they don't wear me out so much from their energy..

And I don't need to have a lot of company i'm not lonely.. And I don't have a death wish.

at this point... sigh.. the doctors in the video below, are saying it is way too late for anymore vaccines or therapies... the mutations are happening quicker and quicker in this environment.. and people's lifestyles are accelerating the mutation frequency, velocity and force..

people's social and remedy lifestyles and belief system are accelerating what was already set to happen anyways..

maybe you have a chance if stay home, stay safe and know your blood type, but even then, it is too late for many.. i could not tell you if you have a chance..

i just kept warning everyone.. sigh.. the system knows warnings fall on deaf ears.. people hate to change.. and they love to resist..

ok.. good luck

remember, I am blood type O+ and my hubby is O(-?)

And remember there is a strategy I use to release those demons without using my juice or anything else. And I eat food and I rest and I stay away from most people.

And I don't need to treat disease anymore..

Many of us are flying blind.. Because many of us do not even know their own blood type.. That right there should be the first thing you need to find out.. But if you don't want to know..

Go live your life.. And I wish you god speed..

the monoclonal antibodies are the therapies for those missing protection via the their blood type a/b or ab

Monoclonal antibodies (MCAs) are structurally identical antibodies produced by hybridomas. They are used to detect ABO blood group antigens A and B in liquid blood, blood, and saliva traces.

Monoclonal antibodies against Rh-related antigens on human red blood cells can react with the red blood cells of the highest subhuman primate species. These reactions can be species-specific or type specific, depending on the antibody's specificity, the species tested, and the technique used.

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