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I Can Legit Claim Switzerland!!!

I Understand Why Cannabis Users are So Prolific

Now I understand why cannabis users are what they are. Because they are so overstimulated they have to calm things down but... Your r h factor might be a reason why you are a cannabis user.. NEG

Even alcoholics have to calm down their body mind and spirit.. They are also over stimulated Self medicating.

All addictions is trying to manage the imbalances..

Your blood type ab a b might be the reason why you are a cannabis user..

Biological over stimulation..

When you're using supplements and drugs and even patches to over stimulate your body , mind and spirit. People die faster using up all their lifelines faster .. They're not giving themselves a chance to gain a lifeline.. They are in fast forward..

A race to the bottom..

That's what speed em up supplements and drugs do.. And also certain blood types.. And even highly caffeinated drinks do that to people..

The environment right now is on caffeinated steroids which is why some people are in supernova hence CAT 6 HURRICANES

Hurricanes Are Now So Strong, Scientists Want To Introduce "Category 6" Storms

Orbs today.. portals open..

Tornado warned storm near San Diego Calif.

2/6/24 Chula Vista CA

Please consider hitting the follow button to get instant updates around the United States  and the globe  for dangerous and deadly weather.

  Jenni McNamara

when you are resisting what people say, believe, and do, then you cannot see what their points are.. you are still in your biases..

I saw that for myself when people were touting anti-israel memes, or pro Palestine memes.. Knowing where I came from, it was VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME TO SEE THEIR POINTS OF VIEW..

now, i see the points of view, but I stay out of conflicts of taking sides because it is NOT my war.. it is their war and if the World Court must step in, let them..

but even i had trouble seeing others point of view because of my own background and what I was raised in..

now i see the validity of both sides and I can legit claim Switzerland, neutral..

it is not my fight to fight..

Over stimulation and over sexualization runs your clock down..

All cancer disease and chronic illness and auto immune disorders and neurological conditions and even autism comes from overstimulation of the brain.

And then people self medicate to slow it down after so many years of speeding up their brain to keep up with everybody else

 that OVERSTIMULATION was the innovation that was forced on you..

Which is why reefer madness was huge in the 1930s.. The sanitariums were full of people, over stimulated people needing to get high and chill out..

Which also explains why opium dens were prolific way back when..

The first Opium War (1839–42) was fought between China and Great Britain, and the second Opium War (1856–60), also known as the Arrow War or the Anglo-French War in China, was fought by Great Britain and France against China. Read more about the Qing dynasty.

Because they had too much energy zapping their brain.. Some had electroshock therapy.. Now people take that energy in a pill called highly caffeinated everything..

Even this environment is highly caffeinated.. IONIC

Then came louis armstrong and the jazz age..

Hot women hot men and aggressive sexuality and all types of orientations.

Then you had a sexual Revolution and civil rights And women's rights in the nineteen sixties seventies..

And then you had gen x babies deal with more over stimulation or understimulation.. Nature and nurture..

I bet you certain vaccines have/had the innovation people needed to program them plus the nurture because of their blood types..

And then like I said, when people are overly innovated, the therapies had/have the the opposite effect on the next generations.. Which is ALSO why you see more variants in the population..

And why there are families of vaccines because of the offspring..

That's why you can't treat disease because you'll compound the issue.. But if people are suffering so much..

It's a catch twenty two..

As far as all the neurological diseases.. So many factors contribute to the outcomes because of the therapies.. I mean all therapies and remedies..

EVEN the supplements market are factors in over stimulation of the brain body and spirit..

People have to have everything speed up and give them energy because of so many factors and of course the high and feeling good..

 Everyone wants an edge over somebody else.. I mean everyone which is why they do what they do.. Which is why they claim they have the latest and greatest whatever..

What do you think overstimulation does to your brain and your neurological system when you keep tampering with your hormones and causing them to pump out more energy more than what it usually does..

And then the faucet keeps running.. Draining the person of their life force. All for pleasure and paradise and feeling good. Which is why your society's so overssexualized..

In this environment with that mentality people are running their clock down.. Using up pretty much all of their lifelines within the next decade..

All of you who are heavy pot smokers, you are trying to slow down your very fast extraordinary brain.. Because you failed to release those demons..

america the last greatest experiment. Full of extraordinary smart human beings.. So over innovated they tipped to the other side that sometimes causes the aggressive autism.. Too lopsided in the intelligence.

Or somewhere on the spectrum called a neuro divergent.. Or a d d.. Or a d h d.

You hold so much kinetic activity causing so much connections and energy. And then you have to find a way to release those demons, so they're not playing so much pinball breaking down your vital organs. Using up lifelines faster..

I was raised differently because I didn't have that type of programming that others had in silicon valley. Believe me, I know I was very different than most of my Classmates.. Very different.

So I wasn't prone to drug use.. I did drugs occasionally pot and alcohol.. But I never really became so addicted..

 I think cigarettes was probably the only thing I turned to on and off during hard times..

Because I didn't have half the intelligence that was out there I was competing against..

I developed my intelligence and intellectual capability waaaay later on in life. When everyone else received it way early on in life..

You can call me a late bloomer..

That's exactly what I am... Which is why I'm able to make these connections now at an older age after I release the demons and have fifty years of life experience.. Exposed to so much diversity and different social economic areas and thought processes.. Flitting from circle to circle.. Picking up knowledge everywhere I go

That's why the system legalized cannabis.

 Many people have been highly innovated extremely innovated. And they are being tortured by the aggressive intelligence in their brains..

It's not your fault..

 You were part of a mass experimentation way back way before your grandparents.. You inherited their demons..

Intelligent people and mental illness..

However, intelligence has drawbacks too. For example, studies have found that higher IQ is associated with more and earlier drug use. Studies have also found that higher IQ is associated with more mental illness, including depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Some of you are so f****** intelligent.. you self medicate..

What if you can keep your high intelligence and your body mind and spirit..

You don't have to die from being so fucking smart.

Einstein had his issues.. And he was a genius.

He never achieved this goal and was eventually institutionalized for most of his life, diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia.

Dec 1, 2008

Einstein very likely was afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's is now listed as part of Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Remember, the system needed the resources to develop an advanced society. And you were all the resources they needed.

Nothing is organic.

Some of you potheads are so extraordinarily smart that you could be your own love guru have a following and get lost in that power and persuasion.. No different than jim jones..

Be careful trying to get a following where everything's about love and anti authority.. Then you turn into the very thing you are resisting..

That's the danger of extreme innovation..

 It can turn deadly..

The nineteen sixties was testing every single person who went through highly aggressive innovation.. Some became a david koresh.. Others charles manson or other Serial killers.. Others became jim jones or love gurus or yogi's.. Or exercise enthusiasts.. Even in the sciences..

Now watch your influences today.. doing the same thing over again.. Sex pleasure paradise and trying to beat the system.

Again. What if you can keep all the intelligence and intellectual capability and the great memories and release those demons.. And live to tell about it.

And then you didn't have to be addicted to cigarettes , alcohol or drugs or even marijuana to get by..

What if Food rest release was the only answer to life.. And he didn't have to turn to things to make you feel good all the time..

It's too late for many people, so don't ask them to get off their addictions if they're not ready to.. For many people it is too late.. Other people it's not too late.

I don't want to punish those with no information because other people can't handle the information..

You gotta be able to be tolerant that maybe my info not for you..

But other people have a chance..

It may not be too late for them.

Everyone deserves to consider another arm of the hydra.

That's why I'm okay with the heat. Cause I'll stay inside and pay for the climate control.. I don't want any tree falling on me.

California is getting pummeled right now with so much crazy weather..

Thx Jason Epperly  Thanks for cutting down those trees. It had to happen..

two girls and one stanley cup..

how did they prophesize the future ahahahah

Yeah , it really sucks when you have to toughen up for the system as a system toughens you up.

There are ways to strengthen humans without destroying them unless they choose to destroy themselves..

That is how strategic the system is.. If you're not strong enough for this new world you will take yourself out voluntarily.. And you will have pleasure and paradise on your way out the door..

That's better than what most people get out there in third world countries..

If you're in the first world you are privileged.. But when you take it for granted you will resist privilege..

You'll choose "only fans" over using your phd

That's when you know society has gone to shit. When you worship a stanley cup..

Two girls and one cup is so appropriate..

That's why we're in a great reset

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

right on George.

how many of you think he is shit.. how many of you think I am shit..

yeah.. you were told stories or you hate hearing another point of view shitting on evolution..

is that his fault.. is that MY fault?? Nope.. you hold yourself back by shitting on evolution..

it is easy to regurgitate a professor.. it is hard to think beyond your prior professors..

It's easy to hate educated people and economists who have to balance the economy and peoples greed.. It's very difficult to understand their point of view , especially when you've been radicalized against evolution and change..

It's very easy to be so biased and one sided that you topple your own body mind and spirit..

I go back and forth to all points of view and at the end of the day.. I sleep by myself.. I think by myself.. And I have to live with myself..

You ARE being given a gift that even the jews back in world war two were not given..

You are given the gift of choice.. You have a choice in every single matter ..

If your choices end up in died suddenly.. It's time to work backwards and look at all your beliefs systems and who you fell for..

It's time to take a look at who you have been and are..

If you can't see the choices, you have made ended up to be where you are today suffering and miserable and one sided selling people diet regimes and supplements and activism..

Maybe you're truly full of shit.. Full of some old programming. That the body is dying to release and that you have trapped within.. Looping.

Staying alive despite everything working against you is a fortune and it's priceless..

Thanks mr soros.

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